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Aluminium Bench

Manufacturing and supplying aluminium benching for over 36 years our extensive range of aluminium greenhouse benching will allow you to efficiently use all the space in your greenhouse or polytunnel for healthy plant growth. Aluminium benches are long lasting, maintenance free and won't rust so are ideal for use in the damp atmospheres of a greenhouse. Available in a huge range of sizes for all sizes of greenhouse, if one of our standard sizes doesn't suit your exact requirements we can manufacture our aluminium staging to the dimensions you specify.

Up Staging & Accessories
Greenhouse Benching - also known as Greenhouse Staging - are used in most greenhouses. Benches multiply the amount of useable growing space available - you can use the area below benches for storage or plant growth, or you can buy benches with more than one level - with two or three tier versions available. Plants grown on top of benches are easier to water and maintain - growing on the ground requires lots of bending when looking after your plants, whilst shelving at waist height reduces the need for bending.
Our Up-staging provides you with all the benefits above together with longevity and maximum versatility. Aluminium greenhouse staging, our Up-staging is made from long lasting, maintenance-free, rust and rot proof aluminium. Our most popular staging for over 36 years this greenhouse staging has been designed to carry heavy loads - with bracing below the top level for superior strength. Providing maximum versatility you can choose this staging to have one or two tiers, with a plain or deluxe green finish. Surfaces available include solid aluminium gravel trays or aluminium slats. Available in a wide range of sizes, as we make the Up-staging in our own factory we can make it to suit your exact requirements in terms of height, length and width.

Commercial Benching & Accessories
Our strongest aluminium benching, our Commercial Benching will provide you with a very substantial growing space, making it ideal for larger greenhouses and polytunnels. Suitable for carrying heavy loads - remember pots can weigh heavy when laden with plants and water - it has a supremely strong frame made from heavy duty aluminium sections, quadruple bolted for maximum strength. This free standing greenhouse benching is extremely stable, with legs space at 4 foot intervals and bracing between the top and lower levels. To make best use of the space, Commercial Benching is available with one level - also known as 'single tier benching' - or with two levels - 'two tier benching' - providing even more useable growing or storage space.
Commercial Benching is available with either a solid aluminium surface or with aluminium slats. A solid aluminium surface is the most popular choice and being held in place by a lower lip, is great for holding water matting, capillary matting, sand or gravel - helping to promote increased humidity. Choose a slatted surface if you are growing plants that prefer lots of air to circulate around their roots - such as orchids or cyclamen. Slats allow maximum air to circulate, helping to prevent botrytis or damping off due to stagnant air.

Clearspan Staging & Accessories
This new two tier Clearspan Staging has clean, un cluttered lines giving you the maximum of amount of un hindered access and useable space.
The strong, rust and rot proof aluminium framework is freestanding allowing it to be moved if required, whilst the choice of removable surface's - aluminium trays or timber slatted sections, or a combination of both, makes this greenhouse bench infinitely versatile.
The aluminium gravel trays can be used either way up - as a dished tray to accomodate water matting or gravel, or flipped over as a flat top to create useful working areas. The timber slatted sections are ideal for plants that like maximum drainage or are must if your overwintering plants, as good air circulation is essential to keep plants healthy.
Folding Benching & Shelving
Our aluminium greenhouse Folding benching and shelving has been designed to be attached to the frame of the greenhouse itself, so that when it is not required it easily folds back against the wall of the greenhouse - taking only minutes to fold away and only minutes to set back up when you need a working surface again.
Folding greenhouse benching is ideal for using during the growing season, when a surface at a comfortable working height will remove the need for bending or kneeling when potting up. It's also good for storage during the cooler Autumn and Winter months, with air being allowed to easily circulate due to the mesh surface of the benching, helping to prevent mould and fungus. During the Summer months, when you might wish to grow taller plants or plants directly rooted in the ground, this Folding Aluminium Benching takes just minutes to fold neatly away against the side of the greenhouse.
The mesh surfaces of this greenhouse folding benching and shelving gives maximum air circulation, allowing heat to circulate evenly around your plants and making it suitable for plants - such as cyclamen or orchids - that need maximum air circulation to help prevent damping off diseases caused by stagnant air.

Compact Staging & Accessories
A sturdy, aluminium greenhouse staging, we have designed our Compact Greenhouse Staging so that it will stand on top of most types of benches, increasing the amount of growing space - especially useful when your greenhouse is packed full of new plants during Spring. Available in two narrow widths the frame is double bolted to provide maximum strength whilst allowing easy access to your plants as no cross braces are required. We've made this compact staging a tall 21" / 53cm so that it still allows light to those plants growing on the benching that it is stood upon.
Although designed to stand on top of existing benching, it can also be stood on the greenhouse floor to take tall plants and is ideal for overwintering plants which prefer to be off the ground - such as fuchsias. Available in two widths and four lengths, as we manufacture this greenhouse staging in our own factory, it can be made to your exact requirements - simply contact us with the width, length and height required and we can provide a quotation.

Versatile Shelving & Accessories
The most popular type of staging within a greenhouse is freestanding staging made from aluminium. Aluminium is an excellent material for greenhouse benches as it is not only strong it also has the advantage of requiring no maintenance and being extremely long lasting. With greenhouses made in such a wide variety of sizes, our Versatile Shelving is available in a wide selection of widths, lengths and heights - and if you don't find the size that you are looking for, as we make the Versatile Shelving ourselves in our factory in Derbyshire, we can make the Shelving to you exact specifications.
Our Versatile Shelving has height adjustable levels, letting you decide on how far apart you need the levels in order to access your plants or work at them. You can select the levels to be made from either aluminium slats - slats allow maximum air circulation and are ideal for plants such as orchids - or aluminium trays - ideal for supporting even the smallest pots or seed trays - or timber slats - our untreated timber slats are good for storing fruit or vegetables by allowing the air to freely circulate.

Integral Shelving & Staging
Our Integral Aluminium Greenhouse Folding Shelving and Staging has been designed to fit most makes of aluminium greenhouse. The Staging is a comfortable working height of 36" / 91cm - so lifting plants off the ground, so making them easier to water and maintain without the need for bending. Whilst the Integral Shelving can be attached to the wall or roof of the greenhouse and makes it possible for you to create even more growing or storage space where the space would normally be wasted.
Both the Integral Shelving and Staging has a long lasting, aluminium frame and uses aluminium mesh to form a strong, flat surface for holding pot plants etc. By using aluminium mesh, this Shelving and Staging allows excellent air circulation, allowing heat to rise and water to drain away.

Modular Staging & Accessories
Greenhouse Staging is an essential addition to your greenhouse - staging enables you to make efficient use of the space within your greenhouse for plant growth, display and storage. Greenhouse staging needs to be strong enough to support heavy loads - potted plants can weigh heavy, especially when they have just been watered. Ideally greenhouse staging should also be long lasting, low maintenance and suitable for use within the moist atmosphere of a busy greenhouse.
We have designed our Modular Staging to meet all of the above needs. We use strong, rot and rust proof aluminium to create the staging and have developed a design that creates an extremely rigid, sturdy using a minimum number of components. Reversible aluminium trays are bolted to the 30" / 76cm high aluminium legs - one tray forms a top surface ideal for growth and another tray forms a lower shelf ideal for storage. To suit aluminium greenhouses select our standard aluminium Modular Staging, or to create a professional, attractive growing and working space in a green greenhouse purchase our Modular Staging with a deluxe green finish to the surface.

Hot Benches & Accessories
Hot Benches are designed to make it easy for you to create a propagation bench within your greenhouse. They make it simple for you to provide localised extra base heat - for successful germination and growth seeds and cuttings will require higher temperatures than more mature plants. Our Hot Benches are constructed from long-lasting, low-maintenance aluminium so creating a strong bench capable of carrying heavy loads.
Excellent value for money our aluminium Benches can be used with or without heat - without heat they make a useful year round greenhouse bench. With heat, the Hot Benches create a cosy bench to overwinter and to encourage early, healthy growth. For maximum efficiency add a thermostat to the Hot Bench to provide you with accurate temperature control. To efficiently retain the heat generated by the Hot Bench add a Cover - creating a very large but inexpensive propagator.

Plunge Bench
Using a Plunge Bench or Plunge Tray staging & benching within your greenhouse enables you to create a large propagation area in which you just heat the growing medium, making it a really efficient way to propagate from seeds or cuttings - many plants will grow well in cool air, so you won't need to heat the whole area of your greenhouse. Warming just the growing medium will be much cheaper and there will be no need to heat the whole greenhouse.
Our Plunge Benches make this possible as they provide you with a 6inch deep tray into which you can place growing medium, Soil Warming Cable and Thermostat. The soil warming cable is a simple electric heating cable and is laid in soil or sand and controlled by a thermostat - usually a Rod Thermostat, with the 'rod' or sensor pushed into the soil or sand to measure the temperature within the growing medium.

Potting Bench & Accessories
A Potting Bench in your greenhouse provides you with an organised work space where you can sow seeds, prick out seedlings and re-pot plants. Use your potting bench to hold compost, pots, trays and the tools needed when potting up and pricking out, so everything is close at hand.
In a small greenhouse where space management is important, this 2ft wide potting tray with hopper underneath for holding compost or compost bags is ideal. To keep small planting tools - labels, pens etc - within easy reach you can add a Shelf to the top of the Potting Bench. And if you separate storage space for empty seed trays or pots buy the Potting Bench Side Table, designed to sit neatly by the side of the Potting Bench.

Potting Table & Accessories
Every greenhouse should have an area where you can work sowing seeds and potting up. We have designed our Potting Table to make it easy for you to create a compact, organised work space. And we've chosen the Potting Table Accessories to complement the Potting Table and help you to efficiently carry out the Potting-up process.
"Potting-up" is simply the term used to describe the process of moving seedlings out of their seed trays and into larger containers where they can continue to grow. Potting-up is a very simple process and requires a small range of tools to make it easy any efficient - all these tools can be kept by your Potting Table so that you have an organised place within your greenhouse to work at.

Professional Potting Bench
Every good greenhouse or garden shed should have a Potting Bench - a place where you can sow seeds, prick out and pot up seedlings and plants. It needs to be a sturdy bench made to the right height so that it is easy to work at for long potting sessions and is well equipped. With these needs in mind we developed our Professional Potting Bench - ideal for the keen amateur or professional gardener.
The lower shelf of the Professional Potting Bench is the ideal place to store empty pots ready for when you're 'potting-up' seedlings - most seedlings are happy to be transferred from a seed tray into a 8cm pot and then as they grow, simply plant them into pots 2cm larger than the last. When transferring seedlings you need to make sure that you handle them carefully to prevent damage - this is where a pair of Dibber and Widger come in helpful - keep this on the eye-level shelf at the top of the Potting Bench, together with all those other tools you'll need (plant labels, rooting gel etc). The main body of the Potting Bench has been designed to hold up to 65 litres of potting compost - held within a deep plastic tray you can mix in water to moisten the compost easily and efficiently.

Seed Tray Racks & Accessories
Our sturdy, aluminium Seed Tray Racks let you accommodate lots of seedlings and plants within a compact space - so making best use of your greenhouse space and getting maximum value from heating costs. The Seed Tray Rack has been specially designed to securely hold full size seed trays - and is strong enough even when the trays are full with growing plants. The Racks are supplied complete with Deluxe Seed Trays - these seed trays are strong, hard wearing plastic trays that you will be able to reuse year after year. Being a generous 3" deep, these trays provide lots of room for healthy plant growth and are also suitable for growing shorter rooted crops - salad leaves, radish, spring inions etc - where they can be sown, grown and harvested all within the Seed Tray Rack.
If growing from plug plants you'll need a place to pot them up and bring them on prior to planting out. By using this Seed Tray Rack with watertight trays instead of seed trays the Rack turns into an ideal Plug Plant Unit providing you with loads of growing space.

Stepped Display Stagings & Accessories
A long-lasting aluminium staging, our Stepped Display Staging is ideal for use in your greenhouse, is smart enough to use in your conservatory and being weatherproof can even be used outdoors to create an attractive plant display. It is a multi tiered < a href="/category/staging-and-benching">greenhouse staging allowing you to display a large number of pot plants attractively whilst allowing you easy access to all your plants, for easy watering and maintenance.
Available in five different styles and six different lengths, in plain aluminium or with a deluxe green finish, as this aluminium staging is made in our own factory we can also supply this staging to suit just about any area - simply contact us for a quotation.

Small Shelvings
When growing your own plants you can never have enough space. This is why we have a range of small, compact shelving units - so no matter how little space you have you can use it efficiently for healthy plant growth. The key to shelving units is that they multiply the available growing space - the more levels the shelving unit has, the greater the growing space.
Our smallest shelving unit is our Window Sill Plant Shelving. We designed this back in 1998 to let you make the most of available space - it can be used for overwintering, growing-on, propagation or even to 'pretty-up' a window without a view.

Specialist Staging
Manufacturing greenhouse specialist staging and benching for over 37 years we have come to know the needs and requirements of lots of specialist growers - from those growing alpines, to those raising orchids, those caring for cacti to those growing carnivorous plants. As we make our own aluminium staging we have developed a selection of greenhouse specialist staging. And if you don't find what you're looking for, simple let us know what you require and we can design and manufacture bespoke staging & benching just for you.

Staging & Benching Spares
It's important to keep your greenhouse staging and benching spares in a good state of repair - it ensures that it remains strong and sturdy and helps prevent the spread of disease. As we make all of our own aluminium staging & benching it is possible for you to purchase from us any component part that you need to replace - so if you move house a loose a piece simply give us a call and we'll be happy to help.
It is also possible for you to purchase aluminium trays or slats to suit our staging - so that you can have the versatility to swop from trays to slats depending on the time of year. Stocked in a range of standard sizes to suit our staging, if you need to repair an existing bench not made by us, we can supply the trays and slats in any size to suit your requirements.

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