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Plant Display Spares

Our Plant Display Staging has a range of optional extras and plant display spares, making it even more versatile.
Extra trays are available and can be added to the display staging beneath the display areas so you have some storage space.
For ease of watering, clear water watertight liners are available to rest within the trays of the staging. A thick, black water matting is available to fit each tray and is designed to help to regulate the watering of your plants.
The display staging is easy to modify if your requirements change. We can supply any plant display spare parts you need to extend the staging or split the staging into separate sections.

Watertight Liner 21in x 8in
Specially manufactured to fit neatly within the trays of our stepped display staging these Watertight Liners will enable easy watering of your plants, whilst also preventing water draining away onto your floor .

Stepped Display Staging 21" x 8"  Water Mat
Use these highly absorbant, quality Water Mats, supplied cut to fit our Stepped Display Staging trays to increase humidity and aid watering - simply wet the mats and let your plants take up the water they require.

Plain stepped Display Staging Tray 21" x 8
This tray has been made with high quality aluminium specifically designed to fit our Stepped Display Staging.
Green Stepped Display Staging Tray 21" x 8
This tray has been made with high quality aluminium which has been finished in a deluxe green powder coating.
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