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Large Polytunnels

All Large Polytunnels are based on the same simple yet effective design. A polytunnel consists of a strong metal frame which forms a semi-circular tunnel. This sturdy frame is then covered using a heavy gauge, hard wearing polythene. The light passing through the polythene is diffused, so preventing plants from shading one another in the polytunnel, so all receive the same, even amount of light for even growth throughout the tunnel.

The main advantage of a polytunnel compared to a greenhouse is cost - a polytunnel will provide you with lots of space and light at a fraction of the cost of a glass glazed greenhouse - for the same price of a small greenhouse you'll be able to get a polytunnel 4-5 times larger, so you'll have more protected space to work under and raise crops. This makes polytunnels an affordable solution for raising crops out of season and for growing crops which like a warm, protected growing space - such as cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes etc.

Easy Build Tunnel
These Easy Build Tunnels have been designed specifically to be quick and easy to build without losing any of the top quality features of a commercial size polytunnel. Strong 32mm diameter steel tubes form the frame of the tunnel, which are fixed to the ground using screw anchors - these take minutes to screw into the ground compared to traditionally having to dig a hole and concrete in place. The frame is then covered with 720 gauge clear polythene selected as it has excellent clarity and transmits 92% of the light crops use to grow and develop. Featuring aluminium base rails means there is no need to trench the polythene - so making it simpler and less messy. At each end of the polytunnel is a single, aluminium sliding door with aluminium door frame - again, chosen for longevity and ease of build.
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