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Pest Control

Pest Control is an important part of plant protection - whether growing plants in a greenhouse, polytunnel , garden or allotment. Depending on what you are growing and where the plants are being grown, will affect the type of pest control you will need to apply.

Pest Control And Plant Protection In A Greenhouse

In the sheltered environment of a greenhouse pests and diseases can thrive. To protect your plants you can carry out a few simple activities. Firstly, routinely check your plants for pest damage - if you find a plant infested than ideally remove it from the greenhouse or treat the affected plant. Secondly, try to keep greenhouse clean and tidy - have a spring clean washing down the greenhouse and benches and use aSulphur Candle to clear away any pests. Also keep all your seed trays, plant pots etc free from pests by washing before reusing them throughout the season - taking care to wash under rims where pests can congregate.

Pest Control And Plant Protection In A Garden

Depending on what you are growing will affect the type of pests which will be attracted to your plants. If you are growing fruit, then you'll need to provide adequate protection to prevent birds from reaching the berries. If you're growing vegetables then you may need to protect your crops from rabbits. There are some common garden pests - such as slugs, snails and aphids, which will damage any type of plant you are growing, so effective control for these type of pests is vital.

Yellow Sticky Fly Traps Pack of 7
These Yellow sticky Fly Traps for use in greenhouse or conservatory let you catch a range of insects pests, including Whitefly, Thrips, Leaf Miners and Greenfly. The traps work efficiently in catching insects, but does not adhere to hands or clothing. Small flying insects are attracted by the unique yellow colour and stick to the non-drying glue coating the trap.

Hotbox Sulfume
The labour saving Sulfume unit is a thermostatic, electrical vaporiser which gives controlled application of sulphur.
It dispenses minute particles of sulphur as vapour which penetrates the densest foliage to attack pests hidden in the leaf axils or on the underside of leaves. Sulphur fumes will prevent crop damage caused by powdery mildew, black spot, spider mite and many other greenhouse pests or fungal diseases.

Cosygrow Fleece
Cosygrow is a lightweight fleece used to protect plants from adverse weather conditions and damage from insects and birds etc.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the 10m pack below and you will SAVE £5.75 against purchasing multiple single metres.

Fly Screen
A range of durable, lightweight Fly Screens designed to keep out flying pests without restricting airflow.
Useful for greenhouses, conservatories & household doorways.

Mole Chaser
Due to moles having an acute sense of hearing and sensitivity to vibration, this Mole Chaser effectively repels moles and other burrowing rodents.
The Mole Chaser emits a sonic pulse every 25 seconds, at 300 Hz which is annoying to pests and drives them away.

Micromesh Pest and Wind Barrier
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
Create an instant and effective protection from pests and wind damage with these new Micromesh Pest and Wind Barriers.
Simply unpack and position in your garden, it couldn’t be easier! And at the end of the growing season simply store away until it’s needed the following year. The Barrier is formed from the best quality, ultra-fine Micromesh fabric that is used by millions of gardeners all over the world and is regarded as the best insect mesh available. This ensures that your crops will be effectively protected from a wide range of insects, including carrot fly.
Special Offer Set
Order one pack of 2 Micromesh Pest And Wind Barriers for £22.50.
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Greenhouse Smoke Generator
The Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Generator is an effective and traditional way of getting rid of all those unwanted pests in the greenhouse.
Use all year round, its effective ingredients will kill and help control flying and crawling insects without harming the plants.
0.5m Wide Butterfly Netting per metre
Priced To Clear - Only Limited Stock Available.
Our Anti-Butterfly Netting keeps pesky insects away from your crops. Made from moulded black plastic with a 6mm square mesh to help ensure your crops stay pest free.

Slug and Snail Traps Twin Pack
There's nothing more disheartening to a gardener than seeing all their hard work disappear overnight to our most common pests. With this in mind, Garlands newly designed Slug & Snail Traps will help rid your garden without the use of pellets or harmful chemicals.
No Go Slug And Snail Copper Tape
This No Go Slug And Snail Copper Tape is the perfect alternative to the use of chemicals to rid areas of slug and snail damage. It's supplied as a 4m roll of tape which you can cut to size. Application is easy as by removing the backing paper a strong adhesive back is revealed which will stick to most types of pots and containers.
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