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Insulation Fixing Aids

Greenhouse insulation is easy to fit in most aluminium and wooden greenhouses, as well as polythene tunnels as long as you are using the correct greenhouse fixing aids for your style of greenhouse.

In aluminum greenhouses you can usually use retaining clips to attach your insulation, we recommend our Alliplugs which fit into the bolt channels and glazing channels of the greenhouse to make installing the insulation quick and easy. Retaining clips can be used time and time again without compromising their strength, making them a great investment for your insulation project.
NB.To make your insulation secure you will need around 10 clips per 12ft of insulation, remember to cut and fasten the insulation around windows, vents and louvres so that they can still be opened to allow a fresh air flow when necessary. You can use our all weather tape to securely hold the insulation in place.

For wooden greenhouses you can install your insulation with standard drawing or notice board pins.

For Polythene Tunnels the best way to hold insulation such as bubble insulation in place is to use all weather tape or double sided tape to hold it to the inside of the frame. Polytunnels can cover a large area which may make it difficult to install an effective insulation solution, it's a good idea to bring any plants that will need insulating and heating into a smaller space where it is easier to regulate the temperature. You can even use bubble insulation to create separating walls within the poly tunnel to create smaller spaces which have better insulation.

Super Alliplugs Pack Of 50
Super Alliplugs are easy to use, fitting into the glazing bars in the interior of aluminium greenhouses and are used to securely attach a lining or fabric for insulation or shading to the greenhouse.

Alliplug Corner Adaptors
Robust Alliplug Corner Adaptors. designed to use with Alliplugs to fix a lining into the corner of an aluminium greenhouse, where there is often no glazing channel available.

Pack of 50 Allispacers
Robust plastic Allipsacers designed to be used with Alliplugs to provide even greater insulation properties when fitting lining material to your greenhouse.

All Weather Tape
This All Weather Tape is an all purpose, strong, transparent, totally weatherproof tape made from UV stabilised polythene film with an acrylic adhesive suitable for use indoors and out.
This waterproof tape is most commonly used as a glazing repair tape, allowing you to make quick and easy repairs to cracked glass and torn polythenes in greenhouses and polytunnels.

Double Sided Tape
Double-Sided Tape is literally a ribbon of adhesive carried on a removable backing paper; it can be used for joining polythene above or below ground & may be immersed in water without loss of bond strength.

Fabric Fixalls Pack of 10
Robust plastic Fabric Fixalls designed to adhere to most flat surfaces - metal, glass, wood, brick, etc - providing a secure fixing point on either the inside or outside of a greenhouse.

Anti-Hot Spot Tape
Anti-Hot Spot Tape is long lasting, self-adhesive foam tape which is applied to tunnel hoops before covering. It provides an insulating layer between the steel and polythene preventing hot spots, which cause the cover to stretch and weaken.

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