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Greenhouse Extractor Fan

An extractor fan is designed to suck the hot air from your greenhouse, so allowing room for cooler air to enter the greenhouse. When selecting an extractor fan look at how much air it will expel per hour - for example if your fan will extract 400 cubic metres of air per hour than the air within an 8' x 12' greenhouse will be replaced every 3ó minutes. The best place to fit an extractor fan is in the roof of the greenhouse opposite the door as this is likely to be the place where the greatest amount of hot, stale air will collect. Ideally if the extractor fan can be controlled to react to the temperature in your greenhouse - so a fan controlled by a thermostat - the fan will only work when temperatures increase in the greenhouse.

Solar Powered Extractor Fan
Reduce heat and condensation in your greenhouse or conservatory with this Solar Powered Extractor fan.
Powered by the sun it automatically removes air when it's hot and having no wire makes it easy to install.

Thermostatic Extractor Fan
Increase the ventilation in your greenhouse or conservatory by installing this powerful Thermostatically Controlled Extractor Fan to automatically remove the hot air from your greenhouse when it reaches the temperature you set on the thermostat.
Extractor Fan Only
Extracting air from your greenhouse is very important in the Summer months when temperatures rise and heat builds up.
Simply fit the powerful Extractor Fanwithin your greenhouse, plug in, switch on and the fan will draw the hot air out of your greenhouse, thus safeguarding your plants.
By using the extractor fan at the same time as having the door or windows open, air will be circulated throughout your greenhouse for a healthier growing environment.

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