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Rootrainers have been specially designed to train your plants to produce straight, strong, healthy roots. The specially grooved sides of the rootrainers encourage strong, straight root growth and stops the plant from becoming ‘plant pot bound’. At the same time the design of the Rootrainers enables you to easily inspect the root structure as it forms and enables you to remove plants without disturbing their roots - this is especially useful for plants that are sensitive to root disturbance and it also enables plants to establish faster where they have been transplanted to. The unique design of the rootainers also allows the roots of plants to come in contact with the air - resulting in ‘air pruning’ - where the end of the root dies off, and the plant produces more roots to compensate resulting in healthier, stronger root systems.

Rootrainers are an efficient container system widely used by commercial growers and have been popular with our customers for over 25 years!
Easy to use, they enable you to grow a large number of healthy plants, with strong root structures using a minimum of space.

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Rootrainer Rack
A strong, maintenance-free aluminium Rootrainer Rack specially designed to securely hold Rootrainers in place as you use them to grow seedlings and cuttings.

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