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Our selection of indoor planters and outdoor planters provide everyone with the opportunity to grow their own fruit and vegetables - in fact even if you only have a balcony you'll be able to grow your own! Growing in containers works well as you are in control of the growing media - you can fill containers with the correct soil / compost to suit the plants you're going to be growing. It's easy for you to provide sufficient nutrients for your plants - you can add slow release fertiliser to your compost and feed as you water - there's no wastage of water or feed as you're watering into compost which is contained in the pot.
Take alook through our range of planters including herb planters, aluminium planters and wooden planters.

Aluminium Planter
Our Everlasting Aluminium Planters have been designed in three standard sizes and two colourways. As we manufacture the planter here in our Derbyshire workshop, it is also possible for us to manufacture the planters in any size to suit your exact requirements - simply contact us on 01246 451077 with the size you require and we'll provide you with a quotation.
Being made from rot-proof aluminium these planters will last forever. Available in an attractive green or white, durable powder coated finish with curved aluminium uprights. You can keep the planters looking as good as new by simply giving them a quick wash down with soapy water.
Garden Planter
Growing in Garden Planters means that even if you haven't got space for a vegetable patch, or time for an allotment, you'll be able to raise a wide range of crops in a small space. Planters also overcome the problems of poorly drained soils or soil-borne pests as you are in control of the soil or compost which you fill the planter with. Planters also have the added benefit of warming up the soil / compost much more quickly than soil warms up in the ground - this means your plants will get off to a faster start in containers than they would is in the ground.

When choosing varieties of plants to grow in planters we recommend selecting compact plants - such as aubergines, chilli peppers, herbs (such as basil, coriander or parsley),mini lettuces (such as 'Little Gem' or 'Tom Thumb'), strawberries, sweet peppers etc rather than taller plants that would need support. When growing vegetables or fruit choose planters that are at least 8" in diameter - although some plants (such as herbs) will grow in compact planters, others , such as root vegetables will need deep planters for successful crops. Remember that the smaller the planter the more often you will need to water and feed your plants as they will quickly absorb nutrients and moisture from the compost they are growing in.

Herb Planter
Growing herbs in planters makes it easy for you to grow different types of herbs - those which like to grow in the sun like french tarragon, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme and those which prefer shade like chervil, mustard, parsley, rocket and sorrel in separate planters placed in the right locations in your garden. As you can move planters, when the herbs are ready to use you can move them closer to your house - so you can simply nip out, clip a few herb leaves and they are ready - freshly cut herbs eaten within minutes of being cut will have the best flavors and aromas.
Indoor Planter
Our range of Indoor Planters have been chosen for their practical features that will help you to grow healthy plants that will produce bumper crops. You'll find a range of sizes to choose from - some compact enough to fit onto a windowsill, others more suited to a large conservatory or greenhouse.

Many incorporate features which allow the plants take up water as and when they need it - so for new gardeners this takes away the worry of keeping plants correctly watered - one of the main factors affecting healthy plant growth.

You'll also find planters made from different materials, including our Aluminium Everlasting Planters made here in our workshop in Derbyshire. Made by ourselves, if one of our standard sizes isn't suitable simply contact us with the size you would like and we can make them to suit your exact requirements.

Patio Planters
Choose an attractive patio planter and you'll be able to create a focal point within your garden - using planters full of flowers and / or vegetables. Patio Planters don't have to be restricted just to patios - you can also use them to create attractive displays on a balcony and they are perfect for roof gardens. Patio Planters tend to be portable - as long as they are not too heavy to move when full of compost. Portable planters mean you can start them off undercover - in a greenhouse or polytunnel - and take them outdoors when the plants get larger. Portable planters also allow you to move the planters during the season so that they can benefit from the best growing conditions - some plants flourish in full sunlight (for example tomatoes) whilst others prefer shade (such as lettuce).

Plants growing in planters rely on you to supply them with sufficient water as they are growing in a very limited amount of soil or compost - unlike plants grown in the ground which will have access to a greater area of moisture. However, you can make watering your planters simple and efficient by following a few simple guidelines.

When filling your patio planter with compost / soil always mix in some water absorbing crystals - such as Swell Gel - as these will soak up loads of water and slowly release it to the plants. We also recommend that you set up a simple drip irrigation kit to automatically supply your planters with water - depending on the size of the planter and the plants growing within it you will need about 3-4 drippers spaced around the planter to drip water directly onto the soil / compost. An irrigation system of this type will need to be attached to your mains water and can be controlled manually - by you turning your outside tap on and off - or automatically by fitting a water timer.

Planter Bags
Planter Bags - also known as 'vegetable planter bags' or 'potato planter bags' - have a wide range of benefits when compared to rigid planters.

To start, Planter Bags are ideal if you are very limited for space. The fact that they are 'flexible' bags means that you can squeeze them into tight spaces, where a standard, rigid planter may not fit. And if you've got very little storage space, planter bags are a better choice than rigid planters - you can empty out the planter bag, wash them clean and store them flat until needed again, so taking up very little storage space.

Planter Bags are suitable for raising a large range of crops as they are available in different depths - the depth of the planter becomes important when you consider the root length of some crops - carrots, parsnips, beetroot etc. need a deep planter to grow in for a successful crop. Whilst lettuce, radishes, spring onions etc. can be grown in more shallow containers without affecting cropping.

Planter Bags don't just have to be used to raise crops outdoors - they are also ideal for use in greenhouses or polytunnels. Their compact size means you can fit them in easily and use them to raise such crops as cucumber, peppers, tomatoes etc which can benefit from the protection of a greenhouse at the start of the season and can be moved outdoors once the warmer weather arrives.

Potato Planter
Freshly harvested potatoes always taste the best and are packed full of nutrients - fresh new potatoes are full of vitamin C. These potato planters enable everyone to enjoy fresh potatoes - no matter how small your garden! And growing potatoes in planters could not be easier - simply plant in early spring and you will be enjoying fresh potatoes just a few months later. All you need to do is keep them watered (but not overwatered) and feed with a liquid food (a tomato feed will be suitable) - plants need the most water as the tubers start to swell.
Self Watering Planter
Self Watering Planters make it possible for anyone to successfully raise their own crops - chillies, peppers, aubergines, salad leaves etc - by ensuring they are kept constantly and correctly watered, one of the main factors which can affect crop production. We have a range of Self Watering Planters available, simply select the one best suited to the crop you wish to grow.

The Chilligrow Planter has been designed in consultation with chilli growing experts and makes it possible for anyone to successfully grow their own range of chillies without any fuss. Unlike normal pots or trays, the Chilligrow makes it possible for the plants to control the amount of water they receive - this is important as for a successful chilli harvest the plants shouldn't be allowed to run out of water, or their roots stood in water.

The Quadgrow Planter has been designed to provide both experienced gardeners and those new to gardening with a 'Can't Grow Wrong' Planter that will keep plants perfectly watered at all times, so they produce bigger harvests with less effort.

The Windowgrow Planter is ideal for those small, kitchen crops which can be harvested as they are needed - such as chillies, herbs, salads and micro greens. You water into a reservoir and the plants take up the water they need when they need it - so avoiding over or under watering.

A Self Watering Planter ideally suited to growing crops in polytunnels or greenhouses is the Easy2Grow Kit. This planter will keep greedy plants - such as tomatoes, peppers etc - well watered and fed for at least two weeks without any attention - all you need to do is keep the 47 litre water tank topped up with water.

Strawberry planter
Strawberries are an ideal planter crop as it takes away any of the hard work - it saves you weeding, it saves you putting down straw, it makes it harder for slugs to reach your plants and by covering with netting when the plants are in fruit the birds wonãt be able to eat the strawberries. Specially designed Strawberry planters will provide you with good drainage and pockets around the sides to enable you to grow a large number of plants in a small space. Ideally your strawberry plants should be grown in a sunny spot - so for even growth turn the planter once or twice a week.
Tiered Planter
Tiered Planters are ideal if you're short of space in your garden. Growing plants vertically will add height and interest to your garden, will help reduce the effect of ground-based pests and can be used to cover up bare patches of wall. In fact tiered planters are a great space-saving solution when you've only a small area in which to garden.

Our Vertical Garden is perfect for growing vegetable crops, with its sturdy aluminium framework and deep, heat absorbing compost trays. With Cloche Covers available you can raise plants from seed whilst the Pest Protection Cover will keep insects and birds away from your crops.

Tomato Planter
Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables - and also one of the simplest to grow. They are the ideal planter crops - tomatoes take up little space - especially bush varieties - and crop for a long time as long as you can provide them with fertile soil, plenty of sun, heat, food and water. When growing tomatoes in planters outdoors you should sow the seeds late March / early April undercover - either on a windowsill or in a greenhouse. Choose a variety which will suit growing in planters outdoors - such as Tornado, Garden Pearl, Tomatoberry etc. Although it may take longer for tomatoes to grow outdoors in planters they are well worth the wait - many gardeners believe that tomatoes grown outdoors have a better, more intense flavour than those raised in greenhouses.
Vegetable Planter
Vegetable Planters can be used to grow a wide range of vegetables - so even if you have only got a small corner in your garden or a free spot on the patio, you have the potential to grow your own vegetables. Many varieties can be successfully grown - asparagus, chard, cherry tomatoes, runner beans, spinach etc. vegetables that take up little space (such as carrots, lettuce, radishes) or those that crop for long periods (tomatoes or peppers). All you need to remember when growing veg in planters is that you need to water them frequently, especially as they mature and start to crop. Ensure the planters have adequate drainage to prevent over watering and ideally add a slow release fertiliser to the compost when you plant up your planters.
Willow Planter
Attractive Willow Planters that make it easy for everyone to make maximum growing use of their outdoor space - and to do it with style. So whether you're simply short of space or your soil is unsuitable for what you want to grow, these attractive Willow Planters could be the answer. Available in a range of sizes to suit different crops, these Willow Planters can be sat on your patio, decking, balcony, roof terrace or straight on garden soil to create an attractive, homely kitchen garden look.
Simple to use, these planters are supplied flat pack - so are easy to store away during the winter months when they are not in use. The planters come with their own tough, durable planter bag which keeps the compost neatly contained within the willow surround of the planter. These Willow Planters are not only suitable for growing a wide range of crops - they provide ample growing space for herbs, salads, potatoes, vegetables, tomatoes etc - they are also ideal for planting feature plants - such as bay trees or standard fuchsias.
Wooden Planter
Wooden Planters are particularly useful for balconies, courtyards, decks, patios, porches or even roof gardens - anywhere in fact where you want to grow flowers or vegetables but don't have access to open ground. Square wooden planters are an attractive addition to any space - you could have a pair of planters one either side of a front door, or marking the entrance to your garden. Wooden Planters that are fitted with an obelisk are ideal for climbing plants - such as clematis or climbing rose.
A wooden planter will need some maintenance to keep it looking smart year after year - a painted or stained planter will stay looking good by giving it a fresh lick of paint or stain every couple of years. You will also keep your planter looking good for longer if it is lined - to keep the damp compost from resting directly against the wood.
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