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Darlac are well known for their wide range of world class garden tools, with many achieving leading gardening magazine ‘Best Buy’ or ‘Best Value’ status over the years.
A family owned and run company for almost half a century, Darlac pride themselves on being able to develop new gardening products or make changes to existing ones based on the needs of the gardeners using their tools. This is illustrated by their wide range of lightweight gardening tools which have often appeared at the top of gardeners ‘wish lists’.
Darlac have amended existing products so that they take less effort to use, examples being, adding a ratchet action to loppers and secateurs and having made some of their products even more versatile by extending the reach telescopically.

Darlac Hand Tools
Darlac offers a range of stainless steel bladed hand tools, the majority of which come with traditional wooden handles beautifully crafted in Ash, other more modern tools come with ergonomically designed rubber handles.
All the Darlac hand forks, hand trowels, deep weed cutters, rockery forks to name but a few, offer fantastic value for money and will give many years of service.
Darlac Maintenance Tools
The Maintenance Range from Darlac offers a selection of invaluable garden implements to help you maintain a tidy garden.
There are rakes for established gardens together with tough garden bags that are durable and remain open when in use, 'Big Hands' leaf grabbers for collecting leaves and grass cuttings quickley, as well as essentials like a Diamond sharpener for keeping that all important sharp edge on knives and secateurs.
Darlac Shears, Loppers, Pruners and Secateurs
Darlac's range of Shears, Loppers, Pruners and Secateurs has been carefully selected to offer something for everyone and every task.
Darlac focus on lightweight tools wherever practical and offer a heavy duty alternative where necessary.
Telescopic handles on certain models offer that extra reach that can prove invaluable when working on tall subjects, like hedges, large shrubs and trees.
Darlac Swop Top System
Darlac’s Swop Top pruning and cleaning system incorporates a total of 11 attachments offering immense flexibility. From fruit picking to pond clearing through to pruning and painting, all tasks can be achieved safely from the ground.
All the Darlac attachments are fitted with a unique plug which will fit either size of the Darlac lightweight aluminium telescopic poles.
Darlac Swop Top Watering System
This versatile Darlac Swop Top watering System incorporates a choice of three bases and six different watering head attachments, offering immense flexibility when it comes to watering your garden or greenhouse.
You can create a fine mist within your greenhouse using the Darlac mister head or give a large area a good watering using the impulse sprinkler to name but a few.
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