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Garden Arches

Garden arches are simple garden structures that can quickly and easily add interest and mystery to any garden.
Thoughtfully placed archway's can divide large gardens into smaller areas making the garden as a whole more interesting, by creating the idea of secretive and special places hidden beyond. Garden arches can also give height to flatter gardens creating impressive displays when roses, honeysuckle and other climbers are used to dress them, they can also create useful screens to hide unsightly bins and compost heaps.
Arches are one of the most romantic elements you can add to your garden, be it large or small, they can suggest that you are entering a new and special place and if dressed with the right plants can add tunnels of fragrance to dramatically change you outside space, whilst actually being of no practical use other than being a support for climbing plants.
Garden arches come in two main types - Metal Garden Arches and Wooden Garden Arches. A wooden garden arch is generally the choice of people who desire the more natural look in a traditional property, whist a metal garden arch is chosen by those who would prefer a more contemporary look in the outdoor space of a modern property.

Metal Garden Arches
This range of metal garden archways will provide you with a garden arch to suit any size or type of garden.
These elegant metal garden arches will add a touch of class to your garden whilst giving support to climbing plants in order to create impressive displays.
Metal garden arches were traditionally made from cast iron but in more recent times construction of metal garden arches has moved to steel or aluminium. These materials have the advantage of being lighter, whilst being more than adequate in strength to support climbing plants.
A metallic garden arch has a more modern, contemporary look and is often seen in the urban garden of a modern property. Nearly all of our metal garden arches come painted in a wide choice of colours, having first been galvanised for long lasting protection, but are easily repainted to suit your own particular requirements.
Wooden Garden Arches
These timber garden arches will blend beautifully into your garden keeping that more natural look in a traditionally inspired garden. Timber garden archways are nearly always supplied in a natural finish but are very easy to paint or stain any colour of your choice; a coloured garden Arch will look especially good in winter time when the summers growth of flowers and foliage has died away.
All of our wooden garden arches have been treated for long life and are designed to provide a practical yet decorative support for climbing plants. Use a garden arch to frame an entrance to your garden, creating an inviting floral display.
Wooden Garden Arbours
These timber garden arbours are the simple way to add an interesting focal point to your garden. Garden arbour seats provide you with a place that you can sit and enjoy your garden and as such become a fantastic piece of garden furniture that not only look good but are also very practical. We have a wide range of garden arbours, from traditional through to modern designs, with arbours to suit all tastes and budgets. Many of the arbours have a natural finish and can be easily stained or painted to suit your garden. Whilst the arbour designs which include trellis or lattice work are ideal for supporting climbers such as roses, clematis and wisteria.
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