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Indoor Watering Systems

Indoor Watering can be trouble free if you follow a few simple steps to ensure your plants get the water they want, when they want it. The first thing to consider it that most houseplants prefer chemical free rainwater rather than tap water - this is especially true for orchids, with growers going to great lengths to acquire and save it. You should also remember that over watering is the main reason houseplants die - where plants can often recover from periods of being too dry, if their compost is kept too wet their roots rot and the plant dies. Knowing when to water your houseplants can be tricky - different plants types need different amounts of water, whilst size of the plants, its container and the environment will all affect the amount of water needed. We stock a wide range of products designed to keep your house plants well watered - starting from a simple indoor watering can to deliver water to the surface of the compost, through to more sophisticated indoor watering systems that will care for your plants whilst you are away on holiday.

Self Watering Systems
Indoor Self Watering Systems are great when you are away from home, on holiday, or just don't have enough time for daily plant watering. These automatic plant watering systems ensure that your plants get sufficient water to remain healthy - and are neither under nor over watered. Before setting up a Self Watering system you need to assess each plant's water needs. Some plants will require more than others and it is this mix of watering requirements which can be catered for by a Indoor Self Watering System rather than other watering systems.

Plastic Trays
Watertight plastic trays can be used in a variety of ways to help keep your indoor plants well watered. Use the trays to increase humidity levels - many houseplants prefer humid atmospheres so by grouping your plants together in a watertight tray lined with water matting, sand or pebbles you can water into the base of the tray rather than the tops of the pots, so increasing the humidity around your plants. Watertight Indoor plastic trays cans also be used to create self watering systems - such as our Self Watering Trays, where the plastic tray acts as a reservoir for the water, holding sufficient for up to two weeks of watering.

Aluminium Trays
Create watering benches within your greenhouse by lining the Indoor aluminium trays which form the surface of our benching with black polythene and then lining with either water matting or capillary matting. Or, you can make the aluminium trays watertight by applying a waterproof adhesive / sealant into the corners of the trays. They can then be lined with matting - without the need for polythene below. Our Self Watering Trays also use aluminium trays - within these self watering trays the aluminium trays are inverted and placed within the plastic tray to form a raised platform. This platform is then covered with capillary matting and your plants placed on top. The Indoor aluminium tray keeps your plants above the water in the plastic tray, so your plants only take water from the matting - in this way they are never under nor over watered.

Mattings & Polythenes
When using water indoor matting or capillary matting you will need a bench with a level surface. Spread a sheet of plastic over the bench to protect the surface. On top of this place your indoor water matting or capillary matting. You can supply the water matting with water by either dripping water onto it via a drip watering system, or using a watering can to soak the matting. Supplying water to capillary matting can be done by either dripping water onto the matting, or the more popular way of supplying water is to allow the matting to draw water from a reservoir of water. To help prevent algae growth on water matting or capillary matting cover with perforated polythene - this still allows the water to reach your plants, but means any algae that does form can be simply wiped off the polythene.

Bag Drip Watering Kits
Indoor Watering means that your plants are relying on you to provide them with sufficient water for healthy growth. To make watering easy and efficient it is often better to spend a little time at the start setting up an automatic watering system and then you will be saved the time spent watering day after day. One of the simplest systems to set up is our Bag Drip Watering Kit. Based on a 10 litre / 2 gallon bag water reservoir bag, 5 metres of flexible piping and six adjustable drippers it only takes minutes to set up the system in your greenhouse. The drippers can be adjusted to suit the individual needs of the plants they are watering whilst the bag holds sufficient water for up to 24 hours of slow, constant, drip watering - simply add more bags to increase the length of time.
Claber Watering Kits
Indoor Watering of plants is easy to automate using one of Clabers drip kits for irrigation. For house plants or plants in your greenhouse you can use Claber's Oasis Self Watering kit. This comes with its' own 25 litre water reservoir which holds sufficient water for watering up to 20 plants for 40 days. Included within the kit is 33 ft of tubing and 20 drip nozzles. The kit is designed to deliver precise drops of water based on the rate you select on the dial on the water reservoir. If you want a drip system to water your greenhouse plants from mains water, select Clabers Drip Kit. This includes everything you need to take water from your outside tap to the plants to be watered, with twenty drippers included that can be adjusted from 0-6 litres for calibrated irrigation.
Claber Accessories
Claber manufacture a range of watering systems designed to make it easy and efficient for you to water house plants, plants growing in a greenhouse or polytunnel. We stock a wide range of Claber Accessories so you are sure to find everything you need to take water from a tap through to delivering water directly to your plants – it couldn’t be easier.
Blumat Drip Irrigation
Indoor Blumat Drip Watering is a fully automatic watering system which works efficiently by only providing your plants with water when they need it. It needs neither a power supply nor timer to operate - making it easy to install. The only tool you'll need when setting up the system is a pair of scissors! The Indoor Blumat Drip Watering system helps you with your garden watering in two ways. Firstly, after you've installed the system, you won't need to spend any time watering as the system will work on its own. And secondly, because water is only supplied to the plants when they need it, no water is wasted.

Capillary Watering Systems
Indoor Capillary Watering Systems are ideal for looking after your houseplants when you are away on holiday. They are really easy and quick to set up before you go away and they guarantee your plants will have sufficient water to keep them healthy whilst you are away. The simplest Indoor Capillary Watering System to set up needs you to place a piece of matting in your bath. Leave the plug out but allow the tap to drip onto the matting. The water will spread all along the matting providing a continuous supply of water for your plants. If you've only got a small number of plants to care for, set up a similar system at your kitchen sink. Place your plants on some matting on the draining board, trailing one end into a washing up bowl filled with water and positioned in the sink. The water will be drawn up from the bowl by the matting so watering your plants.

Darlac Swap Top Watering
Maintaining a beautiful garden requires carefully planned irrigation. The Indoor Darlac Swap Top Watering Mix & Match Sprinkler System offers a variety of base and head combinations to provide numerous solutions for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Simply choose your preferred base and then add a sprinkler head. The different bases include the Two Way Spike, Adjustable Tripod and Rolling Base. Heads to select from include the Mister Head, the Mister Bar, the Water spinner, the Impulse Sprinkler and the Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler. In addition to these, there is also a Telescopic Riser - used to lift the height of the spray, when used together with the Adjustable Tripod an ultimate height of 1.7 metres can be achieved, high enough for even the tallest plants and shrubs.
Fertilisers & Dispensers
Make the most of an indoor watering system by adding a indoor fertiliser dispenser, so that your plants can be fed at the same time as they are watered. All your plants will benefit from being regularly feed, especially those in containers or hanging baskets where their access to soil nutrients are limited. Crops, such as tomatoes, also benefit from regular feeding.

Gardena Fittings
Indoor Gardena Fittings are supplied for everything from the connectors at the tap end of the hosepipe through to the watering appliances at the other end. Suitable for both hobby gardeners and professionals, and to suit all types of gardens and patios, all of Gardena's Fittings will win you over with their form, function, innovative design, top quality materials and workmanship.
Gardena Micro Drip & Spray Systems
Indoor Gardena's Micro Drip System can help improve growing conditions in your greenhouse and cold frames. Delicate plants such as seedlings can be watered from above by a very fine mist, whilst drip heads can be used to water larger individual plants such as tomatoes or cucumbers. Connecting and disconnecting pipes is 'Quick and Easy' so you can arrange and rearrange your system as often as you need to suit the different seasons in your greenhouse. Indoor Watering can be automatically controlled using a water timer or water computer - your plants will be watered at the correct time of day, for the right length of time, even when you are out or away on holiday.

Hanging Basket Watering
Indoor hanging basket watering is essential for them to remain healthy. Ideally water your baskets when they are not in direct sunlight - so water them first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, or, if you've set up an automatic indoor watering system set the timer to water your baskets at these times. When watering ensure you provide sufficient water to wet the compost in the basket all the way through and not just the surface. And don't think that if it's rained during the day, that you don't need to water your baskets - this isn't the case. As the plants grow their leaves form a canopy over the compost and this keeps the rain off where it is needed the most - the compost. In the worst case, if your hanging basket has dried out completely, take it down and immerse it in a large bucket of water for several minutes to allow the compost to soak up the water it needs.

Hose Connectors & Fittings
Indoor Hose fittings and connectors make it quick and easy for you to create reliable, watertight connections within your garden hosepipe. The design of hose fittings allow you to join hose to tap or hose to hose or hose to watering appliance - not only creating a secure connection, the fittings are also designed to simply pull apart when you want to swop watering appliances of changing layout. The best Indoor Hose Connectors to use when joining a watering appliance to the end of a hosepipe are those that incorporate a 'water stop'. This means that when you remove an appliance from this type of connector the flow of water is stopped - so you don't have to return to the tap to turn off the water.

Hose Pipes
Indoor Hosepipes are the easiest way to transfer water from one place to another. When choosing a hosepipe consider the length - only buy sufficient to reach all the way around your garden, with a little bit extra as spare. Buying a hosepipe that is too short will mean you're likely to try to pull the hose to reach and it will become disconnected from the tap. Don't buy a really long hosepipe when you don't need to - as the length of hose increases the water pressure decreases - if you think you'll need a longer hose occasionally, then purchase an extra indoor hosepipe which you can connect to the first to provide more length.

Hose Reel
When selecting the Indoor Hose Reel consider how it's going to be used - if you want to transport the hose around to water your garden it might be better to get a reel with wheels - so a hose trolley or cart. If you're tight for space fit a wall mounted reel close to your tap - wall mounted reels keep the hose completely out of the way and off the ground, and take up very little space making them convenient in compact gardens. If you're buying a Indoor Hose Reel complete with hose you will need to consider the length of hose and size of garden. You need a hosepipe that will reach to the farthest length of your garden from its position on its reel.
Hose Trolley
If you need to take your hosepipe to different parts of your greenhouse/polytunnel, then ideally you need to purchase a Indoor Hose Trolley. These make it easy for you to push your garden hose to where it's needed, whilst still keeping it neatly wrapped around the reel. indoor hose carts are used to store indoor hoses in an accessible manner. Hoses wrap around the central cylinder of the wheeled cart, whilst a crank allows you to easily reel the hose on or off the cylinder. A Indoor Hose Trolley helps to keep your garden hose in good condition - so whether you're using your hose to clean your greenhouse, water your plants or just to clean your car, a Indoor Hose Trolley makes it easy to store and move your hosepipe when needed.

Iriso Drip Watering
The Indoor Iriso System is ideal for watering groups of house plants or individual plants in pots and is one of the simplest watering systems available, needing neither mains water nor electricity. The main component of this system is the Iriso Dripper which is used to supply plants with the water they require. The flow of water can be adjusted between 150ml up to 2 litres per day by simply turning the top of the Dripper. For individual plants purchase the Iriso Watering Spikes - these combine a support spike and dripper. The support spike pushes into the neck of any empty plastic bottle which acts as the reservoir for the water. Both spike and dripper are pushed into the growing media close to the plant to be watered. Or for watering a group of plants purchase one of the Iriso Watering Kits. These supply you with all the components needed to take water from a reservoir - which could be a large plastic container - to your plants.

Mist & Spray Kits
Greenhouse misting systems produce favourable, consistent conditions for successful germination and growth rates all year round. Indoor Misting Systems also aid in curbing plant diseases, reducing plant stress. The principle of mist watering is very simple - fine droplets of water are intermittently sprayed over the plants being propagated, moistening and cooling the top surfaces of their leaves and providing all the water they need. One of the main advantages of misting is that with the ability to control humidity and growing environment, the propagation of valuable or 'difficult' plants becomes considerably easier.

Overhead Spray Kits & Accessories
Indoor Overhead Spray Kits are one of the most popular ways of watering in a greenhouse or polytunnel and is often used in commercial greenhouses. Excellent for watering a large number of plants, some varieties of flowers and plants prefer water from overhead, so an overhead spray system on a timer is often the best choice. Systems are available that spray in two directions, so covering the whole area of the greenhouse, whilst you can also purchase Overhead Spray Kits with nozzles that spray in only one direction - so will water one side of the greenhouse - so are good when you've a wide range of plants in your greenhouse, with some that prefer overhead watering and other which don't.
A Indoor Water Pump becomes important if you have a large garden to water but have limited access to water. You can use a pump to move water from one location to another - e.g. you could use it to fill your water butt by taking water from a well, river or stream. Indoor Pumps can also be used to increase the water pressure of the water in your water butt so that you can run a hose with spray gun to water your plants.

A Indoor plant Sprayer with an adjustable spray is an important irrigation tool when keeping your house plants healthy. Plants take in moisture from their leaves as well as their roots, so spraying them with a fine mist of water, on both the upper and lower sides of the leaves, will help them remain healthy. However, you should only spray plants that have smooth-leaf foliage or are humidity loving plants - don't mist plants with furry foliage and only mist the leaves, not the flowers. Ideally fill your Indoor Sprayer with tap water and leave in to stand for a few days before using it to spray your plants - leaving the water to stand lets it get to room temperature and also allows some of the salt and other chemicals in the water to evaporate. When spraying your plants with water, ideally do this early in the morning, so they have time to dry before the cooler evening temperatures. Also, be careful to mist the plants away from direct sunlight - so if you're got a plant on your windowsill move it elsewhere when you spray it - as water droplets will become magnified if next to glass and the leaves of the plant could be burnt.

Indoor Sprinklers are a convenient way to water your lawn, your flower beds and your vegetable garden - you simply place them in one area, turn them on and go back inside whilst they water for you. When one area has been watered you just move the Indoor Sprinkler to watering another part of your garden. Most Indoor Sprinklers work by attaching them to an outside tap using a hosepipe. Indoor Sprinklers are available in a wide range of styles and prices - some are designed to shoot water higher in the air, others to send water over long distances. No matter what your garden is like, in shape and size, you're sure to find a Garden Indoor Sprinkler to suit.

Tap Connectors & Adaptors
Indoor Tap Connectors make it easy for you to connect and disconnect your hosepipe from your outside tap. The potential of a single outside tap can be multiplied by adding a two or four way connector. Quick fitting, the connectors allow the use of separate water lines for various applications. All Claber, Hozelock and Gardena watering products are compatible with each other.

Water Butt Drip Kits
Indoor plants rely on you for their water, so anything that can make watering easier for you is great. If you want to water plants in a greenhouse, poly tunnel, cold frame etc. but haven't got mains water available, then this Water Butt Drip System is ideal. It is designed to be connected to a water butt - or any tank which can act as the reservoir for the water. The kit comes with a unique pipe that has drippers pre-inserted within in at every 12" / 30cm - all you need to do is lay this, in straight lines or snaking it around your plants, on the surface of the ground or below mulch. The drippers allow a slow, constant drip of water, directly into the ground, so going straight to where it's needed the most - the roots of your plants. And no water is wasted through evaporation or over watering.

Water Butts & Accessories
Indoor Water Butts are really easy to attach to your house, shed, garage or any other garden building that has a gutter and a downpipe. And if your greenhouse doesn't have gutters consider fitting them. There are basically two ways you can fit a water butt to a downpipe. The first is to cut through a plastic downpipe with a hacksaw and place the butt directly underneath it - an overflow pipe can be attached to the butt to divert excess water to a drain or into another water butt. Alternatively, cut a notch out of the pipe and fit a rain diverter - also known as a Rain Sava - this will transport water to your butt and allows you to put it in the most convenient place. Stored water is a valuable resource if hosepipe bans are in force, your water is metered or you don't have an outside tap. 7% of the total water that we consume in the UK is used outside and this figure can rise to over 50% in the summer months - during the summer using a hosepipe or sprinkler in your garden can use approx. 540 litres of water per hour. By using a water butt the rainwater will already have been collected and be ready for watering the garden in those warmer months. If every household in the UK got a standard sized indoor water butt this would save approximately 30,000 million litres of water each summer.

Water Guns, Nozzles & Lances
Indoor water guns, nozzles and lances are perfect for watering in greenhouse/polytunnels. A traditional Spray Nozzle requires a simple twist to adjust between a gentle mist to a powerful jet spray. A Spray Gun is designed to be more comfortable to use than a Spray Nozzle - so if you've got a large garden or will need to do loads of watering a Spray Gun is the best option. Spray Guns often have a range of spray patterns to select from, many also have locking facilities to retain a set pattern, making them easier to use. If you've got plants in hard to reach areas than you'll also need a Spray Lance, which will add extra reach to the end of your hosepipe.

Water Transfer Equipment
Transporting water using indoor water transfer equipment from one area to another can be very useful when you are watering your garden or greenhouse plants. If you've access to a stream, river or well, than being able to use that water for watering your plants is ideal - remembering that plants prefer rainwater to tap water. You can also use pumps to take stored water - such as in a tank or water butt - increase its pressure and deliver it - via hose and spray gun - to your plants.

Water Treatment
Greenhouse indoor water treatments, such as misting systems, produce favourable, consistent conditions for successful germination and growth rates all year round. Misting Systems also aid in curbing plant diseases, reducing plant stress. The principle of mist watering is very simple - fine droplets of water are intermittently sprayed over the plants being propagated, moistening and cooling the top surfaces of their leaves and providing all the water they need. One of the main advantages of misting is that with the ability to control humidity and growing environment, the propagation of valuable or 'difficult' plants becomes considerably easier.

Watering Cans
A Indoor Watering Can for watering your houseplants should be a small can with a narrow spout. A narrow spout makes it easy for you to deliver the water precisely to where it's needed - and not on your furniture. Being small, you will be able to lift the watering can easily to water plants displayed high up. Remember that when caring for your houseplants, that the number one killer is over-watering - this is because the roots of the plant cannot absorb more water than they need, so the excess water will take the place of oxygen in the soil and as plants need oxygen to remain healthy, soggy soil suffocates the roots and causes them to rot. Correctly watering your plants is easy if you follow our Simple Tips For Healthy Houseplants.

Watering Spares
Plants grown indoors – either in your house, greenhouse or polythene tunnel – rely on your to supply them with the correct amount of water to remain healthy. This means that there is a massive range of watering products available, designed to make watering plants easy and efficient. To go along with these watering products we also stock a wide range of Watering Spares, making it simple for you to keep your watering system working efficiently year after year. Simple replacement parts – like drip nozzles, replacement tube, hose connectors etc. – are all in stock so you can buy as many or as few as you need. This also means that it’s easy for you to alter an existing watering system as your needs change – spares mean you can increase the area a watering system covers economically – you don’t have to purchase a complete new kit.
Watering Timers
Indoor Water Timers help you to use water effectively and efficiently - so saving you time, water and money. Water Timers save you Time as the time normally spent watering your plants can be spent doing something else whilst the timer turns water on and off to meet your set requirements. Water Timers save you water - this is because they can be set to water at dawn or dusk, so minimising water loss through evaporation. Indoor Water Timers can save you money - they can provide substantial cost savings if your property has a water meter - as you can set them to water for specific lengths of time so water is not wasted.

Weeping Garden Hose
Using Indoor Weeping Garden Hose to water your plants is both an efficient and economical way to water. It saves you money as weeping hose weeps water along its entire length, delivering water directly into the soil so water goes direct to the roots of the plants where it's needed most. With water being directed straight to the roots you'll end up using less water - important if you're running the hose from your mains water and you have a water meter. Weeping Hose is an efficient way to water not only as it directs water straight to the root zone, but also as it slowly weeps water less water is wasted - with 70% less water being used when using weeping hose compared to other watering systems available.

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