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Greenhouse Clips

This range of greenhouse clips, fixings and supports will all help you to get the very best from your greenhouse. Many of the greenhouse clips and fixings will enable you to perform essential repairs and maintenance to your greenhouse that will help you to keep it in tip top condition.
All the fixings and supports will allow you to use every available square inch of your greenhouse to make it as productive as it can possibly be, plant training supports, vine supports, s hooks will help you to look after and support growing plants, whilst shelf brackets will give you the means to create extra shelving space to accommodate all your seed trays and plant pots.

Cropped Bolts & Nuts
Packs of aluminium Cropped Head Bolts and Nuts used to provide a means of fixing within an aluminium greenhouse without any dismantling, as the 'T' shaped heads just twist and lock into the glazing bar.

Square Head Bolts and Nuts
Strong, aluminium 3/8" (1cm) long Square Headed Bolts and Nuts as used to assemble most makes of aluminium greenhouse.

Round Head Bolts and Nuts
Strong, aluminium 3/8" (1cm) long Round Headed Bolts and Nuts with a slotted head to take a screwdriver.

Bolts Nuts And Rings Pack of 10

A pack of easy to fit Bolts and Rings designed to give a strong tying point within aluminium greenhouses.

Super Alliplugs Pack Of 50
Super Alliplugs are easy to use, fitting into the glazing bars in the interior of aluminium greenhouses and are used to securely attach a lining or fabric for insulation or shading to the greenhouse.

Pack of 50 Allispacers
Robust plastic Allipsacers designed to be used with Alliplugs to provide even greater insulation properties when fitting lining material to your greenhouse.

Alliplug Corner Adaptors
Robust Alliplug Corner Adaptors. designed to use with Alliplugs to fix a lining into the corner of an aluminium greenhouse, where there is often no glazing channel available.

Fabric Fixalls Pack of 10
Robust plastic Fabric Fixalls designed to adhere to most flat surfaces - metal, glass, wood, brick, etc - providing a secure fixing point on either the inside or outside of a greenhouse.

Fixalls Mesh Pack of 10
An extraordinarily strong adhesive fixes these Fixalls to just about any surface giving a strong fixing point to which anything can be tied - ideal for climbing plants, fixing mesh etc.

Hanging Shelf Brackets
These Hanging Shelf Brackets are designed to fit easily into the roof glazing channels of your greenhouse, you can adjust them to suit the pitch of the roof - making them suitable for lots of different makes of greenhouse!

Wall Mounted Shelf Brackets
Strong, durable, high quality aluminium Wall Mounted Shelf Brackets designed to easily fit onto greenhouse walls to enable you to fit your own shelf.

S Hooks
Strong S Hooks used to provide a secure hanging point for baskets etc.

Vine Supports
Sturdy, easy to fit Vine Supports designed to enable you to create a strong fixing/tying point away from the side or roof of a greenhouse.
Simply bolts into the glazing channel of your greenhouse using the special cropped headed bolts supplied, or can be fixed to any other surface by substituting the cropped bolts for normal screws.

Special Offer Cleaning And Maintenance Kit
Buy this Cleaning And Maintenance Kit for just £17.75 saving you £5.03 on normal selling prices.
This Cleaning And Maintenance Kit is the perfect way to get your greenhouse ready for the colder months ahead. We've included a selection of clips and fixing to make greenhouse repairs and also included a Smoke Generator and 500ml Citrox Disinfectant so you can cleanse the greenhouse before you start your autumn sowing. We've also been able to give you a massive 30% off normal selling prices!

W Greenhouse Glazing Clips
'W' shaped stainless steel wire clips used to securely hold glass in aluminium greenhouse frameworks. These greenhouse glazing clips are used in most makes of aluminium greenhouse, used to hold the glass back into the frame. They will cope with a variety of glass thickness's and can also be used to hold polycarbonate glazing panels into aluminium frames.

Part Formed Z Greenhouse Glazing Clips
When glazing or re-glazing a glass glazed greenhouses use these sturdy, rust proof aluminium part formed Z Clips where two panes of glass overlap. Being only a part formed greenhouse glazing clip allows you to set your glass overlap, this enables you to vary the overlap which gives you the ability to fill a greenhouse frame with glazing. Can be used in aluminium or wooden framed greenhouses.

Pre Formed Z Greenhouse Glazing Clips
Robust, aluminium Pre Formed Z Clips used when glazing or re-glazing a glass glazed greenhouses. These greenhouse glazing clips are used to support overlapping panes of glass within the aluminium or wooden greenhouse frame.

Band Greenhouse Glazing Clips
Band Clips are stainless steel, sprung greenhouse glazing clips designed to securely hold glass or other types of greenhouse glazing in most aluminium greenhouse frameworks.

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