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Shade Accessories

Shade greenhouses easily and efficiently with the help of these high quality accessories that will securely hold greenhouse shading materials in place. Simply select the fixing to suit the type of greenhouse which you have - aluminium, timber or plastic - and whether the shading is going to be fixed to the outside or inside of the greenhouse.
When deciding whether to fix your greenhouse shading to the inside or outside of your greenhouse, consider the following: shading is 40% more effective when fitted on the OUTSIDE of the greenhouse. Shading is more effective fitted to the outside of the greenhouse as it not only provides shade, it also prevents the sun's rays from passing through the glass so having a cooling effect as well.

Super Alliplugs Pack Of 50
Super Alliplugs are easy to use, fitting into the glazing bars in the interior of aluminium greenhouses and are used to securely attach a lining or fabric for insulation or shading to the greenhouse.

Fabric Fixalls Pack of 10
Robust plastic Fabric Fixalls designed to adhere to most flat surfaces - metal, glass, wood, brick, etc - providing a secure fixing point on either the inside or outside of a greenhouse.

Fixalls Mesh Pack of 10
An extraordinarily strong adhesive fixes these Fixalls to just about any surface giving a strong fixing point to which anything can be tied - ideal for climbing plants, fixing mesh etc.

Greenhouse Shade Blind
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available

These internal Greenhouse Blinds will protect your plants by shading them from strong sunlight which would scorch the leaves, damaging the plants and inhibiting strong growth. These shade blinds will also help to combat heat build up within a greenhouse.
These blinds are designed to fit in one section of a standard greenhouse with approximate 2ft spacing's between glazing bars, although the fittings in the ends of each tubular tensioning rail are adjustable to cater for slight variations in glazing bar spacing's. The blinds are 1.6m (63") long, so depending on the width of your greenhouse, these shade blinds will do the roof and come so far down the wall, on one side of you greenhouse. Multiple blinds sit easily side by side to fill any length of greenhouse.
The blinds come with brackets that simply bolt into the channel within the glazing bars of your greenhouse and then the horizontal tensioning rails just slot into place, this means once the brackets are in place the blinds can be quickly and easily put up and taken down as and when required. This simple installation method also means there are never ending installation possibilities allowing these greenhouse blinds to cater for nearly all types of greenhouse.

Spare Rail for Greenhouse Shade Blind
Extra slave rail for use with our Greenhouse Shade Blinds enabling you to configure the run of the blind to your required layout.
Coolaroo Snap Hook
Designed for use with the Coolaroo Shade Sails this Snap Hook is used to link shade sails to either Pad Eyes or Bolt Eyes, to hold the Shade Sail securely in place.
Coolaroo Eye Bolt
This Coolaroo Eye Bolt is designed for use with the Coolaroo Shade Sails and is used to create a secure fixing point for the Shade Sail. The eye bolts can be attached to a timber stake, steep pole or solid surface.
Coolaroo S Hook
Use this large Coolaroo S Hook with your Shade Sail to create a secure way of joining the ring of the Shade Sail to the fixing point (Pad Eye or Eye Bolt).
Coolaroo Pad Eye
The sturdy Coolaroo Pad Eye is used to create a secure fixing point on a wall onto which your Shade Sail can be anchored via a S Hook, Snap Hook or Turnbuckle.
Coolaroo Turnbuckle
Designed for use with the Coolaroo Shade Sail this Turnbuckle is used to hold the shade sail to its fixing point (Pad Eye or Eye Bolt). It is designed so that you can turn the Turnbuckle to tension the Shade Sail for a perfect fit.
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