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Electric Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are perfect for greenhouse heating, they are designed to emit a gentle, radiant heat that will perform well in environments that contain delicate plants.
This type of greenhouse heating is perfect for greenhouses that are likely to have water from misting systems in them, as the heating elements are totaly enclosed and kept away from sprayed water.Their gentle nature of heating can be used to maintain low constant temperatures ideal for combatting condensation and protecting plants.
Tubular greenhouse heating systems are able to keep your greenhouse frost free as well as warm them up to ideal temperatures for the growing of plants over the winter. They are an extremely versatile piece of heating that will be suited to the vast majority of greenhouse types.
Tubular electric heaters are available in sizes from 2ft (61cm) right up to 8ft (244cm) so they will fit in most greenhouses. They are rated at 80 watts per foot (30cm), making them an extremely efficient mode of heating for a greenhouse.

Electric Tubular Heater
Fit one or more of these aluminium, electric Tubular Heaters within your greenhouse to provide a gentle, radiant heat to your plants. Ideal for use in greenhouses or other environments where water will be present, as well as sheds, garages, boats, conservatories or just about any other space you can think of that has an electricity supply.

Tubular Heater Bracket
Aluminium brackets designed to carry our Electric Tubular Heaters. Designed to enable you to securely fix a tubular heater to either a wall, greenhouse wall or to the ground.
Slimline Tubular Heaters
These Slimline Tubular Heaters come complete with an in-built thermostat to offer low-cost, energy efficient heating.
Supplied complete with brackets for floor or wall mounting, the attractive, space-saving design makes them suitable for use anywhere.

Guards for Electric Tubular Heaters
Use these specially designed Electric Tubular Heater Guards to remove the chance of people getting burnt from prolonged contact with the heaters. Whilst the heaters cannot cause any damage if accidently touched, if prolonged contact was to be made a mild burn could be effected.
Using these guards in conjuction with the Electric Tube Heaters makes them very suitable for use in domestic situations.

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