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Loppers are used to cut through medium-size branches - branches which would be too big for secateurs and too small for a pruning saw. All Loppers have long handles compared to secateurs - the strength of the Loppers comes from these long handles which provide extra leverage and they are usually operated using two hands - so even more added strength. The blades on the Lopper will be either bypass or anvil. Bypass Loppers work like scissors, with two sharpened blades that bypass when closed. The blades on Bypass Loppers can be either straight, curved or one of each. Bypass Lopper tools give a clean, precise cut and are suitable for all types of live wood pruning. Anvil Loppers have a straight single sharpened blade that closes against a flattened edge - the 'anvil'. When cutting, the branch is forced against the anvil and the blade cuts through it. Anvil loppers tend to crush the branch so are more suitable for rough work and cutting through dead wood. Those Loppers that incorporate either a Ratchet mechanism or Geared mechanism will make it even easier for you to cut through thick material. Loppers are also available that have telescopic handles, making it easy to reach high branches and adding even more leverage.

Heavy Duty Ratchet Lopper
Make hard pruning an easy task with these Heavy Duty Loppers.
This robust lopper, which use a ratchet mechanism in their design enables them to cut through branches up to 2" (50mm) thick with ease.

Lopper and Secateur Set
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
This Special Offer Darlac Pruning Set offers you the Ratchet Loppers and Secateurs at a discounted price.
Cut through large branches, up to 2" thick, with ease using the loppers and for smaller branches or pruning, use the secateurs, which can slice through branches up to 1" thick.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £4.95 on purchasing the items separately.

Classic Ratchet Secateurs
These Ratchet Pruners will cut through anything from the finest twig to a 25mm branch with ‘ridiculous’ ease! Tests have shown that Ratchet Pruners require 30% less pressure than conventional secateurs; this is because the ratchet action multiplies the pressure used so only light pressure is required to cut through branches.

Fine Bypass Lopper
Just £15.32 for these Bypass Loppers, normal RRP is £25.00
The New Fine Bypass Lopper is a really handy little lopper and is the crème de la crème when it comes to quality. The head is manufactured from drop forged aluminium giving it the quality look and feel it deserves. The high carbon steel blade has been designed to cut up to an impressive 25mm making it the perfect alternative to secateurs when gripping and squeezing is proving difficult. The aluminium oval shaped handles of the lopper make it really light and easy to use - in fact the overall weight of this classy looking lopper is just a mere 458 grams!
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