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Greenhouse Accessories

If You have a greenhouse this category will list all the available greenhouse accessories and spares which will enable you to repair and maintain your Greenhouse should it have been damaged in any way or need a replacement part, all the greenhouse spares and fixings such as 'W' clips, 'Z' clips, band clips, cropped and square headed bolts and nuts and door wheels to name but a few, are available to you so that you can keep your greenhouse in tip top condition.
With these Greenhouse Accessories you will also be able Improve its functionality with the addition of automatic openers for your roof vents and Louvre's, all manner of useful plant support clips, shelf brackets and greenhouse insulation fixings.

Super Alliplugs Pack Of 50
Super Alliplugs are easy to use, fitting into the glazing bars in the interior of aluminium greenhouses and are used to securely attach a lining or fabric for insulation or shading to the greenhouse.

Alliplug Corner Adaptors
Robust Alliplug Corner Adaptors. designed to use with Alliplugs to fix a lining into the corner of an aluminium greenhouse, where there is often no glazing channel available.

Pack of 50 Allispacers
Robust plastic Allipsacers designed to be used with Alliplugs to provide even greater insulation properties when fitting lining material to your greenhouse.

Bolts Nuts And Rings Pack of 10

A pack of easy to fit Bolts and Rings designed to give a strong tying point within aluminium greenhouses.

Fixing Supports - Pack 10
These all aluminium Fixing Supports have been designed as a useful extra for the greenhouse, to provide very strong tying and hanging points in the greenhouse where you need them.

Gripple Plant Support System Starter Pack
This Gripple Plant Support System is an economical way to provide your climbing plants, vegetables & fruit (for example clematis, wisteria, climbing roses, raspberries, tomatoes, fruit espalier) with a strong, durable, easy to use support. This trellising system will neither rust nor rot so provides years of long-lasting, secure support for your plants

Gripple 50m of Plastic Wire
This Gripple Plastic Wire is supplied as a 50 metre coil, this 3mm diameter, lightweight, black flexible wire forms the plant support within the Gripple Universal Plant System.

10mm Combination Spanner
A good quality Spanner with a 10mm open and ring end for tightening up nuts and bolts.

Cropped Bolts & Nuts
Packs of aluminium Cropped Head Bolts and Nuts used to provide a means of fixing within an aluminium greenhouse without any dismantling, as the 'T' shaped heads just twist and lock into the glazing bar.

Ground Cover
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Ground Cover makes an ideal floor covering - it drains well, suppresses weeds & is very easy to clean.
This ground cover is too be seen used on the floor in polytunnels and greenhouses in garden centres and other commercial growing establishments, used for walking on and suppressing weed growth.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the 50m pack and you will SAVE £25.00 against purchasing fifty single units.

Greenhouse Door Wheels Per Pair
Robust, white Greenhouse Door Wheels suitable for most makes of greenhouse.

Round Head Bolts and Nuts
Strong, aluminium 3/8" (1cm) long Round Headed Bolts and Nuts with a slotted head to take a screwdriver.

Roll Out Path
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Create a secure garden path in seconds with this Roll Out Garden Path.
Simply roll out the path and you can protect your lawn whilst you do all the dirty jobs around your garden.
This portable path is quick and easy to move and use anywhere you need it in your garden.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE £2.98 against purchasing two single units.

Hanging Shelf Brackets
These Hanging Shelf Brackets are designed to fit easily into the roof glazing channels of your greenhouse, you can adjust them to suit the pitch of the roof - making them suitable for lots of different makes of greenhouse!

Wall Mounted Shelf Brackets
Strong, durable, high quality aluminium Wall Mounted Shelf Brackets designed to easily fit onto greenhouse walls to enable you to fit your own shelf.

S Hooks
Strong S Hooks used to provide a secure hanging point for baskets etc.

Square Head Bolts and Nuts
Strong, aluminium 3/8" (1cm) long Square Headed Bolts and Nuts as used to assemble most makes of aluminium greenhouse.

Air Circulation Fan
Air movement in the greenhouse is important all year round to reduce the risk of plant disease and damping-off.
This 20 watt electrically operated Air Circulation Fan generates very gentle air movement which is all that is needed to disperse stagnant air pockets, without causing a draught.

Louvre Kit
Increase ventilation and air circulation in your greenhouse with this five bladed Louvre Kit designed to be fit in either an aluminium or wooden greenhouse.

Bayliss MK 7 Vent Opener
Suitable for use on nearly all greenhouses this Bayliss MK7 is an extremely reliable, British made, automatic vent opener.
The bayliss Mk7 vent opener is operated by a stainless steel cylinder containing a mineral wax which expands with heat; this pushes a piston causing the vent to open. As the temperature falls the wax contracts and a strong stainless steel spring closes the opener.

Bayliss MK 7 Hydraulicheck Vent Opener
An extremely reliable automatic vent opener with unique features.
The Bayliss Hydraulicheck Vent Opener has a small hydraulic damper which causes the vent to open slowly but to close very quickly making the opener suitable for use on greenhouse roof vents in exposed areas, the unique damper will prevent the vent from being wrenched open in high winds and subsequently damaged.

Triple Spring Bayliss MK 7 Vent Opener
This Bayliss MK7 Triple Spring is an extremely reliable automatic vent opener.
This particular unit is designed to be fitted to top hinged, side windows or exposed roof vents, the three springs fitted are designed to hold the windows / vents firmly in place in windy conditions, and with the extra springs, to exert a greater closing force.

Bayliss XL Vent Opener
This Bayliss XL is an extremely reliable automatic vent opener.
The opener is activated by a stainless steel cylinder containing a mineral wax which expands with heat; this pushes a piston causing the vent to open. As the temperature falls the wax contracts and a strong stainless steel spring closes the opener.

Vine Supports
Sturdy, easy to fit Vine Supports designed to enable you to create a strong fixing/tying point away from the side or roof of a greenhouse.
Simply bolts into the glazing channel of your greenhouse using the special cropped headed bolts supplied, or can be fixed to any other surface by substituting the cropped bolts for normal screws.

SPARE COVER for Gardman Walk In Greenhouse
Strong, shaped, UV stabilised Spare Polyethelene Cover designed to simply slip over and tie to the framework of the Gardman Walk-In Greenhouse.

Roll Out Path Link Kit
The Roll Out Path Link Kit makes this popular product even more versatile by allowing you to join two paths together, side by side.
Special Offer Mini Maintenance Kit
Buy this Mini Maintenance Kit for just £4.57 saving you 30% off normal selling prices.
This Mini Maintenance Kit is ideal if you want to carry out any quick repairs to your greenhouse before the busy spring season arrives. We've chosen our most popular products and combined them into a money saving kit saving you 30% off individual selling prices.

Special Offer Cleaning And Maintenance Kit
Buy this Cleaning And Maintenance Kit for just £17.75 saving you £5.03 on normal selling prices.
This Cleaning And Maintenance Kit is the perfect way to get your greenhouse ready for the colder months ahead. We've included a selection of clips and fixing to make greenhouse repairs and also included a Smoke Generator and 500ml Citrox Disinfectant so you can cleanse the greenhouse before you start your autumn sowing. We've also been able to give you a massive 30% off normal selling prices!

Greenhouse Smoke Generator
The Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Generator is an effective and traditional way of getting rid of all those unwanted pests in the greenhouse.
Use all year round, its effective ingredients will kill and help control flying and crawling insects without harming the plants.
Access 5 Bladed Louvre Plain Only
A high quality Access 5 Bladed Louvre designed to fit Access Mini Greenhouses and Lean-to's to provide efficient, automated ventilation.

Eden Greenhouse Crestings
Further enhance the look of your Eden Greenhouse with these crestings and finials.
They very simply fit to the ridge of your Zero Threshhold Eden Greenhouse giving it that classic victorian look.
Simply choose the size that matches the length of your greenhouse.
Eden Greenhouse Louvre
These louvre windows, designed specifically to fit the Eden Greenhouse range, encourage air to circulate throughout the whole of your greenhouse. Ideally, fit the louvre low down in the back of your greenhouse, opposite the door. This will help fresh air to be drawn in and through your greenhouse to alleviate the build up of humid, stagnant air which can result in damping off and disease.
Eden Greenhouse Gutter Connecting Kit
This Eden Greenhouse gutter connecting kit allows you to adapt the standard gutter kit to allow you to collect water off of both sides of your greenhouse roof and then channel it to one point, such as a water butt or tank or perhaps a drain or soakaway.
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