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Garden cloches are used by all gardeners at some point in the year, either to extend the growing season late on, or to get a head start at the beginning of the year. Another popular use for a garden cloche is to protect crops from pests during the main season.
Cloches are designed to give you weather protected growing areas within your garden which will help your plants to flourish. As part of our extensive range of cloches, we stock a superb collection of bell cloches which are ideal for protecting individual plants, tunnel cloches are used for protecting rows of cropping plants, whilst other larger cloches such as the Huge Tunnel Cloche can be used to cover whole beds providing you with loads of protected space in which to grow all manner of plants.
With such a wide range of cloches available, including glass cloches and plastic cloches you are sure to find a cloche that suits your exact needs.

Two Wests Cloches
This range of own designed Two Wests and Elliott cloches have proven to be highly popular over the last 37 years. Designed with you, the gardener in mind, these garden cloches are simple yet practical and give you a cost effective way of offering essential protection to your plants.
Being made of rot free, robust materials these cloches will give you many years of trouble free service.
Tunnel Cloches
A range of easy to use cloches designed to provide protection to your crops from frosts, other adverse weather and pests. With this range of tunnel cloches you can protect your crops right from first planting out right through the seasons to cropping.
With a variety of sizes, shapes and designs you are sure to find one that fits your exact needs.
Plastic Cloches
This range of plastic cloches offers you a wide variety of garden cloches, offered in different materials and a multitude of sizes and shapes, there will be one to suit your exact needs.
All these plastic cloches are designed to give you protection for your plants at a cost effective price. All these cloches will offer protection to your crops from early frosts, adverse weather and pests and being made from rot free materails they will offer years of service.
Cloche Hoops & Clips
These cloche hoop packs, extra hoops and support bars allow you to create your own bespoke tunnel cloche giving you complete versatility to protect your crops whatever sized area they are in.
These cloche clips allow you to turn any spare glass you have into tent shaped tunnel cloches. You can also use polycarbonate, acrylic or any other transparent sheet material to create DIY tunnel cloches, using these tent cloche clips.
Bell Cloches
Bell cloches are a traditional Victorian design and come in either glass or plastic construction. These attractive cloches are used to cover individual plants or groups of smaller seedlings, the idea being that they protect your plants from early frosts when you plant them out early, whilst also creating a warmer, moister, micro climate during the growing season, which will encourage growth. Bell cloches will also protect your plants from other pests such as slugs, snails and birds, whilst adding charm and stylish focal points within your garden.
Glass Cloches
These traditional glass cloches will add a touch of class to your garden whilst also protecting your crops from pests and adverse weather.
Cloches are great at creating localised protected environments with greater warmth and protection for tender and youg plants, allowing you to sow crops earlier in many cases.
This selection of vitorian styled Bell, Square and Octagonal glass cloches will also add style and interesting focul points to your garden.
Access Garden Cloches
Access Garden Products makes this range of traditional Victorian glass cloches which will enhance the look of any garden whilst serving a practical purpose. Cloches allow you to get your plants into the garden early in the season, offering them protection from early frosts and from pests. Cloches also create warmer, moister, micro climates which encourages growth throughout the early season. Available in several designs, Bells, Square and octagonal these traditional glass cloches will add character and charm to your garden.
Cloche Accessories
These cloche accessories are either spare covers and parts for all our complete cloches or stand alone parts that you can use to build your own cloches.
Build a simple, traditional 'Tent' cloche using the Cloche Clips and any old glass you have lying around or alternatively use the clips and our double skinned plastics which you can cut to any size you like.
Cloche Spare Covers
This section contains a selection of covers which are available as spares or replacements for our range of garden cloches.
If you don't see what you looking for please call us on 01246 451077 and we will be pleased to advise.
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