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Polytunnels are available in a wide range of sizes and we are able to supply you with polytunnels from the mini tunnel size up to commercial sized polytunnels. And if you've already got a polytunnel and are looking for spares, we stock a wide range of polytunnel accessories making it possible for you to keep your polytunnel in tip top condition year after year.
Polytunnels - also known as a Polythene Tunnel, Poly Tunnel, Pollytunnel or Polly Tunnel - have become increasingly popular as they enable you to have a large, protected growing space at the fraction of the cost of a greenhouse of the same size. And with a wide range of sizes now available, polytunnels are being favoured by both novice gardeners and commercial growers.

Large Polytunnels
All Large Polytunnels are based on the same simple yet effective design. A polytunnel consists of a strong metal frame which forms a semi-circular tunnel. This sturdy frame is then covered using a heavy gauge, hard wearing polythene. The light passing through the polythene is diffused, so preventing plants from shading one another in the polytunnel, so all receive the same, even amount of light for even growth throughout the tunnel.

The main advantage of a polytunnel compared to a greenhouse is cost - a polytunnel will provide you with lots of space and light at a fraction of the cost of a glass glazed greenhouse - for the same price of a small greenhouse you'll be able to get a polytunnel 4-5 times larger, so you'll have more protected space to work under and raise crops. This makes polytunnels an affordable solution for raising crops out of season and for growing crops which like a warm, protected growing space - such as cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes etc.

Small Polytunnels
Small Polytunnels - also known as Mini Polytunnels or Small Space Polytunnels - are ideal if you're short of space or want to try your hand at gardening for the first time - they are perfectly sized to fit within a small garden.
One of the main advantages of a polytunnel is that it is an extremely cost effective solution for raising crops under cover when compared to a glass glazed greenhouse. A polytunnel is also much easier to construct than a greenhouse - this is especially true of small polytunnels, where the covers are often pre shaped for easy fitting over their metal frame. Small Polytunnels are also great for creating a temporary growing space - it is much simpler to move a small polytunnel from one part of your garden to another than it would be to move a greenhouse.
Polytunnel Covers
To cover the metal frame of your polytunnel we supply hard wearing polythene polytunnel covers manufactured in the UK with the UK climate in mind. The polythene we stock is from a range of 'Visqueen' films that are manufactured using the latest technology, binding three separate layers of polyethylene together to produce an extremely strong and durable cover. We stock three different widths of polythene - 7.3 metres wide, 9.2m or 11.1m - in two different types - clear or opaque. The Clear Polythene uses the latest technology of UV stabilisers to ensure optimum light transmission of 91%. Whist the Opaque Polythene provides a uniform shading cover with a light transmission of 68%.
Polytunnel Spares
Polytunnel Spares enable you to keep your polytunnel in tip top condition.
Polytunnel Covers have a life expectancy of approx 5 years - so we stock both clear and opaque heavy gauge polythene enabling you to replace the cover when needed.
When you replace the tunnel cover you should use Anti-hot Spot Tape. This tape is placed over the hoops of the tunnel frame before fitting the cover. The smooth surface of the tape makes it possible for the cover to glide over the frame - preventing any snagging as you get the cover in place. More importantly Anti-hot Spot Tape will extend the life of the cover by approx. 1 year as it provides an insulating layer between the frame and polythene preventing hot spots, which cause the cover to stretch & weaken.
If your polythene cover is damaged, it's useful to have a roll of All Weather Tape with which to repair it. All Weather Tape is excellent for repairing tears - it's clear so allows light transmission and it's UV stabilised making it resistant to weathering.
Polytunnel Accessories
A polytunnel creates a warm covered plot that will protect your crops from the changes in weather, will extend the growing season enormously and will enable you to grow a wider variety of crops. There are a wide range of polytunnel accessories available to help you make the most of the growing space created - irrigation systems, crop bars, ground cover and freestanding staging are all available. Other products that will enhance your polytunnel include heatsheets / bubble insulation - simply lining the tunnel throughout the winter will help to keep the polytunnel frost free.
Keep your polytunnel clean inside and out to reduce the chance of plant disease and pests and maintain maximum light reaching your plants - simply wash the cover of the polytunnel using a cleaning agent - such as Algon or Citrox.
Make the best use of the space available in your polytunnel by adding crop bars. Crop bars can be fitted whilst you're building the polytunnel or fitted to existing structures. Crop bars will provide you with secure tying points - useful for if you are growing crops that need support - such as tomatoes - or for hanging baskets - you could grow strawberries in hanging baskets hung within the tunnel.
Take advantage of the rain by collecting it into water barrels / water butts. Until recently it was difficult to collect the rainwater from the surface of the polytunnel, however Polytunnel Gutters are now available. These simply stick to the polythene of the tunnel and will direct rainwater straight intop a water butt.
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