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Irrigation Systems are designed to carry water to plants and apply it gently exactly where it is needed. This makes them highly efficient at watering your plants - as no water is wasted. It also makes watering efficient in regards to time - rather than you having to water your plants, after initially setting up the system, it can then be turned on and off to supply water to all your plants when they need it - so saving you loads of time. Irrigation systems can often be turned on or off manually, or can be used in conjunction with a timer or water computer to automatically water your plants whilst you are away or doing something else.

Irrigation Kits
Irrigation is defined as the application of water to land to assist in the production of crops, often including the use of a network of tubes or pipes to deliver water directly to plants. Irrigation is also known as micro-irrigation or trickle irrigation. Drip Irrigation kits allows for targeted water applications, where runoff, leaching and wetting of non-targeted areas is avoided or completely eliminated. This means that irrigation kits are designed to be an easy and efficient way to water your plants - without over or under watering or water wastage.

Blumat Drip Irrigation
The Tropf Blumat Irrigation watering system is a unique Austrian automatic watering system. We first introduced this watering system to our customers back in 1990 and since then it has been one of our best selling watering systems. Ideal for watering flower beds, large pots or troughs, raised beds or even hanging baskets this versatile watering system doesn't require electricity only a water source. It works by allowing your plants to control the amount of water they receive - so they won't be under or over watered. As you only need to set up the system once, you save time and effort watering whilst your plants continue to flourish. This makes the Tropf Blumat system an ideal holiday watering system - you won't need to arrange for anyone to water your plants!

Gardena Micro Drip & Spray Systems
A professional drip irrigation system is easy to achieve for watering your plants in your garden or greenhouse by using the high quality components found within Gardena's irrigation Micro Drip and Spray System. Available as an economical Starter Kit or in component form enabling you to design and install an irrigation system to meet your exact requirements. This Micro Drip System has also been designed to make it easy for you to alter or extend the watering system you create - to enable this the connectors with the system incorporate stainless steel clips that make it simple for you to add or remove them from the system.

Bag Drip Watering Kits
Drip Irrigation provides plants with a constant trickle of water, so they are kept constantly watered and will not be affected by being under watered, over watered or intermittently watered. By providing water at a slow, regulated pace water is used efficiently, with no water being wasted. Our Bag Drip Watering Kit is designed to provide you with everything you need to get started - so if you've not set up a drip irrigation system before this is the best place to start. If you need to water a greater number of plants that the kit covers or that spread over a larger area, then it is also possible to purchase extra components to extend the system to suit your needs.
Weeping Garden Hose
A Irrigation Weeping Garden Hose is ideal for watering outdoor or indoors crops such as strawberries, peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. In fact anything that is grown directly in the ground. A Irrigation Weeping Hose is a black, semi-flexible ó" / 13mm hose which gently 'weeps' water along its entire surface onto the soil - delivering water directly to the plants' roots (where it's most needed) - so no wasted water. Weeping Hose can be laid on the surface or the soil or buried below the ground, it can be laid in straight lines or snaked around a bed.

Capillary Watering Systems
Irrigation Capillary Watering Systems take advantage of the natural capillary action of compost to draw water up from Capillary Matting to ensure your plants are kept supplied with the correct amount of water - your plants will only receive the water they need so will neither be under nor over watered. Capillary matting can either be watered by hand or for more constant watering be supplied from a water Reservoir attached to your greenhouse benches or shelves. The water supply should not be above the area to be watered otherwise flooding will occur - ideally it should be level or no more than 4" (10cm) below.

Claber Watering Kits
With Clabers micro-irrigation kits you save time, water and money. Drop by drop water is delivered directly to plant roots in the quantity precisely metered by the drippers. Claber drip kits are ideal for watering flowers or vegetables, plants in containers, potted plants, hanging baskets, shrubs and trees. Claber's Oasis Self Watering System is also a drip irrigation system; this time designed for watering plants in your home or greenhouse and is ideal if you are going to be away from home - as it can supply water to up to 20 plants for up to 40 days.

Claber Accessories
Claber offers an extensive range of watering accessories to ensure that you can keep your watering systems running efficiently, as well as enabling you to extend existing watering systems or creating a system unique to your requirements. Claber hose connectors are available to solve any coupling problem, hose reels of every size and design are stocked, as well as Claber’s range of sturdy and adjustable sprinklers, hoses made of innovative materials and many other useful and reliable watering products.
Overhead Spray Kits & Accessories
Irrigation Overhead Spray Kits are commonly used in greenhouses or polytunnels - especially larger ones - as they successfully cope with the demands of mass irrigation. Overhead systems involve the installation of pipe work complete with nozzles high up in the greenhouse above the plants. The nozzles spray water so that all the plants in the greenhouse are watered, this makes Overhead Spray Kits good for mass watering but are better for plants that tolerate wet foliage.
Darlac Swap Top Watering
Darlac's Swop top Watering System has been developed to make it easy for you to ensure your garden and / or greenhouse is kept well watered, resulting in healthy plant growth. The System is based on a variety of base and head combinations to provide numerous watering solutions for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Simply select the preferred Base - Rolling Base, Two Way Spike or Adjustable Tripod - and then add a Sprinkler Head - the Water spinner, Impulse sprinkler, Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler, Mister Bar or Mister Head - and for greater height add in the Telescopic Riser.
Water Timers
Irrigation Water Timers let you set the time you want to water, the length of time to water and when to stop. Depending on the Water Timer you select will depend on whether you can repeat the watering periods hourly, daily or weekly. This makes Water Timers ideal for when you are away from home - whether at work or on holiday - as they ensure your plants are reliably watered when you are not there. All Water Timers have been designed to be easy to set - whether this involves turning a simple dial or pushing buttons - with the more sophisticated water timers often having user-friendly electronic displays. All the timers are powered by battery, efficiently operating for long hours and with operating life as long as one year.

Gardena Fittings
Gardena aims to make irrigation of your garden convenient. Regardless of where you are getting your water from Gardena's products have been designed to easily transport the water to every place in your garden. Gardena's fittings for hoses ensure easy, watertight connections to your garden hose. They form the connections between the tap and hose or hose and watering appliance, like sprayers or sprinklers. All Gardena watering appliances are easy to use spray models with various water-jet types for different watering situations - soft spray, mist spray, bubble or hard jet - no matter whether you want to water young plants with a mist spray or clean your spade with a hard jet, you're sure to find the right Gardena Fitting for your needs.
Hanging Basket Watering
Hanging baskets dry out quickly so it's essential that your baskets are kept well watered to ensure they remain healthy. You can check the moisture content of your basket by checking the weight - the lighter the basket the more water it will require. You can also check by taking a small sample of compost from below the surface and squeeze - if no water seeps out your basket needs watering! There are a number of options available to you to keep your baskets well watered. When watering your hanging baskets use a spray gun that will provide a soft shower so you don't pound the flowers as you water. Also, providing a soft shower of water will allow the water to be absorbed into the compost better than if you apply a quick rush of water. Because watering irrigation hanging baskets can be difficult, if you can, set up a simple watering system to reach your baskets, so all you need to do is turn the tap and the baskets will be watered. And make it even easier by fitting a timer - so you don't even after be at home to ensure your plants are kept watered.

Water Butt Drip Kit
Turn your Irrigation water butt into an efficient low pressure drip watering system with our Water Butt Drip Systems. Available as complete kits or as individual components, these Drip Systems make it easy for you to automate the watering of your plants without the use of mains water. This also means that if you are away from home at work, away for the weekend or on holiday, then fitting one of these simple drip systems means you won't need to ask someone to look after your plants and you can be confident that your plants will be kept constantly supplied with water.

Water Butts & Accessories
A Irrigation Water Butt will help you to collect rain water for use on the garden - remember many plants prefer being watered using rainwater and in hard-water area rainwater is best for watering acid-loving plants as rainwater is free from lime. If you have the space, consider connecting several water butts together using a Water Butt Link Kit. Make sure your Water Butt has a lid -this will stop insects and debris getting into the water and also acts as a precaution against children climbing in. Make sure your Irrigation Water Butt is high enough to easily get a watering can under the tap - either buy a purpose built stand to suit the Water Butt or make a platform for the Water butt to sit on. Gravity fed irrigation systems are now available to connect to a water butt - setting up a system of this type will ensure your plants are watered whilst reducing the amount of time you have to spend in the garden watering your plants.

Hose Connector & Fitting
All our hose connectors and fittings are designed to be quick, reliable and watertight - and are for use between tap and hose or hose and watering appliance. All the connectors are long-lasting and of reliable quality. All are compatible with other brands of irrigation systems - so all Gardena, Claber and Hozelock hose fittings are interchangeable and will work together. You can connect lengths of hose pipe together with both straight and t shaped connectors - T shaped connectors make it possible for you to branch the hosepipe in different directions, so you can water different parts of your garden at the same time.

Hose Pipe
A irrigation hosepipe provides a convenient means of applying a larger amount of water to your plants. You can make do with a simple open-ended hose, using your thumb to regulate the flow of water. However, you can greatly improve the versatility of your hose pipe by buying a range of special hose fittings. Start with a irrigation tap connector, ensuring a secure fit between your outside tap and garden hose. Then select a nozzle to fit the opposite end of the hosepipe - the best ones are those that allow you to select from various spray patterns and incorporate an on/off valve so you can water selectively. You can connect lengths of hosepipe together with both straight and T connectors - the latter allows you to branch the hose in different directions so you could water your lawn and your vegetable garden at the same time. Use 'snap on' connectors when connecting your hose pipe to watering appliances - these connectors make it simple for you to unplug and reconnect sections of hose, change nozzles at will or fit sprinklers of various patterns. The best connectors to use are those which incorporate a 'water stop' - when you disconnect the hosepipe the connector cuts off the flow of water so you don't have to turn the water off at the tap when changing nozzles.

Hose Reel
Irrigation Hose Reels are designed so it is effortless to wind up your garden hose after use. Once your hose has been wound onto the reel it takes up very little room and can be stored away until you need it for irrigation again. The most compact reels are those which are designed to be wall mounted - taking up very little space they should be fitted close to your outside tap. Many wall mounted Irrigation Hose Reels come with hose already fitted, some have an internal spring allowing you to pull the hose out to any length and then walk it back to the reel whilst a mechanism within the drum stores the hose neatly and evenly away. Wall mounted Irrigation Hose Reels are also ideal of your outside tap is in an awkward place - e.g. around a corner. Or, if your garden is on a slope, a wall mounted reel will be more suitable than a floor reel.
Hose Trolleys
If you need to take your hose to different parts of your garden in order for your watering to reach all your plants, then you might find a irrigation hose trolley / hose cart especially useful. Trolleys carry your hose, neatly wrapped around their reel, to the place you need to water. In this way you won't need to drag your hose on the ground and it helps prevent the hose from getting tangled or knotted as you move around your garden. If you've got a really large garden then look for a professional irrigation hose trolley, with large wheels designed to be easy to manoeuvre over the surface of your garden. When deciding on which hose trolley to buy consider the length of garden hose which it needs to accommodate and the ease of cranking the hose on and off the trolley.

Iriso Drip Watering
Irrigation Iriso Drip System has been developed to automatically water your plants without the need for mains water or electricity. This makes this drip system ideal for larger gardens or allotments, where mains water may not be accessible. The main component of this system is the Iriso Dripper - this is a dripper that is used to drip water next to your plants and can be adjusted to drip water from as little as 150mls per day up to 2 litres per day, depending on the requirements of the plant it is watering. Simply by turning the top of the dripper you can adjust it to suit the size of the plant from the smallest one up to large shrubs or trees. And with each dripper being adjustable, you can water a wide range of plants using the one system simply adjusting the drippers to suit the different plant types.

Mattings & Polythenes
Water Matting has an exceptionally high water holding capacity. Simply water by hand or use a drip watering system to drip water directly onto the matting. Water will spread evenly across the water matting giving an ample supply of water for your plants. Capillary Matting transports water quickly and evenly over flat surfaces, so is ideal for supplying water from a reservoir. As water is only drawn from Capillary Matting by the plants when they need it, using this type of matting means your plants should never be over or under watered.

Mist & Spray Kits
Watering a large number of plants in a well-stocked greenhouse can be a major task, especially if it is done by hand. Using a Irrigation Mist & Spray Kit will make this type of task much easier. Benefits of using greenhouse misting systems are healthy plants, improved propagation and germination processes, reduced energy costs and more consistent cooling than can be provided by conventional fan systems. The aim of mist watering is to ensure that the thin film of water keeps the foliage in good condition and stops it from drying out. Some misting systems combine mist watering with heat - base heat helps to promote root development.

Plastic Trays
Irrigation Plastic Trays are ideal when wanting to water a large number of plants in minimal time. The larger and deeper the tray, the more water it will hold and the greater number of pots and seed trays it will accommodate. You can use a plastic tray as a reservoir for irrigation & watering - letting plants sit in it until their compost is soaked, then remove - you should never leave plants constantly stood in water as this can cause their roots to rot. Another option is to line the plastic tray with water matting, gravel or sand and wet. This now means you can leave plants stood within the trays without the worry of their roots being constantly in water.

A Pump is ideal for gardens where mains water is not available. It can be used with a water butt to increase the water pressure so that you can attach a hose and spray gun to irrigate & water your plants. Irrigation Pumps are also available for moving water from one place to another - for example, to take water from a river or well to fill your water butt.

Self Watering Systems
Irrigation Self Watering Systems ensure that your plants only get the water they need - the difficulty when caring for plants is making sure that they receive enough irrigation & watering - but not too much - a Self Watering System takes away this difficulty. These types of watering systems are the perfect solution if you're going on holiday or are simply too busy to water your plants regularly. Most systems are quick and easy to set up and provide you with the confidence to leave your plants to water themselves.

Irrigation Sprayers are designed to apply water or other liquids (weed killers, insecticides etc) as a fine spray. Available in a wide range of sizes, select the sprayer to suit the task - for example you need a large capacity irrigation sprayer when tackling overgrown gardens or when spraying on a large scale, such as in a fruit garden. Spraying on this type of scale can take a long time so consider using a BackPack Sprayer - it allows you to make up large quantities of chemicals in one go and by fitting over your back, the irrigation sprayer is more comfortable to carry for long periods of time. The best types of garden sprayers are those that have sturdy reservoirs with wide removable lids, making the sprayers simple to fill or clean. Spray handles and triggers should be easy to operate - even when you're wearing your gardening gloves. Sprayers that incorporate a lance are perfect when trying to reach into inaccessible places and when needing to accurately apply chemicals such as weedkillers.

Irrigation Sprinklers make it easy for you to water your lawn and garden with very little effort. Most sprinklers attach to a garden hose and the amount of water they deliver is determined by the water pressure from the hose. Depending on the type of Sprinkler you select will affect the area that will be covered and the way in which the watering is delivered. Static Sprinklers are the simplest type and normally deliver water in a fixed area, usually a circle and are kept in place with a spike in their base. Rotating Sprinklers are similar however these are rotated by the water pressure, and are often on sledges making them easy to move from area to area. The most popular sprinklers are Oscillating Sprinklers. These Sprinklers have a metal arm with holes in it that moves from side to side to create a rectangular spray pattern. For a permanent Sprinkler System then Pop-up / Underground Irrigation Sprinklers may be the best option. These can be left in place all year around and can even be automated by adding a Water Timer.

Tap Connector & Adaptor
Tap connectors enable you to easily connect your hosepipe or water timer to an outside tap. Simple to install, tap connectors create a perfectly watertight seal. The connectors are all 100% compatible with other 'click-fit' / 'snap-on' hose connection systems - letting you easily extend or update a watering system from another brand by adding these tap connectors.

Water Gun, Nozzle & Lance
An Irrigation Water Gun, Nozzle & LanceWater Nozzle is a basic attachment for the end of your hosepipe. It allows you to control the force at which the water is delivered - from hard jet through to fine mist - and also lets you control the area the water covers. For greater control purchase a Water Gun. These usually have a range of spray patterns to select from - from a light spray for watering seedlings and young plants, through to a more powerful spray for watering larger plants or cleaning. A Water Lance provides you with extra reach, making it ideal when trying to reach inaccessible plants, such as those growing in hanging baskets.

Water Transfer Equipment
Transferring water from one location to another using Irrigation Water Transfer Equipment can be useful when your gardening, as it gives you the possibility of using water from a well, stream or river to water your plants. As most plants prefer rainwater to tap water if you've got access to rainwater then ideally you should use it - to water in your garden or greenhouse. You can use pumps to take water from a well, stream or river to a tank or water butt. Or you can use a pump, with hose and spray gun attached, to take water from a water butt to your plants.

Water Treatment
It is possible for you to set up an irrigation system – to water either your garden plants or plants growing in a greenhouse or polytunnel – which is run from a water butt or water tank in which you collect rainwater. To ensure that the rainwater remains free of debris and remains fresh you’ll need just a few simple tools or water treatments. Keep a lid on the water butt – this will prevent any debris falling in to the water. If you’re collecting rainwater from a household downpipe, fit a water diverter to take the water to your water butt – ensure this diverter has a filter within it to stop any debris and that you can remove and clean as required. Keep the container your water is stored in clean – a simple water treatment can be used to wipe down the surface of the container or to treat the water within.
Watering Can
Watering cans will either be made of metal or plastic. Metal watering cans are heavier than plastic ones and are more traditional - older, metal watering cans often had a rose that couldn't be turned or removed and old metal cans are often used for decoration in the garden rather than irrigation & watering. Plastic watering cans are more modern yet still extremely durable - the most durable watering cans are those made by injection moulding, such as the Haws Deluxe Outdoor Watering Can. Plastic watering cans are also lighter in weight than metal ones, so are easier to carry when full. Plastic cans are also better when missing feed into the water - as you would need to rinse a metal can really thoroughly to prevent corrosion. Ideally choose a watering can which has a detachable rose on the end of the spout. The 'face' of the rose will be covered in small holes designed to let the water fall - turning downwards on the spout the rose will deliver water like rain and is suitable for larger plants - turning the rose to face upwards will create a fine spray of water more suited to younger, more delicate plants. Being detachable means you can use the watering can to deliver water direct from the spout when you want to deliver lots of water accurately.

Watering Spares
Irrigation systems are designed to make watering your plants easy, efficient and effective. To suit a wide range of watering requirements we stock a massive selection of watering products – from complete kits through to individual components. So if you need to increase an existing watering system simply purchase the parts that you need from our range of Watering Spares and you will be able to easily and economically increase the area your watering system covers. This also means if your needs change – if you move house or change the layout of your garden for example – then you can alter the watering system to suit with minimum effort or costs. Or, if you’ve had your watering system for a long time and a part has worn out, it’s simple to get a replacement part to keep the system working efficiently.
Aluminium Trays
Create a simply irrigation system in your greenhouse by using either water matting or capillary matting with our staging. The surface of our greenhouse staging is made from Irrigation Aluminium Trays. These trays can be lined with polythene and water matting added to make the simplest of watering bench. Or turn the Irrigation Aluminium Trays over to form a flat surface and cover with capillary matting - this can then be fed with water from a Water Reservoir to create a self-watering bench, where plants only get the irrigation & watering they need.

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