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Propagation Trays

Propagation Trays are an important element of a gardener's tool kit when raising plants from seeds or cuttings. Ideally you will want trays that are multi purpose and that can be used year after year, letting you raise a wide range of plants using the same equipment. Although this is possible with some propagation trays - such as seed trays or Plug Trays which can be used to raise a wide range of plants and can be washed clean and reused again and again, there are also some plants which will need special equipment to enable you to grow them efficiently - such as growing peas or beans in Rootrainers so they have loads of space for root growth, or raising alpines in one of our Plunge Trays. You might also want to raise your plants hydroponically - so without using soil or compost. You would then want to use our Root Riot Tray Sets or invest in one of our Hydroponic Propagators, both of these products have spares available so you can buy extra Root Riot Cubes or Rockwool Cubes to replenish these growing systems.

These low cost, reusable, compact Propamatic Units contain everything you need to successfully germinate seeds in a greenhouse or in your home on a windowsill. Each unit includes polystyrene plugs trays combined with a watertight tray, capillary matting and clear cover and can be used year after year for germination and growth.
Deluxe Seed Trays
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
High quality, rigid Seed Trays manufactured by Stewarts Plastics.
Whilst being standard sized seed trays in foot print, we have specialy selected these deluxe seed trays for their extra depth. These deluxe seed trays are 3" deep (1" deeper than normal seed trays) this allows seedlings to put on much stronger root growth.
They are very hardwearing, enabling them to be easily cleaned & reused season after season.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select one of the larger packs below and you will SAVE up to 3% by purchasing in bulk.

Half Seed Trays Pack of 6
A set of six high quality, rigid Half size Seed Trays robust enough to be cleaned & reused season after season.
The ideal size for use in limited spaces such as a windowsill.

Self Watering Seed Success Kit
For successful propagation you need to maintain the optimal growing conditions for your plants, and careful, managed watering is essential - too little or too much water can be equally damaging.
These Self Watering Seed Success Kits make it easy for you to care for young seedlings correctly. They have an internal water reservoir and a growing tray supported above it. The growing tray is covered with capillary matting and fits into the water reservoir - allowing your plants to draw the water they need from the matting, so ensuring they are neither under nor over watered.

Plunge Propagating Tray
Generous 6" (15cm) deep aluminium Plunge Propagating Trays designed to create an area for multiple uses -
For 'plunging' pots, fill with coarse sand or gravel (e.g. for alpines) in order to keep them stable and moist.
Fill with washed, horticultural coarse sand, and turn it into a heated propagating tray by adding a soil warming cable.
Fill with soil and compost and create a deep growing area to cultivate a huge rang of shallow rooted crops.

Plunge Propagating Bench
Designed to carry heavy loads our aluminium Plunge Benches have so many different uses we are never sure what to call it!
Fill with coarse sand or gravel and 'plunge' your pots to keep them moist, humid and stable, it's a 'Plunge Bench' ideal for alpines amongst other things.
Fill with washed, horticultural sand, add a soil warming cable (and a thermostat for ultra accurate control) and it's a very strong 'Propagation Bench'.
Fill with a soil and compost mixture and you have a 'Raised Growing Bed' suitable for growing a huge range of shallow rooted crops.

Covers for Deluxe Seed Trays
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Crystal clear, rigid, acrylic Seed Tray Covers designed & manufactured by Stewart Plastics.
These deluxe seed tray covers are designed to fit snugly over our Deluxe Seed Trays and are sturdy enough to be used season after season

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select one of the larger packs and you will SAVE up to 8% by purchasing in bulk.

Fixed Temperature Propagator Base
The Mini & Maxi Fixed Temperature Propagators have been developed to maintain a compost temperature of 19ºC (+/-2º), the perfect germination temperature for a wide range of plants. This electric heated propagator has a watertight base unit.

Fixed Temperature Propagator
A propagator will help you successfully germinate seeds or cuttings. These Mini and Maxi electric Propagators come complete with Seed Trays and Covers and are designed to maintain the optimum germination temperature of 19ºC. These propagators make it easy for you to grow a wide variety of plants without worrying about setting the correct temperature.

VariTemp Heated Propagator
This new VariTemp Heated Propagator designed and manufactured by Two Wests & Elliott, has a digital remote thermostat for accurate, variable temperature control of the powerful 70 watt heated base.
The propagator comes complete with six robust half seed trays and crystal clear high dome, ventilated covers.
We also offer this Heated Propagator as a Self Watering Propagator - with the addition of a watertight plastic reservoir tray complete with tray supports, capillary mat and wick.

Monotop Propagator
This Monotop Propagator is available with a number of accessories that will enable you to successfuly grow your own plants from seed or cuttings. This Heated Propagator comes in two sizes with add on's available that will allow you to create a professional propagation system. The Monotop Heated Propagator also comes with a usefull high dome, ventilated cover as standard, giving you ample headroom to grow plants to a well established sizes.
You can simply have the heated base and high dome on its own or choose to have it with a digital thermostat and grow lights, or any other combination that you wish.
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