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Garden Irrigation & Watering

Regular irrigation & watering is essential for healthy plant growth - whether you are growing bedding plants or vegetables, trees or herbaceous plants all will need to be watered regularly to remain healthy. Plants lose water through their leaves all the time so by watering your plants this water is replenished. In warm weather water is lost from the soil by evaporation, so you'll need to water your plants more frequently when it's warm. Without sufficient water plants will wither and die. However, providing too much water can be as damaging as providing too little - when plants are given too much water for too long their roots can rot or plants drown from lack of oxygen. So it's important that plants are provided with sufficient water that they remain healthy but that you don't flood them.
As watering is so essential for healthy plant growth, there are a wide range of watering systems and watering products - including greenhouse watering - available to the gardener to make watering plants as easy and efficient as possible. So not matter what you are growing or where your plants are located, you are sure to find what you need to keep your plants watered sufficiently from our huge range of products.

Greenhouse Watering
Watering is essential for healthy growth, but when your plants are residing in a greenhouse or polytunnel, then it becomes vital that you are able to supply them with the correct amount of water as you are the only source of water available to them - unlike plants in the garden which can benefit from rainfall. It is also important to note that plants need the correct amount of water - as many plants are killed by over watering as under watering, especially in the greenhouse in the winter months.
We stock a wide range of greenhouse watering systems for use in a greenhouse or polytunnel, all designed to provide your plants with water as and when they require it with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. We stock greenhouse watering equipment for manual watering of plants (such as traditional Haws watering cans), self watering systems to ensure your plants receive the correct amount of water, simple to install drip irrigation systems and spray or mist irrigation systems to promote healthy plant growth.
Garden Watering
Garden Watering is important as it is not possible to rely on nature to provide your plants with sufficient water to remain healthy all year round. Ideally your garden plants need to be supplied with water when itãs dry - but when itãs wet weather you will not need to supply extra water. With this in mind, we stock a massive range of watering equipment - from a simple Haws Watering Can for watering by hand; through to Automatic Watering Systems which will ensure your plants receive water even when you are on holiday! As we use our gardens to grow a huge array of different plants - you might have a cottage garden with wild flowers, a kitchen garden with rows of crops, a rockery full of alpines etc etc - we stock all types of watering equipment so youãre sure to find exactly what you need no matter what plants you are growing.
Indoor Watering
Indoor Watering can be trouble free if you follow a few simple steps to ensure your plants get the water they want, when they want it. The first thing to consider it that most houseplants prefer chemical free rainwater rather than tap water - this is especially true for orchids, with growers going to great lengths to acquire and save it. You should also remember that over watering is the main reason houseplants die - where plants can often recover from periods of being too dry, if their compost is kept too wet their roots rot and the plant dies. Knowing when to water your houseplants can be tricky - different plants types need different amounts of water, whilst size of the plants, its container and the environment will all affect the amount of water needed. We stock a wide range of products designed to keep your house plants well watered - starting from a simple indoor watering can to deliver water to the surface of the compost, through to more sophisticated indoor watering systems that will care for your plants whilst you are away on holiday.
Drip Watering
Drip Watering, also known as micro irrigation or trickle irrigation, is the slow, precise application of water directly to the plants root zone and is the most water efficient systems available to water plants in your greenhouse or garden. We stock a wide range of different drip irrigation systems including the Gardena Micro Drip System, Big Drippa Watering Kit (also known as the Bag Drip watering Kit), Oasis Self-watering Kit and the Tropf Blumat Drip Irrigation System. All are available as easy to install kits and many are available as individual components enabling you to create your own drip irrigation system in greenhouse, polytunnel or garden.

There are a range of reasons why installing a drip irrigation system will be beneficial for you and plants, such as:

Convenience - by installing a drip watering system you'll have a permanent watering system so saving you time normally spent watering and also making it simpler to ensure your plants remain watered when you are away from home.Less Water Is Wasted - drip watering systems are more efficient that spray watering systems as they are much more accurate. When spray watering, water can be sprayed onto areas where there are no plants and water can be wasted by evaporation, being blown away by wind or runoff. By slowly delivering water direct to your plants the water is able to get deeper into the soil, encouraging deeper root growth which results in healthier plants. Reduced Fungal Diseases - with water being dripped onto the ground, water is kept off the foliage of your plants, so reducing the chance of fungal diseases or other water-borne pests.Fewer Weeds - as water is directed straight at your plants, no water is wasted elsewhere, so reducing weeds from flourishing in between your plants.

Irrigation Systems are designed to carry water to plants and apply it gently exactly where it is needed. This makes them highly efficient at watering your plants - as no water is wasted. It also makes watering efficient in regards to time - rather than you having to water your plants, after initially setting up the system, it can then be turned on and off to supply water to all your plants when they need it - so saving you loads of time. Irrigation systems can often be turned on or off manually, or can be used in conjunction with a timer or water computer to automatically water your plants whilst you are away or doing something else.
Rain Water Harvesting
Rainwater harvesting is all about collecting something that is free and using it to the benefit of your plants. Statistics show that watering your garden can make up at least 40% of your total household usage - so for people with water meters simply keeping your plants well watered can prove costly, especially during the warmer summer months. Harvesting rainwater is simple and efficient - it only takes a quarter inch of rainfall running off your house roof to fill a water butt. Water butts are easy to fit - whether to your house or your greenhouse - and will store water until it's needed. By collecting and using rainwater to water your plants you are also using the water they prefer - tap water may contain too many minerals which can build up in the soil and cause the plants leaves to turn brown on the edges. The benefits of using rainwater to water your plants are many and varied, for example rainwater usually has a low pH level - a low pH makes it easier for roots to absorb water. Stored rainwater tends to be lukewarm which plants usually prefer - tap water can be cold enough to 'shock' house plants and damage them.
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