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Plant Support Frames

Some plant support frames not only provide a practical support for climbing plants, they can also create a focal point within your garden and in the winter months add some structure to your garden. Examples of these decorative supports are our range of Garden Arches available in wood or metal to suit differently styled gardens.

A Wigwam is one of the simplest plant support frames and is quick, easy and economical to create. Use your garden canes with either an Eight Cane Teepee Topper or our Cane Supports to create sturdy frames for climbing plants from runner beans through to sweet peas. Where necessary, use our Jute Twine to tie in their shoots.

Training climbers and shrubs to grow up fences or walls is a great way of making the best use of the space available - as well as helping to disguise the boundaries of your garden. To do this you will need to provide your plants with a trellis to cling to which you can make using Gripple Wire and Tensioners. Using the Gripple System you can create a permanent trellis or a summer trellis which you could remove in the autumn and reuse the following year.

Growing Pole
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A strong support for climbing plants this Growing Pole is ideal for growing beans, peas, sweet peas or any other climbing plant that requires good support.
Made from rust proof aluminium you’ll be able to use this pole year after year to support your plants - making it excellent value for money!

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Cane Supports
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These ingenious, interlocking Cane Supports provide you with a flexible solution for secure plant support.
They can be used to create a ‘Wigwam’ by joining 5 of the Cane Supports together. Or used individually to create an ‘A’ frame for supporting a row of crops.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of 15 and you will SAVE £0.98 against purchasing multiple packs of 5.

Gripple Plant Support System Starter Pack
This Gripple Plant Support System is an economical way to provide your climbing plants, vegetables & fruit (for example clematis, wisteria, climbing roses, raspberries, tomatoes, fruit espalier) with a strong, durable, easy to use support. This trellising system will neither rust nor rot so provides years of long-lasting, secure support for your plants

Cane Caps
Avoid any nasty accidents and cover the end of your canes with these protective Cane Caps.

Crop Support frame 8' Long
Provide maximum support to your peas, broad beans or any medium height crops with these Crop Support Frames. Used year after year these long lasting aluminium supports let you quickly and easily create a very strong support structure for your plants.

4' Extension to Crop Support frame
For extra versatility add this 4’ Extension Pack to your existing Crop Support Frames. Adding an extension pack makes these crop support frames ideal for use on your allotment, helping support long rows of fruit or vegetable plants.

Garden Arch 1.9m x 1m
This one metre wide Compact garden arch is ideal for fitting into any garden to create a stunning entrance or to break up your garden into different areas. The simple design and curved top arch makes this frame perfect for supporting climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle or roses.

Genoa Timber Arch
This quality Genoa Timber garden arch features a curved and notched rafter top section with rebated trellis side panels. Supplied in kit form for quick and easy installation this arch can be used to create an elegant entrance to your garden or use in a larger garden to lead you from one area into another.

Easy Arch 2m x 1.4m black
This Easy Garden Arch provides both a decorative plant support and frames the entrance to your garden. Its simple design has been created to ensure the blooms of your plants will create a stunning display and is ideal for supporting clematis, honeysuckle and climbing roses.

Garden Arch Extra Wide 1.9m x 1.5m
This extra wide arch is 1.5 metres (5') wide making it ideal for spacious walkways. The discreet black frame has been designed to provide ample support for climbing plants such as honeysuckle, clematis or climbing roses.

Gothic Arch
Create a stunning frame for garden entrances, pathways and views with this Gothic arch. Elegant and stylish it will provide support to a range of climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle and roses.

Honeysuckle Arch
This Honeysuckle Arch is a traditional garden arch featuring rustic round timber which has been planed for an attractive smooth finish. The criss-cross pattern on the sides and roof of the arch add strength to the structure and are also great for supporting climbing plants. Supplied in pre-assembled panels for easy self-assembly it comes with extra long legs for sinking into the ground. This arch will be an attractive feature within your garden for years as the timber used to make it has been pressure treated and it comes with a 15 year manufacturers guarantee against rot.
Ultima Pergola Arch
This sturdy Pergola timber garden arch is a quick and effective way to create an elegant entrance to your garden. Sturdy timber uprights are joined at the top with space rafters that allow the light through. Timber trellis panels either side of the arch again lets ample light through whilst providing the perfect support for climbing plants.

Grow Bag Cane Frame
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Economical, durable, rust proof coated steel Grow Bag Cane Frames designed to provide maximum cane stability ensuring your plants are securely supported as they grow.

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Grow Bag Support
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
'Really Useful...........Two Products in One'
When not in use as a Grow Bag Support, remove the tray, turn the framework upside down, put the tray on the top & you have an excellent staging or work area !

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE £9.00 against purchasing two single units.

Growbag Tidy
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Stand your grow bag on its side and hold it firmly in position with this Grow Bag Tidy.
Your plants will now have more depth of compost in which to put down longer, healthier roots. For sturdy plant support sink your canes into the ‘deeper’ grow bag and attach them to the Grow Bag Tidy’s integral support bar.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE £4.95 against purchasing two single units.

Plant Stakes
Extra strong, long lasting, aluminium Plant Support Stakes suitable for use outside in the garden in place of conventional canes or inside for supporting tall houseplants e.g. rubber plants etc.

Vine Supports
Sturdy, easy to fit Vine Supports designed to enable you to create a strong fixing/tying point away from the side or roof of a greenhouse.
Simply bolts into the glazing channel of your greenhouse using the special cropped headed bolts supplied, or can be fixed to any other surface by substituting the cropped bolts for normal screws.

Easy Garden Obelisk
This Easy Garden Obelisk is the perfect way to add height and interest into your garden in minutes. The stylish 3 leg design is finished off with a decorative finial to provide the perfect finishing touch. Not only a decorative feature on its own, the robust construction makes it ideal for supporting a wide range of climbing plants - from roses through to small trees - it's perfect for training plants through it and around it. Suitable for use anywhere in your garden, it can also be used in containers to create an instant, moveable, point of interest.

Classical Garden Obelisk
This Classical Garden Obelisk is an easy and instant way of adding an interesting feature into your garden at any time of year. This obelisk has a four legged design with a decorative finial at the top. Not only perfect for decoration, this obelisk will also provide practical support for climbing plants, roses, small trees or vegetables and it's ideal for use in flower beds, garden borders and containers.

0.5m Wide Bird Netting per metre
Priced To Clear - Only Limited Stock Available.
As used in our fruit cages, this Fruit Cage Netting will help prevent damage from birds and small animals and is ideal for supporting climbing plants such as peas.

Raised Grow Bag Stand
Raise your plants to a comfortable working height and also keep them out of the reach of pests with this really useful Raised Grow Bag Stand
Ideal for growing trailing crops such as strawberries and trailing tomatoes as well as salads, herbs or even flowers, this Raised Growbag Stand gets plants off the floor away from pests such as slugs, snails and rodents whilst also allowing you to tend them without bending.
The way the growbag is suspended in position on its side creates the optimum growing area coupled with extra growing depth, this extra depth gained over a traditional flat grow bag position helps to promote stronger, deeper root growth which will produce much stronger more vigorous plant development.

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