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Metal Garden Arches

This range of metal garden archways will provide you with a garden arch to suit any size or type of garden.
These elegant metal garden arches will add a touch of class to your garden whilst giving support to climbing plants in order to create impressive displays.
Metal garden arches were traditionally made from cast iron but in more recent times construction of metal garden arches has moved to steel or aluminium. These materials have the advantage of being lighter, whilst being more than adequate in strength to support climbing plants.
A metallic garden arch has a more modern, contemporary look and is often seen in the urban garden of a modern property. Nearly all of our metal garden arches come painted in a wide choice of colours, having first been galvanised for long lasting protection, but are easily repainted to suit your own particular requirements.

Easy Arch 2m x 1.4m black
This Easy Garden Arch provides both a decorative plant support and frames the entrance to your garden. Its simple design has been created to ensure the blooms of your plants will create a stunning display and is ideal for supporting clematis, honeysuckle and climbing roses.

Garden Arch 1.9m x 1m
This one metre wide Compact garden arch is ideal for fitting into any garden to create a stunning entrance or to break up your garden into different areas. The simple design and curved top arch makes this frame perfect for supporting climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle or roses.

Garden Arch Extra Wide 1.9m x 1.5m
This extra wide arch is 1.5 metres (5') wide making it ideal for spacious walkways. The discreet black frame has been designed to provide ample support for climbing plants such as honeysuckle, clematis or climbing roses.

Gothic Arch
Create a stunning frame for garden entrances, pathways and views with this Gothic arch. Elegant and stylish it will provide support to a range of climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle and roses.

Loire Garden Arch
The new Loire Garden Arch has an elegant scroll detail and a stylish, distressed whitewashed finish. Designed to last the Loire Arch has a strong steel construction and makes an ideal support for long stemmed and climbing plants such as clematis, roses etc.

Nature Garden Arch
The new Nature Garden Arch mirrors the graceful, flowing shapes of stems and branches finished in a fine style with leaf and bird motifs. With a rustic, weathered appearance this arch will blend beautifully into its surroundings and is perfect for supporting long stemmed and climbing plants such as roses or honeysuckle.

Versailles Garden Arch
The new Versailles Garden Arch is a highly decorative arch with classic fleur de lys detailing. Made from durable steel with a decorative bronze coloured finish. As a permanent feature within your garden, this arch is great for supporting climbing plants or long stemmed plants.

English Rose Garden Arch
This new English Rose Garden Arch has a traditional design featuring delicate rose details. On its own this garden arch will make an instant, attractive focal point in your garden. Train climbing plants - roses, clematis, honeysuckle etc - to climb over the arch and you'll have a beautiful decorative feature throughout the summer months.

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