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Raised Bed

Raised bed gardening simply means that you are growing plants above the normal level of your garden. Raised bed kits allow you to easily achieve this as they provide you with the pieces to construct your raised bed - all you need to do is fill it with compost or soil and youãre ready to start planting. With our selection of raised bed garden equipment, you can be sure that your raised bed is higher than your normal garden level, making it easier for you to garden if youãre getting old or are disabled. Build youãre raised bed to a height which means you can garden from your wheelchair or so you donãt need to bend as far to maintain your plants. As you fill raised beds with compost or soil itãs simple for you to create the exact growing environment for your plants. You can create a raised bed which has good drainage and is rich in nutrients - so youãre likely to enjoy healthier plants and greater crops.

Raised Bed Kits
Raised bed kits provide you with everything you need - apart from the soil and plants - to create a bed to grow vegetables or flowers. As raised beds create an area specifically for growing - where you don't need to walk so a pathway isn't needed - raised beds are ideal for small gardens, with kits being available to allow you to have a raised bed on a patio if you are very limited for space.
As raised plant beds are compact this also makes them suitable for new gardeners - especially if you are new to growing vegetables - as it makes it easy for you to create an area where you can raise vegetables without needing an allotment or turning your garden into a vegetable plot.
Allotment gardeners will also use raised beds as it makes it easier to provide a nutrient rich, depth of soil to grow your plants as well as creating an area which is easier to keep free of weeds, pests or diseases - you can use weed mulch to reduce the amount of weeds, place a wire mesh below the raised bed to prevent some pests from reaching your crops and is your soil has been affected by disease, a raised bed makes it simple for you to use new soil or compost in a contained space.
Raised Bed Covers
Raised Bed Covers increase the uses of your Raised Beds. By adding a clear plastic cover to a raised bed at the start of the year means that you can start planting earlier - resulting in stronger, bigger plants and bumper crops. The clear cover will help to warm the soil within the raised bed, help retain the warmth, offer frost protection and create a humid atmosphere - all enabling you to plant earlier. A plastic cover also provides weather protection for your plants and protects them from animal or pest damage. During the summer when the polythene cover is no longer required, replace it with a net cover. The net cover will allow air and moisture through but will continue to provide protection from animals and pests, will prevent damage from harsh weather and prevent scorching on sunny days.
Raised Bed Accessories
Make your raised bed an even more versatile and productive area for growing with this range of specially designed raised bed accessories. Add a cover to your raised bed and you transform it into a mini greenhouse or cold frame, providing your plants with more protection in the early spring when you first plant them and during the cooler autumn months when they may need more protection from the wind and rain.
Use your raised bed on a patio, decking, paved area or hard standing by fitting a liner or lining with a weed control fabric. This allows you to add compost and soil to the raised bed without marking the surface below and is especially useful if your raised beds are only being used for part of the year and stored away when not in use.
As Raised Beds are ideal for growing a wide range of vegetables or flowers, fit a support frame and use this either to support a protective material - such as shade netting in the summer or insect proof netting to protect crops - or to provide support for climbing plants.
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