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Square Pots

Square plant pots have the advantage of fitting close together, so are excellent at allowing you to use all your available bench space. Square pots are also good when youãre propagating. Youãre able to fit more square pots into a propagator than you would round plant pots, so again square pots let you make best use of the space available.

Square Pots
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These black plastic Square Pots are strong, rigid pots which you’ll be able to use year after year to raise your seedlings or to pot on into as your plants get bigger.
Square plant pots are popular as you can get more on your shelf or bench than you would with round plant pots, as they can be stood close together with no wasted space.

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Quadgrow 11ltr Pots Pack of 4
Large, strong black 11 Ltr Pots suitable for growing any plant through to maturity.

Quadgrow Clear Lid for 11ltr Pots pack of 4
Clear high top covers for the 11 Ltr pots, turning them into unheated propagators for the raising of individual plants.

Jiffy GrowBlock
These Jiffy Grow Blocks are an innovative new growing medium which are 100% peat free, being made from 100% coco substrate. This mixture of coconut pith and husk chips are enclosed in a degradable netting making the Growblock self supporting without the need for a plastic pot.
The purified, stabilized coco substrate is carefully manufactured by Jiffy to have a water holding capacity of 60-75% and an air porosity value of 20-35%, this tried and tested construction ensures optimum oygen diffusion along with ideal water holding which results in rapid, stronger rooting and very healthy vegetative growth on developing plants.

Shuttle Trays With Square Pots
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Packs Available
Moving your plant pots is quick and easy with these reusable Square Shuttle Trays. These trays are supplied complete with 2¾" square plastic pots, with each tray holding 20 pots. When your plants are large enough to go outside the tray makes it simple for you to carry them around the garden.

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