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Weed Control

Weed Control in your garden can be divided into two main types - products to Stop Weeds From Growing and products to Get Rid Of Existing Weeds.

Stop Weeds From Growing

Use a weed control fabric (also known as ground cover, weed block, weed control membrane, landscape fabric, weed cloth, weed barrier fabric) to suppress weed growth and ensure plant protection. This horticultural fabric works efficiently at suppressing weeds as it stops sunshine reaching the weeds, which reduces photosynthesis, so reducing weed growth.

Get Rid Of Existing Weeds

If you already have weeds growing, then you need to invest in tools designed to eradicate them. When removing weeds it is important that you remove all the roots of the weeds - otherwise they will simply re-grow. Our Speedy Weedy has been designed to make it easy for you to remove deep rooted weeds - and you even don't have to get your hands dirty! Another weed control option is to use a Weed Burner, where the high temperature which the weeds are subjected to destroys the cell structure without causing them to ignite.

Weed Mulch
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Use Weed Mulch to suppress weed growth & retain moisture when creating new beds in garden or greenhouse, or in areas already planted.
As a weed suppressant this spunbonded fabric is also ideal for use in areas where decorative chippings, gravels and bark mulches are to be used.

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Ground Cover
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Ground Cover makes an ideal floor covering - it drains well, suppresses weeds & is very easy to clean.
This ground cover is too be seen used on the floor in polytunnels and greenhouses in garden centres and other commercial growing establishments, used for walking on and suppressing weed growth.

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Galvanised Wire Fabric Staple
Supremely strong Galvanised Fabric Staples designed to hold horticultural fabric securely to the ground, preventing flapping and movement. Ideal for retaining fabric when landscaping - for example using them to retain ground cover.
Gas Weed Burner
Designed to easily eradicate weeds from small areas such as rockeries, paths, patios, driveways etc.
This lightweight Gas Weed Burner takes the back-ache out of weeding.

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