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Fan Thermostat

A fan thermostat can be used to control a cooling appliance - such as a fan in your greenhouse - to help keep temperatures down in your greenhouse in the hotter summer months. All the thermostats which we stock which are suitable for controlling cooling appliances can also be used in the winter months to control heating appliances - so these thermostats are both versatile and excellent value for money.
When it comes to temperature control in your greenhouse, it is not only the heating or cooling appliances which you need to consider. You also need to be able to control the sunlight entering the greenhouse, the ventilation available - such as roof vents and louvre windows - together with the moisture in the air - moisture evaporation within your greenhouse will have a cooling effect (this is why on very hot days it is recommended that you water the floor of the greenhouse to enable this water cooling effect to take place).

THERMO 2 Bio Green Digital Winter & Summer Thermostat
The ideal climate controller for your greenhouse, this Bio Green Digital thermostat has dual functionality and can be set to accurately control either heating appliances or cooling fans depending on your seasonal requirements.
Your heater or fan is simply plugged directly into the handy 3 pin socket on the front of the thermo2 greenhouse thermostat, making the swapping of appliances to be cotrolled quick and simple.
This dual function, digital summer / winter thermostat is rated up to 16amp which will allow you to connect any appliance up to 3000 watts.

Capillary Greenhouse Thermostat
Versatile two way thermostat, ideal for use in damp environments.
By simply swapping over one of the conections within this conventionally configured Greenhouse Thermostat, you can alter it's use.
When switched the thermostat becomes a 'make on rise' unit which enables you to control a cooling appliance.
When delivered it will be configured to be a 'make on fall' thermostat used to control a heating device rated up to 3KW.

Professional Rod Thermostat
Use this traditional Professional Rod Thermostat to control soil warming cables in large propagation benches.
This Rod Thermostat has an IP rating of 52, so is very suitable for use in areas where misting is taking place. It is mostly used in large mist propagation units in commercial operations.

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