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Greenhouse Fixings

Greenhouse Fixings, Clips and Supports - this huge range of greenhouse fixings, clips and supports will allow you to use your greenhouse to its full potential as well as enable you to make all those essential running repairs.
Your greenhouse is the starting point for most things that will end up in your garden, so it's important to make sure it's in tip top condition at all times and you are able to use it to it's full potential or If you have been lucky enough to acquire a second hand greenhouse that requires rebuilding, then you will be sure to find all the nuts and bolts, glazing clips, glazing strip, door wheels and other essential parts that you will require to perform all the tasks at hand.

Greenhouse Clips
This range of greenhouse clips, fixings and supports will all help you to get the very best from your greenhouse. Many of the greenhouse clips and fixings will enable you to perform essential repairs and maintenance to your greenhouse that will help you to keep it in tip top condition.
All the fixings and supports will allow you to use every available square inch of your greenhouse to make it as productive as it can possibly be, plant training supports, vine supports, s hooks will help you to look after and support growing plants, whilst shelf brackets will give you the means to create extra shelving space to accommodate all your seed trays and plant pots.
Greenhouse Fixings
These Fixings for Greenhouses are all essential to the repair, maintenance and smooth operation of any greenhouse. Glazing W clips, 'Z' clips and band clips will all make sure your glass is held in securely, cropped, square and round head nuts and bolts will make sure your frame is assembled to its best, whilst fixing supports, vine supports, 'S' hooks and the suchlike will give you handy tying points from which to support your growing plants. Other fastenings such as Fixalls, Alliplugs, Allispacers and corner adaptors will make it easy for you to install bubble insulation in your greenhouse for those winter months.
Greenhouse Supports
All these greenhouse supports have been carefully selected and have proven invaluable in our own greenhouses.
Plant Supports, Vine Supports, Bolts nuts and Rings, adjustable ties, twist clips plus much more will all help to support your plants as they grow ensuring strong growth and better crops.
Wall mounted and roof hanging shelf brackets for you to create useful extra growing room.
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