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Outdoor Living

Spending time outdoors can be hugely rewarding as well as extremely relaxing and every gardener and garden will benefit from using the best equipment for the task at hand. Whether it be the correct clothing to ensure you stay comfortable, or the introduction of a little garden furniture with the addition of protective covers, cooking equipment, heating and lighting as well as some shelter, all these things will help you to enjoy the outside living space you have created.

Greenhouse and Garden Heaters allow you to raise temperatures in a given space or area allowing you to encourage the early growth of your plants in the colder months or allow you to spend longer outside at night in order to enjoy your garden or outside space.
All weather Lighting for Outdoors in a range of practical and decorative designs designed to make it simple for you to be creative with your garden lighting. With so many people now using their gardens as an extension of their living space, Lighting for Outdoors has become more and more important. Lighting for Outdoors can be used to enhance features within your garden - a simple spot light highlighting a shrub or tree, fountain or statue will add extra dimension to your garden. Lighting for Outdoors can be used to increase home security - such as our Solar Security Lightswith built in motion detection features - or to add atmosphere into your garden using our more decorative lights - such as the Galaxy Wind Spinner.
Whether your looking for a full furniture set, single seat or bench, round or square picnic table, junior picnic tables or even a single stool we are sure to have just what your looking for.
Outdoor entertaining is hugely popular, so to have seating to accommodate all your guests is a great feeling, whether your all sitting around a large outdoor dining or picnic table, or dotted around your garden on individual garden benches, having outdoor garden furniture will allow you to make the very best of your garden, patio or any outdoor space.
Arbours, Gazebos, Pergolas and Summerhouses
If you want to use your garden as an 'outdoor living space', an extension of your home, then a structure - whether temporary or permanent - installed in your garden will provide respite from both the sun and sudden showers alike. And a structure which is partially open allows you to still enjoy the outdoors, sun, sky and scenery alike. For this purpose there are a range of garden structures available to enable you to do this, including the following:

Arbours - these enable you to create a shady garden alcove with the sides and roof usually a framework through which climbing plants can be grown.

Gazebos - a small building within your garden that gives a wide view of the surrounding area, often having open sides and a solid roof. You'll find they protect you from gentle rain and often give you the option to fit curtains to the sides to diffuse the light.

Pergolas - these are normally arched structures consisting of a trellis framework enabling you to cover them with climbing or trailing plants.

Summerhouses - basically a small garden building usually used for sitting during fine weather.

Outdoor Clothing
Being able to enjoy the outdoors often depends on the right choice of Outdoor Clothing, remaining dry and warm as well as cool and dry can have a massive effect on your enjoyment of the great outdoors, having the best technical clothing such as socks, gloves and hats is a must when working or playing outdoors.
Choose the right clothing for the climate and task at hand and you will be much happier, productive and healthy.
Garden Shading
Sometimes it's too hot to sit out in your garden in comfort - this is when you need some form of outdoor shading - allowing you to enjoy the sunny weather but from a shaded spot in your garden.

Traditionally you would have got shade by sitting below a tree - but not all gardens have large trees to sit under and so there needs to be some manmade solutions which will provide you with shade quickly and easily, whether this is something permanent within your garden or a temporary shading solution.

Permanent methods for creating a shaded spot in your garden include such things as adding a pergolas, gazebo or arbour. Whilst temporary garden shade can be created by using a parasol or shade sail.

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