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Propagator Accessories

An electric propagator is a good investment as it speeds up the germination process, making it easier for you to raise plants from seeds or cuttings. A propagator will also provide you with years of service, so the best way to continue to get the most from your propagator is to purchase propagator accessories to make yours even more versatile.

To extend the life of your propagator you may need to purchase replacement trays or covers - such as the replacement cover for the Jumbo Propagator, or spare covers for the Windowsill Propagator. You can also increase the usefulness of your propagator by adding accessories to it - such as the Self Watering Tray for the Grow Light Garden, or the Thermo2 Thermostat for the Bio Green Warming Mats. Other propagator accessories which will help you get the best from yours include such items as a Soil Thermometer, spare seed trays, rooting gel etc.

Soil Warming Cable
Use an electrical Soil Warming Cable to provide heat in propagating trays and benches, greenhouse borders, cold frames etc.

Cover for Electric Blanket
A heat retentive Electric Blanket Cover designed to help increase germination temperatures & create a large over wintering area.

Capillary Mat for Electric Blanket
Easily create a humid atmosphere when propagating plants and cuttings using a Professional Electric Blanket by using a pre cut length of Capillary Matting.

Extra Layer of Cover For Vitopod
Make your Vitopod Propagator even more versatile by adding Vitopod extra covers to increase the overall height of the propagator. When you’re using your Vitopod to germinate new seeds or cuttings use with one layer for maximum heat and humidity. If you need a very controlled environment for growing taller plants then add two or three more layers to the propagator - adding an extra 6" to the height every time you add another layer. When you’re overwintering tender plants use with extra layers to provide the space for your taller plants.

Water Mat for Heated Tray
Provide greater humidity to your plants by covering a Heated Tray with a Water Mat.
This will greatly help to keep your plants watered, stopping them drying out. The matting also catches any excess water and recycles it back to your plants.

Digital Max-Min Thermometer
This Fully Digital Max/Min Thermometer is easy to read and easy to use - recording both the highest and lowest temperatures reached and displaying them together with the current temperature.

Propagation & Soil Thermometer
For checking compost or soil temperatures in or out of the greenhouse try this handy little Propagation & Soil Thermometer.
This thermometer is especially useful for use in propagation situations being small enough to sit in a covered seed tray as used in our range of Propagators allowing you to accurately monitor your propagators internal temperature.

Hydropod Propagator Spare Nutrients
These Nutrients for the Hydropod Cuttings Propagator have been specially formulated to provide your plants with the optimum balance of all the essential nutrients that they need.
Nitrozyme has been developed to increase the growth process of plants and the use of Nitrozyme has produced outstanding yield increase. Nitrozyme can achieve this as it contains a high concentration of powerful natural growth enhancers, exotic micro-nutrients and bio-stimulants. You can use Nitrozyme at any or all stages of plant growth - it can also be used as a foliar growth enhancer by misting it across the plant foliage.
BetterGrow Perlite
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
BetterGrow Perlite absorbs and holds vast quantities of air and moisture which helps prevent compaction. It improves aeration and drainage in potting and seed sowing mixes which will help to avoid root diseases and assist healthy root growth. It is easy to handle, stable and long lasting. This medium grade perlite (grade 35) is produced from a naturally occurring non-toxic, natural volcanic rock which is heated to a high temperature to produce a lightweight micro porous structure.

Special Offer Set
Order one tub of Perlite for £3.49.
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BetterGrow Horticultural Grit
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
BetterGrow Horticultural Grit is ideal to enhance drainage and open up the structure of compost or a repotting mix. It adds weight and makes the container more stable. It is also ideal for top dressing pots - especially recommended for alpines, rock plants, cacti and succulents - and to supress weeds. It can also be used to decorate rockeries. This horticultural medium-grade grit is uniform, lime free and washed.

Special Offer Set
Order one tub of Horticultural Grit for £3.99.
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