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Propagation Heating Mats

Propagation Heating Mats - also known as Seedlings Mats or Germination Mats - are designed to combine two main features - the mats encourage seed germination and root formation by providing an even base heat that keeps soil warm and they provide you with maximum flexibility as when not in use they can simply be rolled up and stored away until needed again, making these Heat Mats ideal for busy greenhouses or compact spaces. Heating Mats can be used just about anywhere - in your greenhouse, conservatory or indoors - turning any staging or benching into a large propagator. The Propagation Mats are simply unrolled and plugged in and they are ready to use.
Temperature can be accurately controlled by the use of a thermostat. The temperature sensor can be placed in the growing media or underneath seed trays etc. By accurately controlling the temperature you are not only ensuring you provide the correct temperature for successful plant propagation, you will also save on running costs as the thermostat will only allow the heating mat to be switched on when the set temperature has not been reached - in this way no heat will be wasted and no money spent heating unnecessarily.

Electric Blanket
If your greenhouse has limited space and has no room for a dedicated propagation area this Electric Blanket is probably the answer.
It can be used on top of existing benches, on the floor or anywhere you have some free space, and when no longer required it rolls up for easy storage.

Special Offer Electric Blanket with Cover and Mat
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
Create a large, professional propagation area in your greenhouse, with this complete Electric Blanket, Cover and Mat Set designed to create a healthy atmosphere for successful plant propagation.
This propagation kit provides you with complete, accurate control over the temperature and enables you to create a humid atmosphere for young plants to grow in.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - buy one of these sets and you will SAVE up to £22.85 on purchasing the items separately.

Bio Green Jumbo Propagator
An easy to use electric propagator the Bio Green Jumbo Propagator is designed to provide a large accurately heated area to successfully germinate and grow from seeds or cuttings.

Jumbo Propagator Set
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
Create an instant environment for propagation and save money with this Jumbo Propagation Set.
Combining a heated mat, high cover, aluminium tray and capillary matting all in one package you’ll have everything you need to get started propagating on a large scale.

SPECIAL OFFER - buy this set and you will receive the mat FREE

Warming Pad
Providing an even base heat, these easy to use Warming Mats are a simple way to increase germination success.
These Bio Green warming pads have been designed to work safely and accurately within a greenhouse or household environment.

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