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Cold Frame

Cold frames provide valuable Plant Protection, creating extra space protected from the weather or pests for your plants, if your greenhouse is full they're a good option to take the overflow of plants, and if you don't have room for a greenhouse they are an ideal alternative.
In early spring a cold frame is an ideal 'half-way house' between greenhouse and garden for plants that need hardening off. Cold frames are best sited against a sheltered south facing wall or fence to get as much heat and light as possible. When choosing a cold frame, make sure the lid can be propped open for good ventilation during the day.
Expert advice from Jackie Whittaker, garden writer for Garden News - A cold frame can open a new dimension in gardening, giving the benefits of a longer season, enabling you to grow earlier, later, bigger and better crops, as well as raising more of your own flowers and shrubs. A cold frame can also be a halfway house for plants in the spring, when they move from the warmth and protection of your greenhouse into the cooler conditions of your garden. A cold frame provides you with a place to 'harden-off' these young, tender plants before you plant them out. Let your plants get used to the cooler conditions, leaving the cold frame lid closed for the first few days and then starting to open the frame to get the plants used to cooler temperatures. About two weeks in a cold frame usually prepares your plants sufficiently to be planted into your garden.

Modular Cold Frame complete with Extension
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
This offer provides you with both a Modular Cold Frame and a Modular Cold Frame Extension Kit - so providing you with loads of growing space (16 sq feet) whilst saving you money off the standard RRP!
When built this cold frame will protect an area approximately 8’ x 2’ and can be increased in increments of 4ft by simply buying more extension kits.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £9.90 on purchasing the items separately.

Modular Cold Frame complete with Two Tier Bench
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Garden without back ache with this combination of Modular Aluminium Cold Frame and Bench.
This special offer set lifts your plants to a comfortable 30" working height, whilst also keeping them out of the reach of many pests.
The lower tier of this two tier aluminium staging also creates a usefull, off the ground, storage area or sheltered spot for more mature plants, prior to planting out. These two items can also be used independantly as a ground mounted cold frame and a general purpose greenhouse staging.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE- Buy this set and you will SAVE £9.90 on purchasing the items separately.

Popular Cold Frame
Our Popular Cold Frames have been designed and manufactured at Two Wests to create an efficient suntrap, with the sloping top enabling the back of the cold frame to be used for subjects that need height and the front for seed trays, bedding plants, lettuce etc.

Elite Cold Frame
Using high quality materials and superior specifications these traditional Elite Cold Frames will be a practical, stylish addition to any garden.
A Cold Frame is a must for every gardener it gives you that sheltered space in order to sow seeds early, move tender plants from your overflowing greenhouse to a 'half way' house prior to planting out and protect tender plants during the winter months.

Access Value Cold Frame
These Access Value Cold Frames are the perfect size for growing crops direct in the ground. They will provide you with a large area of covered space, protecting you’re valuable crops from both the weather and from any garden pests. If you’re not using this cold frame as a place to raise vegetables direct in the ground, it’s just as simple to place it onto a patio or other hard ground and use to raise seedlings or cuttings.

Access Classic Freestanding Eltham D
This classic glass glazed Access mini greenhouse has been designed to provide you with loads of growing space. At 2’8" deep you’ll have masses of floor space, with it also coming supplied complete with height adjustable shelves you’ll be able to pack this mini greenhouse full of seed trays during the spring. Then in the warmer, summer months raise taller crops by simply folding the shelves down against the back of the frame.

Access Exbury
This Access mini greenhouse provides you with a place to over winter your plants, to bring on new seedlings or cuttings, for hardening off plants or for growing crops in grow bags.
The Exbury is glazed with glass on all sides letting maximum light to your plants for healthy, even growth.
You can place it anywhere in your garden, with the glass sliding panels, on both front and back, giving you easy access to all your plants.

Access Hampton Mini Lean To
Designed by Access Garden Products this Hampton mini lean-to lets you make the most of the available ground space. At 5’10" high this Hampton Lean-to gives you loads of growing space. You can raise seedlings, overwinter standard fuchsias or raise tomatoes, in fact anything you’d like to grow, as this lean-to comes complete with five adjustable shelves for holding seed trays and pots which can be folded flat against the frame when taller plants are being grown.

Access Hampton D Mini Lean To
This Hampton D Mini Lean has been designed by Access to provide a mini greenhouse with extra depth, so you’ve got even more space to raise seedlings and crops. Designed to fit against a wall or fence, this lean to has a supremely strong aluminium frame and is glazed with toughened glass. Backed by a 25 year guarantee you can buy this mini lean to with the confidence that you’ll be getting a high quality, well designed product with a long life.

Access Harlow Mini Lean To
A high quality mini greenhouse this Access Harlow Lean-to is ideal for gardeners with limited space or don't wish to invest in a full size greenhouse.

Access Harewood Mini Lean To
A glass glazed mini greenhouse, the Harewood Mini Lean-to has been developed by Access Garden Products to provide you with a tall lean-to greenhouse with lots of growing space. With a 25 year manufacturers guarantee the frame is made from architectural quality aluminium glazed with high quality toughened safety glass.

Access Value Lean-To Half Wall Frame
Awarded by Which? Gardening as a best Buy,
This Value Lean-To Half Wall Frame provides you with an excellent quality frame at a very keen price. At just 2’8" high it’s an ideal size for siting below a window, whilst the 2’1" depth means there is lots of growing space.

Access Classic Lean To Half Westminster
This compact Half Westminster lean-to greenhouse is just 1’1" deep, making it suitable for even the smallest of spaces. With a supremely strong aluminium frame and toughened glass glazing this Mini Lean-to is extremely high quality. It includes as standard two adjustable and removable shelves.

Plant Inn
The Plant Inn combines the qualities of a raised bed with those of a cold frame. It puts you in control of the planting environment - soil, water, temperature and humidity. In this way the Plant Inn lets you extend the growing season, so you can plant earlier which helps to increase healthy growth for bumper crops. Ideal for the smaller garden, this compact structure can be used on porches, patios or balconies when space is limited. Ideal for growing flowers, vegetables or herbs this durable structure is made of a strong aluminium frame and clear polycarbonate glazing. It also includes a useful storage compartment under the growing area where you will be able to store gardening tools and equipment. space underneath.
Easy Access Standard Cold Frame
This Easy Access Standard Cold Frame has been developed to make the best use of available space, whilst providing a good environment for healthy plant growth, hardening off or over-wintering.

Easy Access Professional Cold Frame
The Easy Access Professional cold frame is our largest polycarbonate glazed cold frame. Measuring 4' (122cm) long, 4'1" (125cm) deep and 2' (62cm) high in the centre this well engineered cold frame provides 16sq ft growing space. The unit has a 1'5" (43cm) wide top combined with front and back roof panels sloping down to 8" (20cm) high edge panels.

Access Garden Cold Frame
This new Garden Cold Frame from Access Garden Products is a neat, compact 2' x 4' frame but with the professional features of their larger frames - a frame made from architectural grade aluminium glazed with 3mm toughened safety glass. This Cold Frame has been designed to stand directly on the soil or on a raised base. Side and top panels slide for easy access and ventilation.

Large Wooden Overlap Cold Frame
A traditionally styled wooden cold frame, this Large Overlap Cold Frame provides you with a large protected area of growing space. It's ideal if you haven't the space for a full size greenhouse - you can raise seedlings or grow salad crops etc. in a protected space, away from pest and weather damage. And if you've got a greenhouse but need a place to harden off your plants before planting them into your garden, this cold frame will be great.

Elite iGrow Cold Frame
Using the same high quality materials and superior specifications as they use in their free standing greenhouses Elite have designed these Elite iGrow Cold Frames to be a stylish and cost effective addition to any garden.
A Cold Frame is a must for every gardener it creates that valuable extra sheltered space allowing you to sow seeds early, move tender plants from your overflowing greenhouse to a 'half way' house prior to planting out, protect tender plants during the winter months and even grow certain crops all year round.

Easy Lift Cold Frame
The Easy Lift Cold Frame designed by Forest Garden does exactly what its' name suggests! It features gas arms and round front handle which combine together to make it easy for you to lift the cold frame lid and access all your plants. With a smooth planed shiplap construction and pressure treated for long life, this traditional timber styled cold frame will provide years of use - the manufacturers provide a 15 year anti-rot guarantee.
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