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Garden Saws

Garden Saws are used to tackle stems and branches which are too thick to cut with secateurs or loppers. Pruning Saws are designed for easy use in confined spaces which you can often find when pruning more mature shrubs. Pruning Saws are also great for cutting through tree or shrub roots, dividing fibrous rooted perennials or cutting turf. The blade of Pruning Saw is extremely sharp and will cut efficiently through both dead and green wood, creating a good clean cut. If possible choose a saw with a slightly curved blade - the curved shape means you won't need to apply as much force when cutting, making them ideal tools for cutting through thicker branches. For pruning high up in trees or shrubs use a telescopic saw - saws are available that can be fitted to a telescopic handle - this means you won't need to use a ladder. Folding Garden Saws are also good as the blade folds away into the handle so are easy to carry and store safely.

Traditional Saw for Swop Top System
A sharp, sabre toothed Traditional Saw which will cut through live or dead wood up to 8" (20cm) thick.
This Darlac Traditional saw is designed to be attached to either of the Darlac Telescopic poles within the Darlac Swop Top range.

Darlac Telescopic Pole
These Telescopic Aluminium Poles from Darlac have been ingeniously designed to be fully length adjustable, letting you set the length to suit the subject on which you are working. Ideal for working overhead when fully extended, they can also be used closed for working on the ground.

Darlac Pocket Chain Saw
This Pocket Chain Saw is six times faster than a traditional hand saw, cutting through any type of wood, with a 3" branch being severed in just 15 seconds! It’s ideal for heavy pruning as two people can operate it so you’ve more power. It’s also perfect for using on your own - the long ropes let you carry out very high pruning without having to use a ladder.

Gardena Combi System Curved Garden Saw
This Gardena Curved Garden Saw is made from high quality, coated steel with crossed toothing for powerful and effective cutting, whilst its non-slip handle provides you with a firm grip.

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