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Propagator Spares

Propagator Spares let you keep using your propagator year after year to successfully germinate seeds and cuttings. Some parts of the propagator will wear over time, so it is important that you can purchase spares to maintain your propagator in excellent working condition. Spares for a propagator include trays and covers, replacement thermostats etc. If you don't find the spare you're looking for online simply call us for help on 01246 451077.

Aluminium Gravel Tray for Jumbo Propagator
Use this Aluminium Gravel Tray with the jumbo propagator to hold your plants and seedlings whilst propagating your seeds.
The addition of this tray will prolong the life of the Jumbo Propagator Heating mat as it stops you potentially damaging it with pots and trays.

Capillary Mat for Jumbo Propagator
Pre cut to fit into the Bio Green Jumbo Propagator, this Capillary Matting lets you simply water in one place which will then be spread across the whole area by its capillary action and provide all your plants with water.

Dewpoint Pump
This air pump is used in our own Dewpoint Cabinet to generate air flow and help maintain a healthy atmosphere inside.
Extra Layer of Cover For Vitopod
Make your Vitopod Propagator even more versatile by adding Vitopod extra covers to increase the overall height of the propagator. When you’re using your Vitopod to germinate new seeds or cuttings use with one layer for maximum heat and humidity. If you need a very controlled environment for growing taller plants then add two or three more layers to the propagator - adding an extra 6" to the height every time you add another layer. When you’re overwintering tender plants use with extra layers to provide the space for your taller plants.

Water Matting for Hot Bench
Use Water Matting on our Hot Bench in your greenhouse.
Each mat is cut to fit 1 section of your Hot Bench, keep this mat wet and it provides your plants with greater humidity, helping to provide a healthy environment for propagation and plant growth.

Pack of 4 Spare Covers for Grow Light Garden
These clear covers are ideal for increasing the compost temperatures and creating a moist atmosphere when placed over their corresponding seed trays (available to purchase separately). Designed for use with the Grow Light Garden Propagator, these covers can also be used just with seed trays to create cheap and simple propagators - the ideal size for fitting on a windowsill.

Grow Light Garden Spare Seed Trays Pack of 4
Designed to fit the Grow Light Garden Propagator, these Grow Light Garden Spare Seed Trays are really robust and whilst designed to fit the Garland Grow Light Garden, they can also be used on their own. Their long narrow size makes them ideal for using in situations where standard seed trays will not fit.

Grow Light Garden Self Watering Tray
Designed to fit into the base of the Grow Light Garden, this Grow Light Garden Self Watering Tray holds sufficient water for your plants for up to two weeks. As the water is being suppled via capillary action, your plants will neither be under or over watered - rather they will only take the amount of water they require as and when they need it.

Pack of 7 Covers for Quarter Seed Trays
A set of seven Spare Quarter Seed Tray Covers as used on the Window Sill Propagator.

Pack of 7 Quarter Seed Trays
A set of seven Spare Quarter Seed Trays suitable for use with the Window Sill Propagator.

Capillary Greenhouse Thermostat
Versatile two way thermostat, ideal for use in damp environments.
By simply swapping over one of the conections within this conventionally configured Greenhouse Thermostat, you can alter it's use.
When switched the thermostat becomes a 'make on rise' unit which enables you to control a cooling appliance.
When delivered it will be configured to be a 'make on fall' thermostat used to control a heating device rated up to 3KW.

Professional Rod Thermostat
Use this traditional Professional Rod Thermostat to control soil warming cables in large propagation benches.
This Rod Thermostat has an IP rating of 52, so is very suitable for use in areas where misting is taking place. It is mostly used in large mist propagation units in commercial operations.

Soil Thermometer
For checking soil temperatures in the garden or greenhouse.
This robust, aluminium cased soil thermometer is especially useful for use in the garden for checking soil temperatures are suitable, prior to planting out new stock, helping to avoid losing plants.

Max Min Thermometer
This Mercury Free Quick ReSet Max/Min Thermometer is easy to use - it records and displays the highest and lowest temperatures reached as well as showing the current temperature.

Sponge Discs For Hydropod Propagator
These Sponge Discs have been developed to fit within the Hydropod Cuttings Propagator. They are perfect for holding delicate cuttings as the sponge (or 'foam') gently holds the stem of the cuttings whilst roots develop.
Hydropod Propagator Spare Nutrients
These Nutrients for the Hydropod Cuttings Propagator have been specially formulated to provide your plants with the optimum balance of all the essential nutrients that they need.
Replacement Light For Grow Light Garden
These Replacements Lights for the Grow Light Garden are high efficiency, high output lights which use less power than a standard light bulb and provide up to 10,000 hours of use. These full spectrum (6400K) grow lights replicate natural sunlight for year round growing.
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