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Planter Bags

Planter Bags - also known as 'vegetable planter bags' or 'potato planter bags' - have a wide range of benefits when compared to rigid planters.

To start, Planter Bags are ideal if you are very limited for space. The fact that they are 'flexible' bags means that you can squeeze them into tight spaces, where a standard, rigid planter may not fit. And if you've got very little storage space, planter bags are a better choice than rigid planters - you can empty out the planter bag, wash them clean and store them flat until needed again, so taking up very little storage space.

Planter Bags are suitable for raising a large range of crops as they are available in different depths - the depth of the planter becomes important when you consider the root length of some crops - carrots, parsnips, beetroot etc. need a deep planter to grow in for a successful crop. Whilst lettuce, radishes, spring onions etc. can be grown in more shallow containers without affecting cropping.

Planter Bags don't just have to be used to raise crops outdoors - they are also ideal for use in greenhouses or polytunnels. Their compact size means you can fit them in easily and use them to raise such crops as cucumber, peppers, tomatoes etc which can benefit from the protection of a greenhouse at the start of the season and can be moved outdoors once the warmer weather arrives.

Potato Patio Planters
Potato Patio Planters from Haxnicks makes it possible for everyone, whether you’ve a garden or not, to grow crops of delicious home grown potatoes. Place on your patio, pathway or balcony to grow potatoes within easy reach. To ensure you succeed, even if it’s the first time you’ve grown your own, the planters come complete with detailed growing instructions.

Pack of Two Strawberry / Herb Patio Planters
Just £8.27 for this Pack of Two Planters, normal RRP is £10.67
Grow strawberries or herbs in your garden with ease with these Patio Planters. No matter how small your outdoor space - it could even be just a patio area or balcony - these planters let you grow your own plants in a neat and attractive compact planter. With pockets around the outside of the planter and growing space in the top you'll be able to raise lots of plants whilst sturdy carrying handles lets you turn the planter for even growth and simple harvesting.
Vegetable Patio Planters
Haxnicks Vegetable Patio Planters make it easy for everyone to grow their own vegetables. Designed to fit on your patio, pathway or balcony, no matter how small your garden you’ve now got the chance to grow your own fresh vegetables. The planters come complete with a detailed growing guide, helping you choose the correct vegetable varieties for each planter and how to plant them.

Hanging Tomato Bag
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
A unique way to grow tomato plants the Hanging Tomato Bag has been designed to be hung from a hook like any other hanging container. Simply plant your tomato plant through the base of the planter and fill the planter with compost. Your tomato plant will now grow suspended downwards. This makes this type of growing perfect if you're short of space, as well as providing numerous benefits to the plants so resulting in bumper crops - reduced soil-borne problems, less weed growth, eliminates the need for staking etc.
Special Offer Set
Order one Hanging Tomato Bag for £8.25.
Or Buy a pack of three for only £21.49, saving £3.26!
Tomato Patio Planters (Pack 2)
These reusable Tomato Patio Planters are the easy way to grow your own tasty tomatoes. Even if you're short on garden space - or even if you've only got a small patio or roof garden - these planters have been specially designed to suit tomato plants as they grow, whilst taking up very little space. Theses planters have integral cane support pockets, so simply position canes in place once your tomato plants need support as they grow taller.
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