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Rod Thermostat

Rod Thermostats are traditional capillary thermostats that use a polished aluminium rod to sense the temperature. As this rod can be pushed into soil / compost / growing media to check the temperature in the root zone, this makes a Rod Thermostat ideal for use with a Soil Warming Cable. The Thermostat will provide automatic control of the cable, so controlling the temperature so no heat is wasted.
Creating your own propagation bench using a Soil Warming Cable and Rod Thermostat will help the right temperature to be achieved for successful germination of seedlings and the rooting of cuttings. For successful propagation it is best to supply heat from below. The Thermostat is used to turn the soil warming cable on and off so that a constant temperature is maintained - by maintaining the correct temperature should result in the growth of healthy young plants.

Professional Rod Thermostat
Use this traditional Professional Rod Thermostat to control soil warming cables in large propagation benches.
This Rod Thermostat has an IP rating of 52, so is very suitable for use in areas where misting is taking place. It is mostly used in large mist propagation units in commercial operations.

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