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Plastic Cold Frames

It's important to protect your plants and seedlings from the cold winter and spring frosts; a good plastic cold frame can help you do exactly that and relieve space in your greenhouse! They can be used to house bonsai and tender ornamentals over winter and in the spring can be used as a half way house to harden off plants raised in the home or greenhouse.
Plastic cold frames tend to be a cost effective way of getting into cold frame gardening being cheaper than other glass and polycarbonate glazed garden frames. Also being lighter in construction they are easier to move from place to place should you need to do so, some plastic cold frames also lend themselves to be easily disassembled when not in use.

Modular Cold Frame
This Modular cold frame gives you the benefits of a longer growing season, whether at your allotment or in your kitchen garden. Glazed on all sides and top with heat retentive polycarbonate it will enable you to grow earlier, later, bigger and better crops. The unique feature of this new cold frame is that you can extend it as your requirements increase. Simply order one or more extension kits and you can increase the length of the cold frame in multiples of 4ft. There is no limit to the length of cold frame you can make.

Extension Only for Modular Cold Frame
This Modular Cold Frame Extension Kit has been designed to make it easy for you to increase the size of your Modular Cold Frame as your gardening requirements increase. For use with our Modular Cold Frame, simply order one or more of these extension kits and you can increase the length of the cold frame in multiples of 4ft. There is no limit to the length of cold frame you can make. The clever design makes it possible for you to increase the length whilst still retaining the strength and rigidity of the cold frame, creating one large, open, protected growing space.

Popular Cold Frame
Our Popular Cold Frames have been designed and manufactured at Two Wests to create an efficient suntrap, with the sloping top enabling the back of the cold frame to be used for subjects that need height and the front for seed trays, bedding plants, lettuce etc.

Easy Access Standard Cold Frame
This Easy Access Standard Cold Frame has been developed to make the best use of available space, whilst providing a good environment for healthy plant growth, hardening off or over-wintering.

The Easy Access Cold Frame and Bench Together
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
This Special Offer combination of our Easy Access Standard Cold Frame and Bench provides a huge growing space at a comfortable working height.
This versatile set of products can be used effectively together to provide a raised cold frame or used seperately to give you a cold frame plus a very strong workbench. Both can be used within the greenhouse or garden.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £20.10 on purchasing the items separately.

Easy Access Professional Cold Frame
The Easy Access Professional cold frame is our largest polycarbonate glazed cold frame. Measuring 4' (122cm) long, 4'1" (125cm) deep and 2' (62cm) high in the centre this well engineered cold frame provides 16sq ft growing space. The unit has a 1'5" (43cm) wide top combined with front and back roof panels sloping down to 8" (20cm) high edge panels.

Haxnicks Grower Frame
This versatile Grower Frame can be used as the basis of a temporary greenhouse, a huge cloche, a place to shelter pots and trays or as protection for larger crops such as fruit bushes or larger brassicas.
At over 3’ high and more than 9’ long this frame would be ideal in larger gardens or at your allotment.

Plant Inn
The Plant Inn combines the qualities of a raised bed with those of a cold frame. It puts you in control of the planting environment - soil, water, temperature and humidity. In this way the Plant Inn lets you extend the growing season, so you can plant earlier which helps to increase healthy growth for bumper crops. Ideal for the smaller garden, this compact structure can be used on porches, patios or balconies when space is limited. Ideal for growing flowers, vegetables or herbs this durable structure is made of a strong aluminium frame and clear polycarbonate glazing. It also includes a useful storage compartment under the growing area where you will be able to store gardening tools and equipment. space underneath.
Pop Up Mini Greenhouse
SPECIAL OFFER - Discounted Pack of two available, Saving £5.99.
A sturdy Pop-Up Mini Greenhouse supplied fully assembled ready to use. The clever design of this greenhouse enables it to be stored in its own case, folded flat. When ready to use simply remove from the case and this mini greenhouse 'pop-up's' into shape ready to use.

Elite iGrow Cold Frame
Using the same high quality materials and superior specifications as they use in their free standing greenhouses Elite have designed these Elite iGrow Cold Frames to be a stylish and cost effective addition to any garden.
A Cold Frame is a must for every gardener it creates that valuable extra sheltered space allowing you to sow seeds early, move tender plants from your overflowing greenhouse to a 'half way' house prior to planting out, protect tender plants during the winter months and even grow certain crops all year round.

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