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Greenhouse Drip Watering

Drip Watering, also known as micro irrigation or trickle irrigation, is the slow, precise application of water directly to the plants root zone and is the most water efficient systems available to water plants in your greenhouse or garden. We stock a wide range of different drip irrigation systems including the Gardena Micro Drip System, Big Drippa Watering Kit (also known as the Bag Drip watering Kit), Oasis Self-watering Kit and the Tropf Blumat Drip Irrigation System. All are available as easy to install kits and many are available as individual components enabling you to create your own drip irrigation system in greenhouse, polytunnel or garden.

There are a range of reasons why installing a drip irrigation system will be beneficial for you and plants, such as:

Convenience - by installing a drip watering system you'll have a permanent watering system so saving you time normally spent watering and also making it simpler to ensure your plants remain watered when you are away from home.Less Water Is Wasted - drip watering systems are more efficient that spray watering systems as they are much more accurate. When spray watering, water can be sprayed onto areas where there are no plants and water can be wasted by evaporation, being blown away by wind or runoff. By slowly delivering water direct to your plants the water is able to get deeper into the soil, encouraging deeper root growth which results in healthier plants. Reduced Fungal Diseases - with water being dripped onto the ground, water is kept off the foliage of your plants, so reducing the chance of fungal diseases or other water-borne pests.Fewer Weeds - as water is directed straight at your plants, no water is wasted elsewhere, so reducing weeds from flourishing in between your plants.

Bag Drip Watering Kits
The Drip Bag Watering Kits - also known as Big Drippa System - is a simple gravity fed watering system offering the benefits of drip watering at a low price. As the Drip Bag Watering Kits is a self contained system - including its' own reservoir for water - then it is ideal for use where mains water is not available. We stock both complete kits and all the components, so that you can adapt the system to meet your exact requirements.
Blumat Drip Irrigation
The Tropf Blumat Drip Watering Irrigation System is a self watering system which enables your plants to control the amount of water they receive, so preventing your plants from being over or under watered or water being wasted. Unlike conventional drip watering systems that release water at intervals which are controlled by a timer, the Tropf Blumat system takes into account the amount of sunshine, the current moisture of the soil and the different water consumption of each plant into account - this makes the Tropf Blumat system unbeatable when it comes to watering different sorts of plants in your greenhouse or garden! The system manages to do this as the probes used within the Tropf Blumat system act as both a water sensor as well as a water dripper. When the soil that they are in is dry, the probes allow water to drip. Once the water content of the soil increases, then the probes stop the water from flowing. In this way they take into account both the weather conditions and the needs of your plants - so it's an ideal system for looking after the watering of your plants when you are away on holiday.The Tropf Blumat Drip system is easy to change or extend as your watering requirements change - this flexible system can be used to carry water to up to 500 drip points. The Blumat Drip Watering Irrigation System is available in economical kits or in component form to allow you to design a watering system to meet the exact requirements of your plants. It's suitable for use in gardens, greenhouses or conservatories and is ideal for watering plants in pots, containers or hanging baskets.
Claber Watering Kits
These Drip Irrigation Kits from Claber have been designed to save you time, water and money - drop by drop water goes directly to plant roots in the quantity which you select. In-line and end-line drippers make it possible for you to create the system you need for watering in your garden or greenhouse. Using high quality components means that these Drip Watering Claber Watering Kits are easy to fit, easy to dismantle for cleaning and the drippers are easy to adjust for calibrated, no-waste irrigation.
Gardena Micro Drip & Spray Kits
Gardena's Micro Drip & Spray Kits are the water conserving method to deliver a targeted amount of water via drip or spray heads to your plants - and whatever the watering needs of your plants Gardena's wide range of Drip Heads and Spray Nozzles means you're sure to find one to suit. Whatever you choose to deliver the water - drippers or spray nozzles - the soil will be watered gently and evenly, so preventing water being lost due to evaporation. The Gardena Micro Drip System is ideal for watering rows - of vegetables, plants or hedges - it's also perfect for watering plants in different types of containers - containers, troughs and hanging baskets - it's also good for watering larger areas - such as beds or borders - or for watering more delicate plants - such as those growing in your greenhouse or cold frames.
Iriso Drip Watering
Iriso Drip Watering Systems ensure efficient use of both time and water when looking after your plants. The Iriso system is efficient in regards to water, as by dripping water close to your plants and onto the compost, water is delivered to where it's needed most - the roots of your plants - and no water is wasted. The Iriso Drip Watering system is efficient in regards to time as once you have installed the system - and the Iriso System is one of the simplest watering systems available - by just turning the system on and off at one point you will be able to water all your plants at the same time. So if you're short of time or have lots of plants to water, fitting this type of drip watering system will save you lots of time and energy.
Water Butt Drip Kits
Drip Watering is one of the most efficient and effective ways of watering your plants. By slowly dripping water close to your plants, water is being delivered to where it is needed most - to the roots of your plants. As drip systems are designed to give a slow, constant supply of water this allows the ground to soak up the water efficiently, so water isn't wasted by overwatering or through evaporation. Our Water Butt Drip Kitis one of the simplest drip systems to install as the pipe is supplied with drippers already fitted - all you need to do is lay it directly on the ground or below mulch. This Drip System is available as complete kits or as single components.
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