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Polytunnel Covers

To cover the metal frame of your polytunnel we supply hard wearing polythene polytunnel covers manufactured in the UK with the UK climate in mind. The polythene we stock is from a range of 'Visqueen' films that are manufactured using the latest technology, binding three separate layers of polyethylene together to produce an extremely strong and durable cover. We stock three different widths of polythene - 7.3 metres wide, 9.2m or 11.1m - in two different types - clear or opaque. The Clear Polythene uses the latest technology of UV stabilisers to ensure optimum light transmission of 91%. Whist the Opaque Polythene provides a uniform shading cover with a light transmission of 68%.

Clear Tunnel Greenhouse Polythene
This Clear Polythene is used to cover polytunnels and provides excellent clarity and transmits 92% of the light crops use to grow and develop. In the uk where light levels can be lower, this clear polythene allows more light to enter which in turn can result in crops being ready to pick earlier. In addition to its temperature control properties, this clear polythene manipulates the type and level of light entering the polytunnel to significantly improve crop hardiness, colour, taste and shelf life. A polytunnel covered with this clear polythene should be ideal for raising bedding plants, as well as nursery and salad crops.
Opaque Tunnel Greenhouse Polythene
This Opaque White Polythene is a thermic film developed to help keep the growing environment warmer by reducing the heat lost through long wavelength infra-red radiation. This benefits your plants as higher overnight temperatures encourage plant growth, can reduce plant losses and allow savings to be made when heating the area. This polythene is ideal for crops that require shade and cooler daytime temperatures such as nursery stock, ferns and conifers. It's also good is you use your poly tunnel to mainly overwinter hardy shrubs or for general hardening off. You'll also find this type of covering used in general live stock housing and also general storage.
Gardman Polytunnel Spare Cover
This Spare Cover for the Gardman Polytunnel is shaped to fit easily over the frame.

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