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Seed Tray & Covers

Using a seed tray and seed tray cover together creates an unheated propagator at minimum cost. This will then enable you to propagate from seeds or cuttings, without heat, during late spring through to late summer when bottom heat from a heated propagator is not as important as the air tends to be warmer.
Ideally a seed tray lid should be crystal clear, include adjustable vents and fit snugly over the seed tray. The best type of seed tray should be deep enough to accommodate the roots of the plant until it is large enough to pot on to individual pots.
To accommodate lots of seed trays in a compact space choose one of our Seed Tray Stands designed to securely hold seed trays in tiers it's perfect for overcrowded greenhouses. You can even as castors to it so that you can keep it in the centre of the greenhouse, wheeling it outside during the day and back inside the greenhouse in the evening.

Seed Trays
Seed Trays & Covers are used when you are growing new plants for your garden from seeds or cuttings. In the past gardeners would have used timber trays in which to sow their seeds. Nowadays the majority of gardeners will use plastic trays - these are cheaper, more lightweight and easier to clean then timber trays. When choosing Seed Trays & Covers remember to think about where your plants are being grown. In a greenhouse full size Seed Trays & Covers are ideal, but if youãre raising your plants on a windowsill then full size Seed Trays & Covers will be too large - rather use half or quarter Seed Trays & Covers. The quantity of plants which you want to grow will also affect which Seed Trays & Covers you buy. Growing a large quantity of the same seeds makes full size Seed Trays & Covers the best option. However, if you want to raise a wide variety of plants but in smaller quantities than the smaller Seed Trays & Covers are better.
Seed Tray Covers
Seed Tray Covers are designed to fit snugly over seed trays, to retain heat and moisture for successful germination of seeds or cuttings. Ideal seed tray covers have vents built in so that you can let some air circulation within the cover to help prevent damping off or disease. The seed tray cover should be tall enough to allow your plants to reach at least the two leaf stage of growth - this is what makes seed tray covers much more effective than simply covering your seed trays with polythene which doesnãt leave much space for your plants to grow.
Seed Tray Stands
Seed Tray Stands are essential in busy or overcrowded greenhouses. During the spring when you're raising lots of plants in seed trays, one of these multi-level stands will securely hold lots of seed trays in tiers - so making best use of the space available. To make watering your plants easy use the Seed Tray Stand with watertight plastic trays. And if you're growing from plug plants this stand will become ideal Plug Plant Unit - being a place where you can pot them up and bring them on prior to planting out.
If you don't find a Seed Tray Stand to suit the space you have available, we can make the stand to suit your requirements. Simply let us know the length (based on seed tray size) and height required and we'll provide a quotation.
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