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Garden Stakes & Supports

Garden Staking is the easy way to provide support to your plants - stopping them from drooping down or falling over. Some plants in your garden will always need to be staked - these include hollyhocks and delphiniums which would be knocked over in wind or rain if not supported. Some plants need more support than others - those with heavy clusters of flowers or slender stems (such as snapdragons, asters, dahlias, zinnias etc). With these plants you can choose whether to provide support or not - left unsupported, these types of plants might flop over onto other plants to gain support, but you may be happy with this if you've got a cottage garden.
For those plants that produce tall, single spikes, provide them with their own stake. The stake should be pushed into the ground 2-3 inches from the plant stem and pushed into the ground so that it stands securely. Then, using garden twine, tie each plant to the stake every 6 inches along the height of the stem. Continue to tie the plant to the stake as it grows - the final tie should be at the base of the flower spike. If you don't want to use garden twine, use clips like our Twist Clips or Adjustable Ties to anchor the plant to the stake. Plants that are grown in clumps - asters or coreopsis for example - can be supported using circular supports - such as our Gard'n'Hoop Plant Supports. These provide discrete support whilst still allowing the plants to retain a natural shape on top.
Ideally provide garden stakes in the spring, before your plants become too tall. In this way your plants will have constant support and the garden supports will be hidden as the plants put on more growth.

Growing Pole
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A strong support for climbing plants this Growing Pole is ideal for growing beans, peas, sweet peas or any other climbing plant that requires good support.
Made from rust proof aluminium you’ll be able to use this pole year after year to support your plants - making it excellent value for money!

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE £5.15 against purchasing two single units.

Plant Stakes
Extra strong, long lasting, aluminium Plant Support Stakes suitable for use outside in the garden in place of conventional canes or inside for supporting tall houseplants e.g. rubber plants etc.

Gripple Plant Support System Starter Pack
This Gripple Plant Support System is an economical way to provide your climbing plants, vegetables & fruit (for example clematis, wisteria, climbing roses, raspberries, tomatoes, fruit espalier) with a strong, durable, easy to use support. This trellising system will neither rust nor rot so provides years of long-lasting, secure support for your plants

Gripple 50m of Plastic Wire
This Gripple Plastic Wire is supplied as a 50 metre coil, this 3mm diameter, lightweight, black flexible wire forms the plant support within the Gripple Universal Plant System.

Gripple Joiners & Tensioners
As part of the Gripple Universal Plant Support System these strong, reusable Joiners have been designed to remove the need for twisting & knotting of support wire which can cause weak points.

Cane and Tube Joiner
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Use our Cane and Tube Joiners to build your own plant supports, cloches, fruit frame, vegetable cages or other garden structures.
With no tools, no effort and no skill these Joiners make it possible for anyone to create simple, sturdy garden structures.

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Mini Aluminium Tube
Build your own garden structures - fruit frames, plant supports, cloches, cold frames, fruit cages etc - using these sturdy Mini Aluminium Tubes. Use our Cane and Tube Joiners to create strong connection points between lengths of tube. You can easily create garden structures to the exact size for your requirements - simply cut the tube to length using a hacksaw - it couldn’t be simpler! Easy to build, they are also easy to dismantle so when not required they can be stored away until needed next. Lasting for years, these Mini aluminium Tubes are one of the most economical ways to build your own plant supports and plant protection.

Fixing Supports - Pack 10
These all aluminium Fixing Supports have been designed as a useful extra for the greenhouse, to provide very strong tying and hanging points in the greenhouse where you need them.

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