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Wall Thermometer

A wall thermometer is a vital piece of equipment if you are using a greenhouse. It lets you accurately monitor the temperature and temperature is an important factor for healthy plant growth. The most common thermometers consist of a long, clear tube with a coloured liquid inside. The liquid inside the tube expands when it's hot - so the liquid climbs up the tube - and gets smaller when it's cool - so the liquid drops down in the tube. A scale on the wall thermometer lets you read the temperature the liquid has detected.
Thermometers usually measure temperature in Fahrenheit (used mainly in the USA) and Celsius. In degrees Fahrenheit ice freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. Using Celsius to measure the temperature, freezing point if 0 degrees and boiling point 100 degrees.

Wall Thermometer
The Wall Thermometer is an easy to read plastic cased thermometer suitable for use inside or out.
Max Min Thermometer
This Mercury Free Quick ReSet Max/Min Thermometer is easy to use - it records and displays the highest and lowest temperatures reached as well as showing the current temperature.

Electronic Temp and Humidity Weatherstation
When it’s important that the temperature and humidity within your greenhouse is kept at a given settin this Weatherstation lets you easily set an alarm system, so when things go array you’ll know straight away.

Digital Max-Min Thermometer
This Fully Digital Max/Min Thermometer is easy to read and easy to use - recording both the highest and lowest temperatures reached and displaying them together with the current temperature.

Max-Min Digital Bar Thermometer
This Digital Max-Min Bar Thermometer is a modern take on a classic design.
It simultaneously displays the actual temperature whilst displaying the maximum and minimum temperature reached on a bar graph. Easily re-set, displaying in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Outdoor Filigree Thermometer
Just £9.00 for this Outdoor Filigree Thermometer, normal RRP is £12.99
This new Filigree Thermometer lets you easily keep track of the temperature whether it's indoors or out. This thermometer has a long lasting metal construction which has had an attractive antique bronze effect finish applied. At over 16" tall this thermometer is easy to read, registering the temperature in degrees Centigrade.
Birdberry Wall Clock and Thermometer
The hand-painted design of this Birdberry Wall Clock And Thermometer incorporates two of our favourite British birds - the robin and blue tit. Designed for use outdoors or indoors it is 100% weatherproof and incorporates an easy to read clock and thermometer which displays the temperature in degrees centigrade.
Barn Owl Outdoor Thermometer and Clock
This hand-painted Barn Owl Wall Clock And Thermometer is ideal for fixing to a house or garden wall as it is made from 100% weather resistant polyresin. This battery powered clock incorporates a large, easy to read clock inset with a thermometer showing the temperature in degrees centigrade.
Blue Tit Outdoor Clock and Thermometer
This hand-painted Blue Tit Wall Clock And Thermometer will make a lovely addition to your garden - it's perfect for attaching to a house wall, shed wall or even garden wall. Being fully weather resistant this clock can be left out all year round and lets you keep up to date with the time and temperature.
Outdoor Robin Wall Clock and Thermometer
This clock incorporates one of our favourite British garden birds, the robin, which has been hand-painted onto the front pf this Wall Clock And Thermometer. A lovely addition to any garden, it is easily fitted to a house, shed or garden wall. Made from heavy duty, weather resistant polyresin this clock can be left out all year round and lets you keep up to date with the time and temperature.
Outdoor Westminster Clock and Thermometer
We love the pewter effect and intricate cut-out design of this Westminster Wall Clock and Thermometer. The clock and thermometer dials are both the same size and incorporate contrasting coloured roman numerals and numbers making it easy to read. Designed to be easily fixed to a wall and is fully weather resistant so it can be used indoors or out.
Outdoor Henley Wall Clock And Thermometer
With an attractive copper effect finish this Henley Wall Clock And Thermometer will look stylish in any location, whether indoors or outdoors. It features large numbers around the outer edge making it easy to read the time and has two inset dials, one accurately showing the temperature and one showing the humidity. With all this information displayed, this weather resistant clock is ideal for use outside in the garden or in an outbuilding or can simply be used in your home.
Outdoor Mollington Wall Clock And Themometer
This attractive Mollington Wall Clock And Thermometer not only has a dial with roman numerals to show the time, in also has two smaller, inset dials, one showing temperature and one displaying humidity. With all this information displayed, this clock is ideal for use outside in the garden or in an outbuilding but is also stylish enough to use in the home.
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