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Garden Water Systems

Garden Watering is important as it is not possible to rely on nature to provide your plants with sufficient water to remain healthy all year round. Ideally your garden plants need to be supplied with water when itãs dry - but when itãs wet weather you will not need to supply extra water. With this in mind, we stock a massive range of watering equipment - from a simple Haws Watering Can for watering by hand; through to Automatic Watering Systems which will ensure your plants receive water even when you are on holiday! As we use our gardens to grow a huge array of different plants - you might have a cottage garden with wild flowers, a kitchen garden with rows of crops, a rockery full of alpines etc etc - we stock all types of watering equipment so youãre sure to find exactly what you need no matter what plants you are growing.

Weeping Garden Hose
Also known as soaker hose, Weeping Garden Hose is a porous garden hose that slowly weeps water along its whole surface. To enable you to design and install your own efficient garden irrigation system we stock a range of high quality hose connectors and fittings which securely fit into the weeping hose to join lengths together, turn corners or branch off without affecting the flow of water through the hose.

Water Butt Drip Kits
Garden Water Butt Drip Kits make it possible for you to water large areas without the need for mains water. The Drip Kits are also an easy and efficient way for you to water your plants - you don't need to waste time filling a watering can and carrying it to your plants - a drip kit can be connected to your water butt, with drippers positioned next to your plants, so your plants are automatically watered when the water butt tap is turned on. It's also possible to automate watering by adding a water timer between your water butt and drip kit - so you can control watering when you are away from home, or even on holiday!

Water Butts & Accessories
Water Butts make collection and storage of rain water in the garden easy. They are really simple to install - you can fit a water butt to any building that has a gutter - this could be your greenhouse, your house, a garden shed, your conservatory etc. And if you've a garden building without a gutter it's often worth adding one so you can collect more rainwater. As well as stocking water butts, we also stock a range of water butt accessories. These include water butt stands - these lift the water butt off the ground making it easy for you to sit a watering can below the water butt tap to fill it. When fitting a water butt to house guttering you'll use our Rain Sava which is used to divert water from the drainpipe to your water butt - and automatically send any excess water back down the drain. And if you want to save loads of rainwater we've got a Link Kit which you can use to join one water butt to another - so when one water butt is full the rainwater will automatically flow into the next one.

Blumat Drip Irrigation
The Tropf Blumat Drip Irrigation System is a self watering system which enables your plants to control the amount of water they receive, so preventing your plants from being over or under watered or water being wasted. Unlike conventional watering systems that release water at intervals which are controlled by a timer, the Tropf Blumat system takes into account the amount of sunshine, the current moisture of the soil and the different water consumption of each plant into account - this makes the Tropf Blumat system unbeatable when it comes to watering different sorts of plants in your greenhouse or garden! The system manages to do this as the probes used within the Tropf Blumat system act as both a water sensor as well as a water dripper. When the soil that they are in is dry, the probes allow water to drip. Once the water content of the soil increases, then the probes stop the water from flowing. In this way they take into account both the weather conditions and the needs of your plants.

Iriso Drip Watering
Efficiently watering your plants in your garden requires you to be able to supply them with the water they need, when they need it and without any wastage. The Iriso Watering System is good for garden watering as the Iriso Dripper - the main component of the system - can be adjusted to suit the watering requirements of the plant - from as little as 150 mls per day for smaller plants up to 2 litres per day for larger shrubs or trees. So using the same watering system you will be able to water all your garden plants, no matter their size, age or watering requirements. As the Iriso Drippers steadily drip water onto the surface of the compost next to your plant, no water is wasted and it gets straight to the place it's needed most - the roots of your plants - without any wastage through evaporation.

Hanging Basket Watering
If you want your hanging baskets to be bold and bright, overflowing with healthy green plants and loads of flowers it's important that you keep your hanging baskets supplied with an ample amount of water on a regular basis. In the height of summer you will need to water hanging baskets every day, ideally once in the morning and once in the evening, if you want the flowers to keep coming. With so much water required you need to find some time saving ways to make watering your baskets easy and efficient. If you're watering your baskets using a watering can then fit Hilos to the baskets so that you can bring them down to water and pop them back up in position once watered. If you're watering baskets using a hosepipe, try to get a watering lance to fit to the end of the hose - one that's adjustable so that you can direct water into the centre of the basket. Or, for really efficient watering set up an automatic watering system for your baskets.

Water Guns, Nozzles & Lances
Fitting a Water Gun, Water Nozzle or Lance to your hosepipe provides you with great control over the water as it is delivered to your plants. With no fitting attached water simply gushes out of the end of the hosepipe - which is fine if you are filling a watering can, but is not suitable for watering your plants as the water is delivered too fast and will wash away soil and compost. A Water Nozzle is the simplest attachment and lets you control the force at which water leaves the hosepipe as well as the area it covers - simply turning the body of the nozzle often changes delivery from a fine mist through to a strong jet. A Water Gun tends to be more comfortable to use, so for larger gardens is a better choice than a standard nozzle. Water Guns often have different spray patterns to select from as well as control over the flow of water. Choose a Spray Lance when you need to water plants in awkward areas - for example when watering hanging baskets or reaching over wide benching in a greenhouse.

A Water Pump is a useful piece of equipment for watering your garden - it can be used to move clean water around the garden ( e.g. to transfer water from a paddling pool into your water butt), or to transfer water from one place to another (e.g. for moving water from a river, well or tank). There are Water Butt Garden Pumps available that are designed take connect to standard 13mm garden hose, increasing the water pressure so that you can add a spray gun to the end of the hose to water your plants - without needing mains water.

Hose Pipes
Garden Hose Pipes will carry large quantities of water around your garden with minimum effort and will avoid you having to make tiresome journeys back and forth with a watering can. When buying a hose pipe work out the length you will need to reach the bottom of your garden and buy the length to suit. Don't be tempted to buy a really long hose because it's cheap as the longer the hose the slower the flow rate will be. If you have a large garden, or if your water pressure is low, it is important to consider the hose diameter. The larger the diameter, the quicker the water is delivered - the most common diameter of hosepipes in the UK is ó" / 13mm, however Ñ" / 19mm Garden Hose Pipes are also available and will deliver up to 2ó times more water in the same time compared to a ó" / 13mm hose. We're often asked whether the hose diameter is the internal or external size - it is the INTERNAL diameter of the hose. To get the most from your hose pipe you will need an outside tap, suitable connectors and a suitable reel to store the hose when it's not in use.

Hose Reel
Garden Hoses can be untidy in your garden, sprawling across patios and crisscrossing over lawns, so using a Garden Hose Reel will make it easy for you to keep the garden hose neatly stored until it's needed next. Garden Hose Reels are a simple, safe and effective way of storing, delivering and retrieving your garden watering hose. Not only providing neat storage for your hose, a Garden Hose Reel also helps to protect the hose from excessive wear and tear, so extending the life of your hose. Remember when selecting a Garden Hose Reel for an existing garden hose, make sure that the reel is large enough to hold all the hosepipe - the holding capacity of the Garden Hose Reels will be shown in their details.
Hose Trolleys
A garden hose trolley - also known as a hose cart - is simply a wheeled trolley with a central cylinder around which your garden hose is wound. A convenient handle on the hose trolley means it's easy to wind up the hose when it's not in use. It keeps the hosepipe accessible and makes it easy to store when not in use. Where the water supply comes from a number of sources, a hose trolley is more convenient than a hose reel as it is easier to move around. This also means, that using a hose trolley or cart will make watering in large gardens faster and easier.

Watering Cans
Garden Watering Cans that you use outdoors in the garden will inevitably be larger than that used for watering your house plants. Larger Garden Watering Cans will be heavier when full, so by selecting a well designed watering can will make it easier for you to carry it when full and deliver the water to where it's needed. It's a good idea to choose a watering can with a long spout - this makes it easier for you to reach plants at the back of flower beds. Good quality Garden Watering Cans with long spouts will have a spout brace - this means that you can use two hands when carrying and pouring the watering can - one around the handle and one around the spout brace - so balancing the watering can when it's full will be easier. When selecting the size, remember that water is heavy so carrying a large, full watering can will be more difficult that carrying two smaller cans - one in each hand.

Gardena Micro Drip & Spray Kits
Installing a Gardena 'Quick & Easy' Micro-drip-system around your garden will ensure that your plants accurately receive the right amount of water for healthy growth - without you having to lift a finger. Watering periods can be automatically controlled using a Gardena automatic water timer. This will guarantee your garden is watered at the correct time of day, for the right length of time, even when you are out or away on holiday. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced gardener, Gardena has made it easy for you to install your own irrigation system.

Claber Watering Kits
Clabers Drip Irrigation Kits will save you time, water and money. The time you've saved on watering can now be spent on giving more attention to your plants or simply enjoying your garden. Water is saved as it is delivered direct to where it's needed most - the roots of the plants. Clabers Starter Kit includes adjustable nozzles that can be set to drip between 0 to 1.59 gallons per hour, so can be set to deliver different amounts of water depending on the plants they are watering. You'll save money as if you have a water meter, then water delivered via a drip nozzle means no water is wasted and there is no over watering - so keeping water costs down.

Claber Accessories
For simple and efficient Garden Watering we stock a wide range of Claber Accessories. From simple hose connectors to join your hosepipe to your mains water, through to innovative garden sprinklers available in a range of sizes to suit all types and size of garden. We also stock Claber’s Colibri underground irrigation system which has been developed to allow people with even small gardens to benefit from the advantages of underground irrigation – convenience, water saving and the well-being of lawn and plants. We also stock a range of Claber water timers – simply connect to a tap and a timer will allow you to give your garden the right amount of water at the right time, even when away from home or on holiday.
Darlac Swap Top Watering
Maintaining a beautiful garden requires carefully planned irrigation. This new range of watering tools from Darlac not also make watering simple, they also help to keep costs down as they are based around a selection of interchangeable base and head combinations. Different bases can be combined with different heads, depending on what you are watering and the size of the area to be watered - gardens of all shapes and sizes can be accommodated by Darlac's Swop Top Watering System.
Garden Sprayers are a very useful tool for the gardener - not only can they be used to apply plain water, they also make it easier for you to apply a wide range of garden chemicals, including weedkillers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, algae and moss killers. Garden Sprayers are available in a wide range of sizes, so select the size to suit the job it's being used for - for example a large BackPack Garden Sprayer is ideal when applying weedkillers to big areas. As Garden Sprayers are accurate at directing the solution to where it's needed, using a Garden Sprayer is an economical way of watering or applying a chemical, as nothing is wasted. When using your garden Garden Sprayer to apply a chemical, remember that it is very difficult to clean away every trace of chemical, so ideally have a Garden Sprayer just for water and another just for chemicals.

Tap Connectors & Adaptors
Tap Connectors and Tap Adaptors are designed to easily connect garden hose pipe or other appliance (such as a water timer) to a threaded tap. Available with one, two or four outlets to accept either a hose connector or water controller (water timer or water computer). If you don't have an outside tap then you will need a tap connector that will fit to your kitchen tap. The Claber Koala quick click square tap connector is the ideal solution for bringing water from indoor taps outside, and is suitable for square and mixer taps.

Garden Sprinklers are available in a wide range of styles and prices, so no matter what your garden is like, in shape and size, you're sure to find a Garden Sprinkler to suit. Most are quick and easy to install - the Garden Sprinkler is simply attached to the end of your hosepipe and the water turned on. This also means that the area the Garden Sprinkler will cover is determined by the water pressure - the lower the pressure the smaller the area. Garden Sprinklers basically fall into four different types - Static Garden Sprinklers, Rotating Garden Sprinklers, Oscillating Garden Sprinklers and Pop-up / Underground Garden Sprinklers. Simple select the type which best suits your garden watering needs.

Fertilisers & Dispensers
Good quality soil is essential for a successful garden. Without fertile, nutrient-rich soil your efforts will be in vain - soil provides the food, water and some air that plants need for healthy growth and development, so it's worth spending time improving the quality of the soil with Garden Fertilisers & Dispensers. Before planting use a Soil Testing Kit to check such things as the pH level of the soil and follow the instructions in the kit to correct the pH to suit the plants in your garden - most plants prefer a neutral soil. Feeding your soil is important for successful growing - if you can feed and water at the same time then this is the most efficient method. We stock Fertiliser dispensers designed to be fitted within your watering system - such as the Gardena Micro Drip System or incorporated into standard ó" / 13mm hose.

Gardena Fittings
Gardena knows that for healthy plants and a lush lawn they must be supplied regularly with water. This is why Gardena has designed a range of products to ensure you can get water where it's supposed to go to ensure your plants remain healthy and strong. You will be able to water your garden and plants with a minimum of time and effort and a maximum of comfort - by hand, or partially or fully automatic. Whichever works best for you.
Hose Connectors & Fittings
Hose Connectors and Hose Fittings enable you to create reliable, leak free connection points with your garden hose. All of these garden hose fittings enable you to quickly and easily connect or disconnect your garden hosepipe to watering appliances such as water guns or nozzles as well as enabling you to safely join or branch your garden hose pipe. Some hose connectors incorporate a 'water stop'. This stops the flow of water through that section of the hose if you remove a watering appliance. These 'water stop' connectors prove really useful as you don't have to walk back to the tap to turn the water of before changing between different watering appliances.

Capillary Watering Systems
Garden Capillary Watering Systems are some of the simplest and cheapest ways to ensure a constant supply of water to your plants - and even though they are really simple they are surprisingly accurate. When setting up a capillary watering system water will need to be supplied to the matting via a reservoir of water. The capillary matting will suck up the water and remain damp at all times. By ensuring that the compost at the bottom of your pots or seed trays is in contact with the matting, your plants will suck up the water from the matting, so remaining constantly watered. In this way your plants water themselves and will not suffer from the problems associated with overwatering - which can occur when plants are soaked with water by top watering or are left standing in trays of water.

Mattings & Polythenes
For the efficient supply of water to your plants choose from our range of high quality Garden Mattings & Polythenes. Use water matting in trays as a replacement for sand or gravel or capillary matting on flat staging to deliver water evenly over the whole area. Use together with our high quality Polythenes, placing black polythene under the matting and perforated polythene on top to suppress algae growth.

Plastic Trays
Watertight Garden Plastic Trays are one of the simplest tools for helping to water your plants. Large trays are available that can accommodate a full size grow bag - placing the bag into a tray will considerably reduce the required frequency of watering. Large Garden Plastic Trays are used by both private and commercial gardeners alike as a large irrigation table for keeping a multitude of potted plants watered. The trays can be lined with capillary matting or filled with grit to aid watering and increase humidity.

Self Watering Systems
Self-watering Systems not only solve the problem of how to keep your plants watered whilst you're away on holiday, they can also be used year round to ensure your plants are provided with the water they need to remain healthy. All Self-watering Systems are based on the fact that they allow your plants to take up water as and when they need it - in this way these watering system prevent plants from being over watered or water logged.

Bag Drip Watering Kits
Simple gravity fed watering systems are the easiest to set up to look after the watering needs of your plants, whether in a greenhouse, polytunnel, patio or balcony. Our Bag Drip Watering Kit - also known as the 'Big Drippa' - is one of the simplest systems available and makes it possible for you to automate your garden watering at very little cost. The Kit includes a 10 litre / 2 gallon water reservoir bag - this is sufficient water to run the system for up to 24 hours, simply add more bags to the system to increase the length of time it will run for. Joined to the reservoir via 5 metres of flexible tubing are six drip nozzles. These nozzles can be adjusted to suit the watering needs of the plants they are supplying water to. In addition to the Bag Drip Watering Kit we also stock all the individual parts, so you can increase the ability of the drip system to water even more plants.
Water Timers
Garden Water Timers, also known as water computers or water controllers, enable you to automate a watering system - so when you're out at work or away on holiday, your plants will remain well watered. Watering timers are usually fitted to your outside tap or to a Tap Connector and they can be used to control something simply - such as a lawn sprinkler - or more complex systems - such as the Gardena Drip and Spray Watering System. We've chosen these Garden Water Timers as they are all easy-to-use, no complicated programming is required and depending on the model of timer you choose they have different watering programs enabling you to set or select watering times, watering cycles and watering days. None of the Garden Water Timers need mains power - all are powered by battery - making them ideal for places where mains power is often unavailable, such as at an allotment.

Water Transfer Equipment
Garden Water Transfer Equipment is designed to make it easy for you to move loads of water from one place in your garden to another. This equipment includes pumps - both mains powered and solar powered - that can be used to transfer water from a well, river or stream to a water butt or other container. Pumps are also available to take the water stored in your water butt to your plants by increasing the water pressure so you can run a hose with spray gun attachment to water your plants.

Water Treatment
Water treatments are important when you are using stored water to water your garden plants or lawn etc. Over time stored water can suffer from algae growth if the water is not stored correctly. To prevent algae growth so that the water remains fresh there are a few simple steps which you can take. If you are storing water in a water butt ensure it has a lid – this will prevent any debris from falling in and dirtying the water and will reduce the opportunity for algae growth. You can also treat the water with a simple water treatment to keep the water fresh and algae free. Keep the water butt or tank clean by emptying it completely and wiping it clean intermittently throughout the year, so preventing any dirt from building up and contaminating the water. These few simple steps will help you keep stored water clean and fresh for watering your plants.
Watering Spares
We know how important Watering Spares are to you. We know that when you invest in a watering system to care for your garden, you want a system that will remain as efficient year after year as it was when you first installed it. This is why we stock a massive range of accessories and spares so that if a part wears out you can easily replace it, if you’re moving house you can take your watering system with you and if you need to expand the area your watering system cares for you can do this easily and economically by buying just the parts you need.
Aluminium Trays
Garden Aluminium Trays are used to form the surface of our aluminium greenhouse staging. Once you've raised your plants in your greenhouse, they will need hardening-off before you plant them in the garden. The simplest way to do this would be to lift the aluminium tray out of the framework of the staging and carry your plants outside the greenhouse. Then when evening comes, put the tray - complete with plants - back into the greenhouse. To ensure your plants remain well watered you can either line the trays with polythene and place water matting in the base of the tray, or seal the corners of the tray with a waterproof adhesive and then add water matting.

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