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UK Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds can be used for storage, as a workshop or even as an additional 'room'. They are ideal for storing garden tools, lawn-mower, barbecue, garden furniture, parasols, bikes etc. etc. Sheds are designed to help you make best use of space in your garden, whilst they can also be an attractive, stylish addition to your garden. If you want to make a shed less obtrusive you can always stain it a dark colour - this will help the shed to 'recede' into the background. Or you could put up a trellis or tall planting to 'hide' the shed from view.
Our range of garden sheds includes lots of different sizes - from small potting sheds up to double garage-sized workshops. We also sell a selection of different designs - these can be divided between pitched roof 'apex' sheds or 'pent' sheds which have a single shallow angled roof. The design of the shed can also be affected by the door - size and placement. We have garden sheds with single doors or ones with double doors - handy if you have bikes, wheelbarrows, mowers or other bulky items that need to be wheeled around. We have sheds where the door is at one end or central in the middle of one of the long sides.
Increase the usefulness of your garden shed by adding some of our shelving or benching - providing even more space for storage.

Apex Shed
An Apex Shed is probably the most traditional and most common type of garden shed. It has a conventional pointed roof shape - also known as a 'pitched' roof or inverted 'V' shaped roof. Access to Apex Sheds is usually through a single or double door on the front gable end of the shed, whilst windows are normally on the side or sides of the shed.

The benefits of choosing an Apex Shed can be broken down into the following features :

Extra Ridge Height - an apex shed creates extra height making it ideal if you need to store tall or awkward shaped tools. This extra ridge height also helps to create a more spacious environment - making it ideal for sheds which are being used as a workspace.

Enhanced Durability - the pointed roof of an apex shed acts as an efficient run off for water so preventing the build up of water and reducing the chance of water damaging the shed.

Large Sheds
Large Garden Sheds - also known as 'garden rooms' or 'workshops' - are a great way of adding extra space at a low cost. They provide you with loads of covered space and are incredibly versatile - they could be used simply for storage, are ideal as a 'garage' for ride-on lawn mowers, use them as a place for carrying out DIY. They are also ideal as hobby spaces or can even be used as 'home offices' for those people working from home who need a separate space in which to work. They also make a perfect place for a gym, or turn them into a playroom for children - large sheds can be used for a multitude of purposes!
Pent Shed
Pent Sheds are popular with gardeners who have limited space in their garden but would still like a place to securely store their garden tools, furniture etc. As a pent shed has a sloping roof rather than a pointed roof this style of garden shed is ideal for areas where height is limited - for example where there are low hanging trees and these sheds are also perfect for placing alongside a wall. As the overall height of pent sheds tends to be smaller than Apex Sheds this also means they are less likely to block any views.

Pent Sheds have a single sloping roof - the highest point of the roof is at the front on the shed, sloping down to the back. This style of sloping roof is designed to allow water to run off efficiently, so reducing the chance of water collecting and causing damage - the sloping roof therefore enhances the overall durability of the garden shed.

Small Sheds
Small Garden Sheds are designed to make the most of limited space in compact gardens. We have a wide range of small sheds in different shapes and sizes to suit every space - from the popular 6ft x 4ft garden sheds, through to more unique designs such as the 6ft x 4ft apex shed with lean-to.

For a compact garden a small garden shed is important as it provides you with secure storage, important when it comes to keeping your garden clean and clutter free. You can use your garden shed to store fold-up garden furniture, barbecue, outdoor toys and games, lawnmower, bikes etc etc.

If you can't fit one of our Small Garden Sheds into your garden or just need secure storage for a specific item, then you might want to view our range of smaller wooden storage units - such as our Pent Tool Chest, Timber Mower Store or Premium Log and Tool Store etc. All have been designed for efficient storage in even the tightest spaces.

Wooden Sheds
Wooden sheds are the most popular garden shed because of their traditional appearance - wooden sheds with a natural finish will compliment any garden or outdoor space and can be an attractive addition to your garden. A wooden shed is an environmentally sound choice as well - all the wooden sheds we sell are made from FSC certified timber.

A wooden shed can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for simple storage - sheds are ideal for storing garden tools, children's toys, garden furniture etc. Or you could use a shed as place to work - this can range from a shed which is used to carry out simple DIY projects through to sheds that are used as home offices.

Wooden sheds come in a range of cladding types. Tongue and grove cladding - manufactured using interlocking tongue and groove boards - makes a shed that will offer greater protection from wind and rain penetration than other types of cladding. Overlap Cladding is the most basic form of shed cladding and is usually the most cost effective - with overlap cladding wooden panels are basically 'overlapped' in the construction of the shed.

Polycarbonate Sheds
Polycarbonate sheds are great if you are looking for a maintenance free shed that last for years, is not affected by the weather and will remain looking as good as when it was first installed. Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, the panels are UV protected, frost resistant up to minus 40*C, rust and rot resistant. Maintenance free, simply rinse with water to keep it looking clean.

All the polycarbonate sheds we supply have reinforced frames made from aluminium and galvanised steel components, come complete with an anti slip floor and have a heavy duty, low profile, easy access ramp for lawnmowers and wheelbarrows.

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