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Greenhouse shelving is a useful way of providing extra storage and growing areas in your greenhouse - it's easy to forget the wasted space above the staging. Wall Mounted Greenhouse Shelving tucks things neatly out of the way; Greenhouse Hanging shelves makes the most of the area under the roof, whilst free-standing shelving (such as our Versatile Shelving) provides sturdy general purpose units for storage or growing.
Take a look at our selection of greenhouse shelves today and buy online from Two Wests & Elliott.

Wall Shelf
A Wall Shelf fitted within your greenhouse allows you to utilise the area above your staging without cutting too much light from the plants below. You can use the shelves to store seedlings out of harms way or for keeping tools within easy reach.
We sell Wall Shelves for your greenhouse in two widths - 6 inch wide ideal for holding small pots and tools and 10 inch wide which will neatly accommodate seed trays. These shelves are available in two lengths - 34 inch which fit to the side of the greenhouse using two shelf brackets and 58 inch long which use three shelf brackets to support it.
Hanging Shelf
Hanging Shelves within your greenhouse lets you use the area in the roof without cutting too much light from the plants below. Our shelves are available in two standard widths - 6 inch which are handy for small pots and tools and 10 inch which are wide enough to neatly accommodate seed trays.
Fixed high up on your greenhouse, Hanging shelves are very useful for keeping plants near the light during the winter months. And your plants will also benefit from the warmer air in the top of the greenhouse - remember hot air rises!
Folding Shelf
Folding Shelves let you make the most of your greenhouse space. When held in place they create a sturdy shelf strong enough to hold seed trays full of seedlings, small pots or hand tools. When the supports are removed the shelf folds down flat, perfect for when you no longer need extra shelving space or when your greenhouse is full of cropping plants - tomatoes, cucumber etc which require lots of height as they grow.
Adjustable Shelf
Adjustable Shelves used within your greenhouse enable you to alter them throughout the year so that you get the best use of the space available within your greenhouse. Adjustable Shelves also make it easy for you to build the Shelves to the exact height you need and position them in the best place for what you are growing within your greenhouse.
Adjustable Shelves include our popular Versatile Shelving. Sturdy, tiered aluminium shelving, our Versatile Shelving is supplied in three different heights, three different widths and five different lengths. The self surfaces are fully height adjustable allowing all manner of things, from tall plants to small pots, to be accommodated in a very small space. You can adjust the height of the shelf surfaces throughout the year to suit different needs depending on the season.
Free Standing Shelving
Free Standing Shelving makes best use of the vertical space within your greenhouse - shelving units multiply the available growing or storage space depending on the number of shelves within the unit.
Our Free Standing Shelving is made from aluminium to give maintenance-free structures which won't rust or rot in humid greenhouse conditions. Our popular Versatile Shelving is available with three different types of shelf surface - aluminium trays, aluminium slats or untreated, timber slats. Choose aluminium trays is you want to store spare pots and tools or use as growing space by covering the trays with water matting or gravel. For a more natural look select the timber slats - these will not last as long in a humid greenhouse environment, but are ideal for shelving units in a garden shed or garage for storing fruit or vegetable harvests. For plants which prefer a lot of air around their roots - such as orchids - select our aluminium slats. These are also great if you are over wintering more tender plants within your greenhouse as they allow air to circulate freely, helping to prevent damping off and disease.
If you are short of space in your greenhouse purchase castors to fit to the base of our Versatile Shelving Units or Seed Tray Racks. This means that you can then site the shelves in the centre of the greenhouse - simply wheeling them out of the way when necessary.
Shelf Brackets
Shelf Brackets designed to fit to the wall or roof of your greenhouse to enable you to easily create your own shelves for extra growing or storage. Our Shelf Brackets are made from long lasting, rust and rot proof aluminium and are supplied complete with cropped headed bolts for fixing in aluminium greenhouses - the bolts simply twist and lock in the channels within the glazing bars of most makes of aluminium greenhouse, making the Shelf Brackets quick and easy to fit. These Shelf Brackets can also be fitted in wooden greenhouse by replacing the cropped head bolts with wood screws (not supplied).
Use our aluminium Shelf Brackets to create your own shelves, using lengths of aluminium or timber to form the surface of the shelves. Or for complete shelves purchase our Wall Mounted or Hanging Shelves which use these aluminium Brackets together with aluminium trays to create sturdy greenhouse shelves.
Shelf Trays
Our Shelf Trays are made from long lasting, maintenance free, rust and rot proof aluminium. The trays are 7/8 inch deep - making them suitable for holding water matting or gravel. The trays are not sealed at the corners to allow adequate drainage - however, if you need the trays to be water tight line them with polythene or seal the corners with a waterproof adhesive.
The trays are available in two widths and two lengths - however, if one of our standard sizes is not suitable then we can supply the shelf trays in any size to suit your requirements - simply let us know the size you require for your shelves.
Tiered Shelves
Tiered Shelves allow you to store, grow or display the largest number of plants etc within your greenhouse, making them ideal for use within compact greenhouses. Tiered Shelves provide you with a large number of surfaces onto which your plants can be placed. When you have a glass to ground greenhouse, enough light will penetrate to the lower tiers of the shelving to allow them to be used to grow crops (such as salad crops) or to raise seedlings etc. In half glazed greenhouses use tiered shelves for forcing crops, storing dormant plants during the winter months etc.
Window Sill Shelves
Window Sill Shelves let you use even the narrowest spaces for growing plants. Being just 8 inches deep (front to back), these three tier shelves should fit on most window sills. Just over 2 ft high, with a clear 10 inch growing height between the shelves there's plenty of room for most plants. This shelving is good for overwintering, growing-on, propagation or simply to 'pretty-up' a window without a view.
Aluminium Shelf
Aluminium Shelves are ideal for greenhouse environments as aluminium is not affected by damp atmospheres - so it won't rust or rot, is maintenance free and is extremely long lasting. We manufacture both Aluminium Shelves to fit to the walls of the greenhouse or shelves to hang from the greenhouse roof. Wall mounted shelves let you make use of the space above your staging without cutting too much light from the plants below. Hanging Shelves provide you with a useful central growing area, good for tender plants which need an even temperature away from the cold walls of the greenhouse.
Both types of shelves are available in two widths - 6 inch shelves for holding small pots or garden tools and 10 inch shelves which neatly accommodate full size seed trays. The design of the aluminium shelves makes them suitable for attaching to most makes of greenhouse - the shelves are not screwed to the brackets so will fit regardless of the distance between the glazing bars in your greenhouse.
Wooden Shelves
Wooden Shelves look smart within a wooden greenhouse and this is why we stock slatted shelves made from western red cedar for our range of Classic Cedar Growhouses. These wooden shelves are ideal as, being slatted, they allow air to circulate freely around your plants, helping to prevent damping and disease during winter months. When your shelves are full off trays and pots of seedlings, to prevent the wood from being damaged by damp, use our watertight plastic trays or aluminium gravel trays on top of the shelves. Or cover the wooden shelves with polythene before covering with capillary or water matting. To get the best use from these wooden shelves they will need to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year as it can harbours pests or diseases.
Shelving Accessories
We stock a wide range of Shelving Accessories making it easy for you to get the best use from your greenhouse shelving. For easy watering throughout the summer choose from our selection of watering systems, from pre cut water mats through to water reservoirs which simply hook over the end of the shelving to ensure your plants remain well watered.
As we make all our own aluminium shelving here at our Derbyshire factory, if you need a spare part then simply give us a call as we can supply you with any component part - made from aluminium our shelves are extremely long lasting, but we are often asked for replacement parts when people move home and loose a part during transit.
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