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Plant Labels

Plant labels are the easiest way to identify your plants - whether you're labelling seed trays or pots, rows of plants in the garden, or individual plants or shrubs. This means plant labels need to be suitable for use inside and out and that are easy to write on so they are clear to read. Thats why our range of plastic plant labels compliment our range of permanent marker pens that have been specially selected as the ink isn't affected by the weather and having a fine point means you can write clearly and provide more information than just the name of the plant, such as the sowing date.
There are three main reasons for labelling your seeds / plants:

To Know What You've Got

Once seeds have been planted, it's easy to forget what you've sown and very often small seedlings are difficult to identify. Labels are also important if you're growing a range of varieties of the same plant, as different varieties often need different care.

To Know How To Care For what You've Got

Some plant varieties have different care requirements - so clear labelling at the start will help you to provide the correct care as they grow.

To Monitor Growth

Ideally when labelling seed trays or pots include the date when you sow. This helps you to monitor your plants, to know when they should appear and to identify if something is going wrong as they are taking too long to germinate.Take a look at our range of plant labels today.

Electronic Garden Labeller
The Electronic Garden Labeller from Brother is an easy-to-use, hand-held labelling machine that will produce professional quality durable plant labels in seconds for use in the garden, greenhouse or shed. The labels it creates are rain proof, humidity proof, fade proof, chemical resistant, heat resistant and frost resistant and have an industrial strength adhesive, making them ideal for identifying garden chemicals, plant names, sticking onto pots, seed trays or plastic labels.
Plastic Labels
Plant plastic labels let you clearly identify what you're growing. This is especially important when you first sow your seeds - as it's easy to forget what you've sown when they're covered by compost. Marking the position of bulbs or perennials in your garden prevents you accidently digging them up. Plant labels also let you note the day on which you sowed your seeds - so you know when to expect them to start to appear.

Expert advice on labelling your plants from Jackie Whittaker, writer for Garden News.
"Have a supply of labels and a marker pen to hand as you sow and plant, and get into the habit of labelling all your pots and trays clearly as you go. Writing the plant name and sowing date on each plastic label will remind you what you've planted and when it's likely to emerge.

Marker Pens
The Marker Pen you use to write on your plant labels is important. There is no point in labelling your plants if your writing is going to be easily rubbed off when you hand the pots or seed trays or washed off when you water your plants. You need to use a pen that is long lasting, so your labels will be as easy to read at the end of the growing season as they were when you first wrote them.

Our Permanent Marker Pen is a Pilot Super Colour Ultra fine marker with a waterproof ink that is quick drying and resistant to fading. The pen has a 1.0mm tip which will write a 0.4mm line and is suitable for writing on almost any surface.

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