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High Pressure Sodium Lighting

High Pressure Sodium Lighting Bulbs are normally used to promote flowering and fruiting. The orange-red light that high Pressure Sodium Bulbs produce makes plants think that autumn is on its way, so stimulating them to produce flowers and fruit.
By using High Pressure Sodium Lights in combination with Metal Halide Lamps you are able to provide your plants with the perfect growing conditions in regards to light. This is one of the reasons that we stock the Professional Grow Lighting system which allows you to exchange High Pressure Sodium Lamps and Metal Halide Lamps throughout the year.
We always recommend using High Pressure Sodium Lights with Metal Halide Lamps. If using High Pressure Sodium Lights exclusively, you need to ensure your plants will also receive sufficient natural daylight otherwise plants will become drawn and leggy. So either High Pressure Sodium Lights in a greenhouse setting where good natural light is available or use with Professional Grow Lighting system where the fittings allow you to exchange the High Pressure Sodium Lights for Metal Halide Lamps depending on the stage of plant growth.

Replacement Sodium Lamp 150w
A replacement SON TI high pressure Sodium Lamp for the sodium lighting system used in greenhouses to force rapid plant growth.

Professional Grow Light
These Professional Grow Lights have been designed to enable you to install professional lighting systems in your greenhouse to provide the exact lighting requirements for your plants at the relevent growth stages.
With a choice of having the unit fitted with a - Metal Halide lamp for promoting green growth and shorter internode spacing or a High Pressure Sodium lamp for encouraging flowering growth in later stages.

Lamp for Professional Grow Light
A range of high Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Lamps enabling you to select the correct lamp to suit your plants requirements.

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